Friday, January 18, 2008


Sometimes Baxter just hops up into this chair and takes a rest. It is in his outside pen area, a remnant from when humans still inhabited the area some. Now it is just his and Zoey's. If I move it, oh gosh - great consternation. PUT THAT BACK! But, when it warms up some, we are allowed to sit in it and hold a bunny! Bax is a mini-lop, and our most laid-back bunn. He was found wandering a few years ago, and we took him in. It was the best win-win!

I see a bit of layout changes on some blogs ... DivaKitty has quite a nice change, I think, although the old one was fine. And, as if the endless saga of Freckles and Deb is not enough to leave us forever hanging, now we hear that Joanna over at Cap't Rupert's has some project up her sleeve and we will find out later!

Further, just for fun, if you can somehow post pix of your best "The Bunny Way" poses for Nips-N-Cuddles, they are going to produce a book to rival DR! (Hey, I used to be a manager, I love giving assignments!)

PS, for those who suggested, I did submit The Princess, but those two Athens Athletes got the nod, and rightly so! Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

Just remember, even though they didn't post your pic today doesn't mean it won't make it... they get soooo many!!!

I love how rabbits are so incredibly finicky about their environment and they can literally throw fits if you change things! silly wabbits

dguzman said...

Niblet is also very picky about his area and will often move things back when I accidentally move something. He's always arranging.

FrecklesandDeb said...

I LOVE to rearrange my space! (And, of course, the whole house is MY space!) Deb always tries to move things, but I make sure she knows what I think of her changes!

I think Baxter looks quite comfortable in his chair!

Bob the Bunny's Mom said...

Hiya! I'm a fellow Pacific Nor'westerner and found you from Disapproving Rabbits. I have one bunny, Bob (or "Robert", when he's a naughty rabbit) but a friend who lives in the Boston area who turned me on to bunnies, has eight. I used to be the guinea pig lady, having seventeen at one time, but now I'm down to two and Bob is the love of my life.

By-the-way, the Rabbit Lady sure can make a mean pot pie. That looked YUMMY!

Is there a House Rabbit gathering anywhere around these parts? I'm in Woodinville, WA.