Saturday, May 10, 2008


The big annual Master Gardner's plant sale today ... hundreds of people go - I went pretty early and got my usual Sweet 100 cherry tomato and two Early Girl regular ones. I will plant them inside tall wire cages and wrap plastic sheeting around the cages to keep them warm and out of the wind. When they peek out the top, I'll unwrap them. If we have a half decent summer we'll be picking in mid-August. I'll try to post some pix as they progress.

Bunny Lady made peach cobbler from some of the frozen peaches from last year. Our tree is small but produces just enough for a year!!! Oh -yumm.

She was playing some Vibes music today and it made me think of Lionel Hampton and the Marimba. In school band I chose to "play" the drum so I did not need to know the various notes .. all notes are on the same line! But one guy played the marimba and it was soooo cool. That is what I aspired to. Never even got close! But I sure do like their music! Your instrument was ?

Rabbits? Oh yeah .. I guess there are some of those around here. Back to them manana.


bunnygirl said...

I'd love to have a tomato garden. Maybe next year. (I said that last year!) I'm working against two big gardening issues here: a tree that shades the entire yard, and a vacation at a critical point in our growing season.

So like I said, maybe next year.

The peach cobbler sounds delish. I'll be right over!

In my school career, I've played flute, oboe, snare drum, triple-toms and cymbals.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Peach cobbler sounds delicious!

My musical intstruments were the guitar, recorder and piano. I've never been any good at any of them!

d. moll, said...

Nice tomatoes, we went to the Santa Clara Master Gardener sale about a month ago and got some too. They are specially bred for fog and some cool temps. Just put in 7 blueberry bushes in big pots and some rhubarb. Your peaches sound great, we have to buy from Farmer's Market.....In elementary school I took violin and piano, not concurrently. I lacked discipline to continue. In my 20's I played Indonesian Gamelan (I was some the tour manager for Lou Harrison's group)

Letty Cruz said...

Y'all are too freaking cute -- and cuddly, rock on!

& enjoy your TodayInSeven posts, too!

Glenna said...

Our tomatoes didn't get planted this weekend because of downpours. In a few days maybe! Mmmm--peach cobbler.
Went to college on a violin scholarship, still play a bit, but bluegrass now when I do. Also mandolin a bit.

Anonymous said...

very cool - i bought some maters thinking they were sweet cherry type but they're not :( oh well, they'll still be good!

peach cobbler is my favorite! yummers!

french horn was my main instrument, but also flugelhorn, trumpet, clarinet, took piano lessons for a while and geetar! :-)

Lola said...

ooo those tomatoes look nice and healthy!!