Saturday, November 10, 2007

Benji Lives Here Too ...

This friendly Holland Lop is Benji and he shares his condo with Goldie, a reddish-blond American Fuzzy Lop! They are a good couple and buckets of fun.
The little guy will sit on your lap and purr his teeth a mile a minute. A contented bunny.

Benji was originally going to be sent off to a Kids Camp to be adopted, but he was just too darn cute for the Bunny Lady to part with.

Mr. Weather had it raining today, but it did not! Clear and quite warm instead and so all the 4-leggeds got plenty of deck time again!

Some new hay from a friend showed up this afternoon and the bunns have really taken to it. Oh the "looks" we'll get if we try to slip them some of the old now.

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