Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CHEW ART ...............by GOLDIE.

You can see some of the results of a lot of chewing me and Benji have done over many months. The Princess lives next door there, and it would be fun to break in, but I don't think we'll make it. Rabbits'Guy keeps bringing his big driller and sawer and new wood and takes the art we made and replaces it with fresh pieces to start on . I bet he has that stuff listed on Craig's List! Maybe that is how he keeps us in hay.

By the way, my coat is coming in so nicely and Rabbits' Guy gave me a nice brushing this afternoon. There is just a bit of old ratty stuff along the bottom to still clip off. I am going to be a Spring Dandy!

Big news ... we all like boxes to hide in and chew on, and Savannah only will use a very rare Chivas Regal box put inside a Carolans Irish Creme box (or maybe the other way around!) We heard that she is now "registered" with the local liquor store! They save the boxes and call on the phone when they have a matched pair for her! Woof! Home delivery next????

Tidbit tagged us for that "Three Things To Do If You Won't Get Caught Or Suffer Any Consequences" meme! We did it a long time ago, but will give it another go.

1. This is a repeat. Order in from Safeway, fresh every day!

2. Learn to drive a car!!!!

3. Sit on Bill Gates' lap .. we hear he is a bunny guy and might just adopt us all, lock, stock and barrel!

Golleee Gomer but a lot of bloggers are sick these days. Get well everyone ... "Who's Gonna Feed Them Bunnys?" (Thank you Tom T. Hall.)

There is quite a nice song/video for Elvira the bunn you can see/hear over on FrecklesAndDeb. (Thank you Freckles.)

Baxter stands corrected ... The Princess is half Dutch and half Holland Lop! (Thank you Bunny Lady.)

The picture of me, Goldie, aka Goldalina, is number 3000 taken with a Canon Powershot S2 IS. It was new 18 months ago. (Thank you Mr. Trivia.) Anybody have a guess how many it might have left in it????

Probably there will be no Wednesday evening post. A late meeting and thus we bunns are going to be enjoying having the place to ourselves! We will have bigger fish to fry, so to speak, and maybe there will be some news on that matter Thursday. See Ya!


Anonymous said...

Nice chewing!

Katie said...

That's lovely chew art! You both have such talented ... teeth! :D

Crafty Green Poet said...

The joys of bunny chew art... Well done!

Nips-n-Cuddles said...

WOOT! Craig's list or not, that is some really nice sculpting, bun!

Anonymous said...

you're looking great Goldie - glad that fur is coming in nicely!

Holland lop makes sense with the coloring on Princess.

and the chewing is well done!

dguzman said...

Beautiful chewing. Niblet is quite upset at Cookies the kitty for chewing the penthouse level of his Cottontail Cottage.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

We luv yer art and think you should set up yer own website and sell it ~The Fluffy Tribe