Monday, January 14, 2008


It's still Monday here on the West Coast of the US of A, but just barely! Bunny Lady has had me on a different project this evening so this is late and short. I sort of forgot just how hard bunny nail clipping is, we and the bunns have gotten it into a pretty good routine over several years and so many toes! But boy, every single snip is a great act of faith, isn't it! We keep the container of clotting powder and a q-tip handy during the process, but have not ever had an accident yet! Tap Tap .... These are the clippers we use, I don't know where we got them, but they are really good and strong and sharp.
Stanley gives you some Monday Bunday .. on Tuesday for most!!!!

Hooray ... several days of dry weather coming! The bunns get out on the deck! Everybody so excited.

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Anonymous said...

you're brave - i seem to do better with guillotine clippers - i've tried a pair similar to what you use there but can't seem to do as good with those. but i am hopeless with riena's nails - they are dark so I can't tell where to clip