Sunday, November 11, 2007

Goldie, Goldie, Goldie ....

Goldie is Benji's bonded mate and is she ever a typical red-head! Smart, sassy, and knows her mind. She disapproves of this apple, she wants them cored, peeled and quartered. Maybe she will get on the famous Disapproving Rabbits blog with this picture. Stay tuned.

But she does like me; sits on my lap and chitters away like crazy. When she was small her ears flapped like a bird and I called her my litle "peep, peep, peep". Saying that even now really lights her up!

Goldie came to us with her brother Bluie. Bluie had a congenital intestinal problem and was quite ill. But he gave us and Goldie many special and happy months.

It was with Bluie that we met Dr. Barbara Deeb, now deceased, who must have been the best rabbit vet in the whole world. She helped with the House Rabbit Society and taught at the University of Washington, and also operated her own practice. We miss Dr. Deeb a lot, a good bunny vet is hard to find. A lot of people miss her.

A big wind storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest today. We live close to some big water near the San Juan Islands, and the wind is already howling. The bunns stayed in today and liked that fine. Bunnies do not like wind!


Yoga Gal said...

That rabbit looks like it's in a bad mood!

BZMOF said...

What a look! But I bet she got what she wanted in the end. Does she ever give Benji that look? How do they get along with each other? Benji looks like his personality would be just the opposite of hers. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the bunny family on here.