Monday, November 12, 2007

Does This Rabbit Look Sick?

This fellow is a Holland Lop. Opal, 2 1/2 years old, a neutered male. Just right!

He lives by himself and likes that fine. He is pretty well bonded with the Bunny Lady and they spend good times together every day.

As a little guy, he was originally destined for The Farm, a summer camp for kids, where he would have been loved and adopted to a great home. He was first having a temporary way-stop at our House of Rabbits, housed in a big cage on the living room coffee table. One of our daughters stopped in one day, took a quick look, and said "That Rabbit's Sick!"

That's all it took. Cancel the reservations for camp. Get out the baby-the-bunny stuff. The Bunny Lady hovered over that boy like a distraught mother. By the time it was decided he was not "sick" it was too late. He was ours forever. Another member of our "Marginal Rabbitry." I think those two women had that deal cooked up ahead of time.

Will you please welcome - Stanley!

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spacedlaw said...

That little guy was just playing for sympathy. A little melancholy he may be but sick?
Thanks for dropping by and good luck with NaNoWriMo fever.