Friday, March 14, 2008


Here is Stanley eyeballing Zoey through two layers of poultry wire separated by 4 inches of air! No temptations to scratch a nose or have a dust-up! Zoey's beau Baxter does not seem to mind, he is way out of the picture. Actually I think the guys like to see each other and know one another is there, but there would probably be a fight for sure if they got together!
This part of the deck has glassed in walls and a "plastic tarp" roof and so these guys can be out even on drippy, breezy days. They all have hidey-hole boxes to get in too, if they want.
That was an interesting bunch of bunny "thingys" reported on and we all await the posting of Archi's Mum's stuffed dog with rabbit ears! There was also a typo .. I said we got some rabbit wine ... I meant rabbit whine ... :<)


nipper said...

Your whole house looks like a great bun-palace. I love the looks being exchanged through the wire: Im not touching yooouu! Thanks for the kind words you left in my comments... means a lot!

nipper said...
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FrecklesandDeb said...

What a great outdoors sanctuary for the Bunns! They are so lucky!

And we are glad that you don't have any wine made from rabbits. That was just too yucky to contemplate. Rabbit whine makes a lot more sense =:-)

Glenna said...

"Rabbit dust up" is a perfect term. Every now and then we try putting the two boys together and that's exactly what we get. And the dummies will sit on either side of a baby gate and pull each other's hair like two little kids. Of course, each has scars on his nose for souvenirs.

Bunny thingy that we got: a trio of big heavy "stone" and resin rabbits. One guards the fireplace; two guard the front door--kind of like the lions at the entrance of the NY Public Library, only cuter.

What else can I be but patient with Pink's little adventure--I figure it was my fault, not his. I could have bunny-proofed better. It's forced me into re-thinking the accommodations though. He's been chewing woodwork and cabinets too, so I'm making some modifications to his living arrangements which I'll show on my site eventually. First though, is to get the tile laid again. And thankfully, homeowners did pay. We didn't volunteer to the adjuster what caused it, but he figured it out based on the telltale teethmarks in the woodwork and the supply tube. Pink is a disaster--and a very expensive lesson--but I love him too much to give him back to the rescue organization, so what can you do?