Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A friend gave us this book as a gift. It's for kids, but so nicely done. Thanks!

So many supportive comments about The Princess and her probable rebonding, in a courtly fashion! Bunny Lady says she believes The Princess was very much more her old self today .. bunnies pick up on that stuff!

Savannah took a couple nibbles on her willow ball, but that is it. I have not tried the "stuff it with oats" trick yet. Maybe they are loaded with that Pier One Holiday odor stuff???? I did not hear from Dr. Phil!

Kate on ABYOOTIFULLIFE did a meme on How to be a better Blogger and Sharing our blogging knowledge and experiences. I thought I would give it a try. Consider yourself tagged if you so choose!

1. The most important blogging things I have learned in the past year: Folks like to see pix of bunns! Also, that none of us are dogs on the I-net ... which translated means that I really don't know who anyone else is or how truthful they are, and vice-versa! I could be a 10 year old kid in Wenatchee with a Chihuahua.

2. What would I like to achieve over the next year: Get the Bunny Lady more involved here - she has been busy with her own project lately. Share lots about our life with our bunnies.

3. What I wish to learn more about: Mostly how to post words and show pix that are concise but convey much.

4. How could I be more productive: Stockpile some pictures - spend a couple of days and set up a variety of photoshoots.

5. Blogging tips I've found most useful: Use pictures (hopefully of bunnys!). Blog often. Recognize others.

A thought about the Petsmart plan to stop selling bunnies. One big quandry we have had here at "The House Of ..." is how to get rabbits that will sit on your lap and enjoy being held. The best way is to get them when they are little and hold them lots. Besides, a little bunny is so neat to have and watch grow up. Where to get a little bunny? The Rescue Centers and Humane Society facilities rarely have them. Some of our residents are "reject" babys from showrabbit breeder friends. What's the alternative?


Andrewbun said...

Great Post Rabbit's Guy!
Andrewbun was three weeks old when I (rescued) him and I have always thought that is why he has always tolerated being held. He doesn't always like it, but he tolerates it and he loves (and expects) massages.

Andrew's Mum

Lola the Lovely Lop said...

Yes, that is a good question to pose. Lola hates, hates HATES to be handled. She is definitely the type that loves to sit next to you on the floor and be petted, but does not want her feet removed from the ground. I got her at 6 months old and I wonder if she was handled more as a baby if she would be different.

Lisa said...

Mocha loved being held but sometimes she didn't, too. Marbles doesn't like being held most of the time, but will let me cradle him every now and then. They're a moody bunch. :)


I have no kids to buy for now, but I am often tempted to buy some of these children's books, the illustrations are so good. Happy Christmas to you and the bunnies, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year. x