Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ah Chico is the big lover of the group. He can spend more than an hour all snuggled up close and still have a lot left! He is a dandy Lion head who was found running loose in a back yard, and we got him! I just can't get a picture of Chico with his ears up though. They are nice and big and complement his face so well, but with them down he looks a bit anti-social! What's to be done?? Keep trying to sneak up on him I guess. (That's how you get a Unique Rabbit! U neak up on him! Heee Heee ....)

Goldie is definitely shedding. The white fur is all matted and quite loose, and the new comes in so reddish-gold. But if I pull too much of the white, then that is when she gets "bald". Trim, snip, tease, cut, brush easy .....


Andrewbun said...

Hi Chico! When ur human slaves get tired of holding you my Mom said come over here and she will snuggle you.


FrecklesandDeb said...

What a great face Chico has! Who needs ears in the picture when you got a face like that!