Saturday, March 15, 2008


I took the day off and drove to Snoqualmie Pass to watch the skiers! Many of the little ones who visit The House of Rabbits are up here on winter weekends, with a ski school called PowderPigs. Kids and Snow and Skis .. magic as rabbits!
My goodness, they have enough snow up there for another month or more, but ski school is only two more weeks. In this picture the little piggies are all up in the hills, skiing.
There is a comment, on the previous post, about the bunny named Pink. If you go to their blog and read about the episode .. whew! Count your blessings. Pink is a fortunate bunny to have such understanding keepers.
Bunny Lady reminds me that we DO have rabbit wine, it just isn't made of .. oh you get it.
Back to bunnies tomorrow.

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