Thursday, November 15, 2007


The House of Rabbits is all a twitter. Thanksgiving is coming and bringing a lot of company to share the house with. There will be much bunny holding and petting and snuggling and probably extra treats. Photos too I suppose. "Ugh" say the bunns, they do not like that part.

Baxter here is double excited because his "special person" is one of the arriving guests and that means almost non-stop lap sitting, which Baxter loves a lot.

He's a mini-lop who was found deserted on a city street, much the worse for wear, but looking like he sort of had enjoyed his probably brief time as a hobo. He was just missing a slouch hat and cigar! Even now, after some years of more civilized living, he still enjoys a little whiskey now and then....(just kidding House Rabbit Society.)

Bax has a mate, Zoey, a real high-society dame, and she'll show up here a bit later! Stay tuned.....

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