Sunday, December 30, 2007


Benji is that cute Holland Lop bonded with Goldie the brassy redheaded American Fuzzy Lop, who is currently having real bad hair days! Lucky Benji to have shorter fur! He is a classic carefree bunny, always happy, even though he seems to frown! We love our Benji Boy.

If you are a western bunny you must be heading for Archi Ann's party, while eastern types are heading to Nips-N-Cuddles' place for New Years with Sammy. I do hope the "owners" are ready for the arrivals. Something tells me that the bunnies did not all clear their invites and plans first!!! (If you did not get invited ... oh dear. Maybe next year .. or .. just crash, I'm sure you'll be welcome.)

I see the Blog Of Pratt is back on the air now, a day early even! Check it out.

Some wondered if Zoey is all fluff .. yes she is quite a puffy headed girl with a great hair-doo, but her body fur is quite short. She's our Zoey, Zoey!


Nips-n-Cuddles said...

Hi Benji! Will you be going to a pah-tay, tonight, too?? Bring your girlfriend, and ... whoops, these comments will be seen by your Rabbits Guy, huh. Busted! Sorry 'bout that! Have a binkie night!
Velverty noses touches from Sammy Wabbit

Andrewbun said...

Oh my goodness Benji is ADORABLE.

Andrew's Mom

Katie said...

Benji is such a cute bunny! I especially love his floppy ears, I wish I could give him a big snuggle!

d. moll, said...

I bet his ears flop very nicely when he gallops.

archi ann said...

I am welcoming all crashers too - if i missed inviting someone i feel bad! everyone can come! Mum's not home tonight, i hear from Aunt Diane who visited today and filled up all our food dishes, that she won't be back till late tomorrow night, so we gots lots of partying to do!

Benji is a cutie! i've got a softspot for lops!

FrecklesandDeb said...

I hope Benji and all the other rabbits (and humans too!) at A Houseful of Rabbits have a wonderful new year!

Here's to lots of binkies and nose rubs!

Anonymous said...

You might just eat dinner while your up there, eh Benji?