Sunday, December 2, 2007


Bunny Lady snuggles a "baby" Flemish Giant! It is quite a wonder that we got away from this place without one or two more fuzzy four-footers to add to the mix here at the Houseful!

We have had some discussion about sometime getting another Flemish Giant and expect to try to get a very young one so that we can spend the lap time to be sure she will be a "gentle" giant when she grows up. Our snow event was pretty much of a bust, but it was very wet and windy today ... too much so for the bunns to get out and romp. So I held a lot of them while their quarters were being spiffyed up by the cleaning people (aka Bunny Lady.) It is such a treat for the guys and me when they sit and snuggle and like the petting and talking and attention.

But why do I keep doing it in corduroy pants????

Anybody got any pictures of bunny feet prints in the snow from this big storm?


DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh... I wouldn't have made it out of there without one or two.

Joanna said...

I would like a flemish giant one day when I have the room. Its been really windy and rainy here captain rupert does not like it one bit. Hope you get to try the carrot cake recipe. Hope its readable too, I can always email you a copy.

Joanna said...
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Anonymous said...

awww... i really want a flemish giant too. i didn't realize about getting it young to make sure it's gentle so i'm glad you said that before i take that plunge!

Katie said...

I love how it's called a little big bunny! :D So cute ... I think I would have put a few in my handbag and smuggled them out! :D

Dana Gillin said...

Hops always tries to cuddle with me right before it snows. It's very cute (and of course I oblige!).