Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Show Bunny

This little silver Jersey Wooley is a show bunny. He has a tattoo in his ear to prove it! But he doesn't go to shows, he's just one of our House Bunnies, we got him to be a partner for The Princess, and he is a dandy one. His name is Benson.
Benson was just our second rabbit and is very small. But he does not know small - he is the Alpha Bunny in our whole marginal group and always thinks BIG! No body messes with Benson or his Princess.
Benson is five and a half, which is getting up there for such a small breed. So he is slowing down some and sometimes has his difficulties. He gets extra care and special handling and plenty of good food and lots of snuggles and is holding his own very well.
As you can see by his picture, Benson is a really nice example of the Jersey Wooley breed. Our buddy Benson.

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BZMOF said...

What a gorgeous bunny! He looks like he’s pretty proud of himself.