Thursday, December 6, 2007


This picture a friend made for us several months ago to be on the cover of the Bunny Lady's Cookbook that she has produced. I remembered it when I hopped over to Captain Rupert's blog this morning - Oh My Gosh and My Oh My!

Then, I saw that, today, DivaKitty says The Squirrel Nut Zippers and The Charlie Brown Special soundtrack are her favorite holiday CDs .. the very same we liked back in November! Oh my but the bunny wave lengths are busy around the earth.

If you really want to get into bunny holiday music, hit Dandy's Journal ... there is a major "suggestion" and "vote" and "actually order a CD" party going on. We got in late, so are a bit in the dark still, but it is BIG!

Our departed little Benson still weighs heavily in our thoughts. How such a tiny bundle of fur could mean so much.


Joanna said...

Nose rubs for princess for loosing Benson. Its so sad to loose a bunny they mean soo much.

Thats an amazing picture, they look like they are having a tasty dinner. Sorry about the conversion thing for the recipe. I don't really understand the cup thing, I think I read somewhere 8 oz to the cup, but that seems alot. Would it help to have the recipe in oz's

Nips-n-Cuddles said...

What a super illustration - OH MY GOSH doesn't cover it! You and you buns have got some pretty good taste in music! Sing another prayer for Benson from us, 'k?