Tuesday, February 5, 2008


As someone commented, excessive bunny cuteness! Need a break!
Today I motored south to near Seattle where some of the kids own a little farm in the midst of the big city and they run a day camp, for kids, in the summer. They have dogs, kittys, bunnys, chickens, a goat, sheep, horses, a ferret, rats, guinea pigs, a pot-bellied pig and probably some other stuff I forgot. Lots of real down-to-earth activities, including getting awful dirty!
Today was "sign-up" day and they set up tables in a big hall. Each table was for a particular week of camp (11 in all). I handled week 8. The first Mom was in line at 7:30am, the doors opened at 10:00am. Over 100 people were in line at 10:00. By 11:30, virtually every available camp slot (about 500) was filled, paid in advance! wOOt!
Here are some kids with chickens. A couple of those were raised in our house right along with bunnies, and then went to "The Farm"!
Right in the middle of things a lady walked up and said "Hey, we have Teeny"! She adopted Teeny - little bitty orange Fed-Ex Teeny I fed for so long last summer! Teeny is now big and roams a nice house! She said she will send me pix and I hope so! I will share! Teeny, my Teeny!


Katie said...

Hehe at first glance I thought the chickens were big bunnies! *d'oh* I think I have bunnies on the mind... :P

YowlYY said...

Me too! I seem to see bunnies everywhere...LOL! Looking forward to your new pics of Teeny, surely he's cute also as a grown bunny!

Anonymous said...

wow - very cool and HOORAY on a successful adoption! love those

FrecklesandDeb said...

The day camp sounds like fun! No wonder so many signed up. We need a day camp for bunnies around here. On second thought, Freckles would just disapprove!