Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This bunny, Jaxzen, was Angelina of the Fed-Ex Quintet! Another of those cases of mistaken identity! Angelina had the gray-like ears ... a real soft and cuddly bunny. Now, as Jaxzen, he lives down the road a piece with a bunch of bunnies pretty free in the house! He is well bonded with Calypso (aka BiggieBunn). A great life!

The meme from CraftyGreenPoet:

1. Favorite Songs:
The bunns like most anything. They hear the blind Italian a lot!
I like Browneyed Bunn, Bunnyslave Blues, and Sunshine SuperBunn.

2. Favorite Toys:
Savannah likes a stick table, turned upside down. Most everybody likes a box. Nobody likes a play ball, willow balls get ignored or devoured. An empty salad bowl gets as much action as anything.

3. Favorite Food:
Oh boy, they like it all - especially greens, fruit tidbits (apples, pears, pineapple, raisins, grapes, banana, melon, strawberries, craisins, ...), oats. Hay and OxBow pellets are their staples though.

4. Favorite Activities:
Eating, chewing, dozing, pooping, thumping, disapproving - they are rabbits!

5. Bad Habits:
Huh? Nary a one. They are all absolute cupcakes!

We are not going to pass this meme on - if anyone wants it, grab it! Just let us know you did!

In yesterday's picture that was NOT sun. BUT - there was a little teeny bit today with more due this weekend! Got to find my shades. wOOt.


L.Bo Marie said...

lol.. cupcakes??? hahahaha
shhhh, the non-bunny people might even believe you!

bunnygirl said...

Tidbit is a free-range bun, too. When I got her from the shelter I tried to put her in a cage at night but she would thump and throw things around, basically trashing the cage by morning and making a lot of racket. We finally told her, "Fine. If you can be good, you can stay out."

She's been mostly good. :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for joining in, I enjoyed reading your answers - but not a single bad habit? No!

ilex said...

Yeah, I'm with crafty green- not a single bad habit, my patootie! We're talkin' rabbits, people.

Katie said...

I love the pattern around his eye - very cute indeed! I just want to snuggle him - I wish I had bunnies but I don't think Puddy would want to share me!

Glenna said...

No way not a single bad habit....you'll have to pass on your secrets! We have lots of bad habits in our household.

Tracey said...

Such a cute picture! And I love your list...so many happy bunny tales...


FrecklesandDeb said...

I believe you (hee hee!) Since I have absolutely no bad habits, I am sure that your bunns are the same!

Anonymous said...

great list and ADORABLE bun! ;-) i can't wait till my buns can be free range again. they do really well but right now the puppy chases still! dumb me getting a sight hound ;-p