Friday, November 30, 2007


I could not resist. Here is the other side of Savannah the Therapy Bunny. Last chance to lighten your mind before she slips down, for awhile, into the land of "older Posts." Look deep and think free!

Savannah is the Bunny Lady's rabbit and I tell you, those two have been having a lot of snuggly discussions about this venture Savannah has had out into the Bunny-Blogosphere and her role in people-helping. She has been ears up and tail out for two days, and it is hard for me to detect a hint of disapproval!

You go girl!

Snow? Well, now maybe Saturday, but none yet.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


A full-body shot of the Rorschach Savannah! There is clearly a caped bunny snorgleing a dog that has a little kitty on its back. Or .. is it two ladys looking at each other .. or a Grecian urn???

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I AM HEEERE ......

Isn't that a line from "A Wrinkle In Time?"

In there somewhere is Savannah, the Rorschach-Bun! Such a soft velvety mini-Rex. Her pen is by the kitchen and she gets to romp that room some. But hiding until food-time is a fun little game for her too. Savannah can spend hours hiding in her cardboard box, covered with the pretty fleecy, scratching and chewing and generally making a very large pile of itty-bitty pieces. She is the bunn that gets the prime front corner of the outside deck, under the umbrella, perched on a pot.

Mr Weather is whispering the dreaded "S" word for us up here in the far NW corner of Washington State tonight. Driving down our hill will be awful, but bunny feet prints in the snow would be fun, so guess what will happen! Stay tuned.

PS ... Yes, Maxine is an honorary bunny here, but in name only. She eats meat!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am NOT a rabbit .....

I am a cat, name of Maxine. Not one of those LOLCatz with baby talking people either. Nosiree. I am the main outside cat for the House Of Rabbits, and nothing gets by me. You check in right here. I was here when the current owners moved in, and here I stay. Rough, tough, and totally in charge. Got it??? Good .....

Yes, Max was here when we moved in. She was declawed and clearly once someones pet; friendly, calm, kind, and totally happy with her condition, as are we. She just TALKS tough. Say HI to Maxine!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Benji loves to get one or both feet up on a brick and then "lecture" or tell a story. Obviously he expects rapt attention from all the others.

A couple of commenters to this blog are participating in NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth (NaNoWriMo) and have exceeded their goal of 50,000 words already. Congratulations Deb and Spacedlaw. We are writing as well, and are hoping to hit the magic 50,000 before month end.

What is good Holiday music for bunny ears? The Bunny Lady is quite partial to The Squirrel Nut Zippers. I'm liking the soundtrack from the original Charlie Brown Christmas special.

If you are feeling "friendless", register your blog with BlogCatalog. Boy will people claim you as a friend! People you never heard of!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here is a picture of the Rabbit House. Taken Nov. 25, Sunny and Cold. Just before we strung the Holiday lights. The garden stuff is gone to bed for the time being ... pretty bleak looking.

That long deck goes around the other side and is fenced and cross-fenced! All twelve of the happy hoppsters can get out and play at once and not hurt anybody. The front corner here with the umbrella - that is where Savannah keeps her lookout, perched on a hay-filled flower pot.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


The Bunny Lady always wanted a Winston.

This boy and his brother came to us from the Kids Farm after a hot, tiring week. They just were going to have some R and R and then go back.

Things don't work like that here. It only takes a few days of neediness to wiggle deep in her heart, and then "breaking up is hard to do!" More permanent wiggly-nose residents to fit in somewhere.

We called the brother Lucky because he was pretty frail when we got him. Lucky was on the Turkey post a bit ago. Together, they are "The Boys", and share a condo and outside pen.

When they went for "tutoring" our vet asked why we named them after cigarettes. It had never occurred to us! We are pretty far gone down the bunny trail. Nice way to go though, yes?

Friday, November 23, 2007


Baxter gets his favorite person!!!

Lots of snuggle time ...

Feels so good!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Our boy Lucky shows his mighty thankfulness.

It is a glorious day here at the House of Rabbits, perfect for the special day.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


There will be great celebrating and thankfulness here in the House of Rabbits. Company is coming and there will be fun play and good times. All of the resident bunnies are doing well, and that is quite a bit to be thankful for right there. An unwell bunny is a hard event for us.

