Friday, April 10, 2009


We hope you are enjoying some spring weather. We wish we were ... this is it. We'll take it.
A couple of loose ends ..
1. Our deck is up on the 2nd level of our house .. bunnies are not tempted to jump down 10 or 12 feet. There actally is a fine mesh along the rail .. the kind you put over fruit trees to keep birds out. We put it there when we first moved in ... before bunny # one ... to keep our old beloved cat PJ from being tempted to jump. The bunnies don't even bother to chew on it.
2. Fibre optic cables discovered severed in the South Bay area near San Fran. Do you folks in that area know well where your bunnies were when????
OH YES ... Bunny Lady reminds me that some time ago it was going to be Steve Martin who would play me in the movie.


Keithius said...

Mother nature keeps teasing us with spring weather as well, and then taking it away, so we feel for you over here.

Bunnies chewing the cable - I should have known!!!

Hef's Mom said...

In March it was 60 a few times now we are barely pushing 50 on the nicest days.
I bet Hef chewed the cable I've seen him do it before!

d. moll, said...

The Spots could slice those cables in seconds flat.

Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

spring - it's freezing here in CT and raining -

Fez and the Gang said...

It's nice in Arlington... but Mom went back to Canada to a snowstorm! Haha!

By the way... we would like to play ourselves in the movie. I'm not about to share MY fame with anyone else!

RoadBunner said...

Will have to question Mario about the cables.

Steve Martin! That would be awesome :)

Glenna said...

Pink says he wasn't responsible for the cables; he was busy chewing the carpet under the bed.

Is your rabbit's name Stoney?

Katie said...

I didn't doubt for a second that your bunnies were safe on the balcony! It must be nice for them to get a little sun too - and I love the colour of the umbrella - very pink! :D