Friday, September 13, 2013


... where YOUR cat is? Hmmmm?" -  Curious KB
(Does your cat have one eye bigger than the other too? - Curious RG)


brandi said...

KB just has his eye "brow" arched, and that's how it looks.
MY cat is sleeping on a pile of someone's clean clothes in a laundry basket someplace in the house. Or someplace high and precarious, delicately balanced in a way that defies logic and gravity.

Someone asked about asian pears:
Asian pears are usually the green, round fruit that looks like an apple and they are often tucked snugly in a net to keep them from bruising against each other during shipping. To me, it always looked they were packaged up for gift-giving, as they are not cheap (at least in Oklahoma) and very "giftish" looking, like the way watermelons are treated in Japan.
BL and RG are going to have a high time of drying, cooking, canning, and otherwise preserving the fruit from those trees.
Yes, I certainly envy them the task. I just love pears.

speedyrabbit said...

KB satureday's just got to love 'em,hows your sore head holding up RG?hehehe Speedy knows how to party!xx Rachel

almtsbb said...

Lady Jane is asleep in the middle of my bed. Or rather her bed that she lets me sleep on with protests.

Glenna said...

Kitten-Kitten and Slinky are sitting in the window sills in the 1st floor family room, since the windows are open today (screens in). Chester is shedding all over the sofa, and Shy Tabby is napping in the basement family room with the two rabbits who live down there (she's on the sofa). Jeez, I've never seen the eye thing before. Makes you wonder if he got a brain injury somewhere way back that healed but left the eyes odd.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Don't you all think that is one of those optical illusion things? You know, where background color distorts size? If not, just remember, RG, "the better to see you with."

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

KB, I don't have a cat, but I think we have established in these pages that if it is a boy anything it is snooping, so all the boy cats are snooping. Brandi's cat is snooping and helping her cook. There is a certain Pirate Party at Speedy's where all the kitties are playing scruffy scallywags for a day, but that's all I've got. Wish I could help you more. I know this is not just snooping. I'm sure our good old Kitty Boy has an important announcement to make. After all, he is The Cat.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

We met a wonderful cat called Frostie on the farm we stayed on in Peebles recently. She walked across the farmyard every evening to greet us and escort us to the front door. Of course, she only wanted to get in itself but very sweet...

SATTA KING said...