Today's picture is out our back yard. This flock comes wandering through now and then, I don't think they read calendars.

MyHouseRabbit has started a blog to complement their website. Get to it from the Fun and Useful links off to the left. Lots of daily info about all things bunnies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Chico belongs, heart and soul, to the Bunny Lady. I am not to touch unless told too. Such was the case this morning. I had to sit Chico on my lap while his outside area was being tidyed up and made ready for his daily foray. He did not like that .. who was this stranger .. wiggle wiggle. As soon as the Bunny Lady got within eyesight Chico poised for a leap and was back in her arms toot sweet! Oh my but that puffed her up!

He's a Lion Head, like Zoey, but still with some maturing to do. Some friends found him in their back yard, probably dumped. Ads in the local paper got no response. We had a spare cage and more room in a heart ... end of story!

I think Chico looks like a very wise, little, old man. Bunny Lady thinks he's a "Hottie." Have I got any support out there?

Monday, November 19, 2007


Racer here is just a little Holland Lop with a white blob on his nose. Looks like he dipped into the cream bowl! He came to us with a passle of siblings, a couple of years back, all to be going on to the Kids Farm near Seattle for fun, learning, and eventual adoption to good homes.

But he was so tiny, the runt. Bunny Lady takes a personal interest in such waifs, and after a week of her attentive care he was firmly attached. Wouldn't let go. Couldn't leave! He lives in the "condo of honor", right where the entire kitchen and dining area can be watched for comings and goings and shameless treat begging is permitted.

His outside pen is long and narrow, the "Bowling Alley", and he runs and runs back and forth - thus his name. We do love that little rascal.

COMMENT Comments ....

First, welcome Archi's Antics, a site with rabbits living their life and managing a dog as well! Archi's is over in the Fun and Useful Sites list. Give them a look and a comment.

About those pretty salads a few posts ago. Every evening, about 8:00 or so, they get made by Bunny Lady, with Rabbits' Guy filling in once in a great while. Typical contents: green leaf lettuce, nasturtium leaves and flowers, cilantro, carrots , parsley, dandelion greens, chard, kale, pineapple bits, chunk of apple, mint leaves, carrot tops, one or two craisins. Not all of those every night, but a goodly variety of whatever is growing well or on hand! A big mini-lop rabbit like Baxter gets a cupful or so, a little guy like Benson maybe 2/3 of a cup. If there is anything left by 9:00, somebody is sick!
Friend of the Animals mentioned bunnys living outside. Listen, I know those bunnies, they are some from the Great Rabbit Rescue and life is very very good for them! A huge rabbitat with people sitting area, rain gutters, wind shutters, hidey holes, summer fans, the works. And all the love and attention they can use! They are just fine.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Finally ... no rain! Everybody out on the deck. That deck is fenced off into 8 separate pens with double wire between pens. Four pairs and Four singles. That better make twelve, good, it does. All present and accounted for.
Such running and jumping, multiple binkys and nose wiggles. Much getting reacquainted through the wires. Fresh hay. Yes ... a wonderful day. Mr. Weather says more coming too. yea!
Plus, a ladies "tea" party at the house today. Real people visitors with wine and cheese and such. Music. Great consternation for the bunns, but they survived ... two of the guests have their own rabbits at home so no reason to fear. Rabbits' Guy had to go find other things to do.
Take a look at a site we added, Freckles and Deb. The daily attempts of a darling bunny to train his person. I think it will seem way too true! Leave a comment, Freckles will appreciate the attention.
No picture today, look over at The Princess instead. She was our first bunny, free she was. So special but it has been all $$$ since! She rules the roost here. What The Princess wants, The Princess gets. My sweetie.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yes, this little sweetheart is Baxter's beloved, Zoey. Oh but she is a social whirl, just made up to the nines. Baxter, the big country boy, hardly knows what to make of her, but he does love her dearly, and she him!

A match made in heaven ... well no ... actually it was made, quite by accident, out on our back deck a couple of years ago.

The Bunny Lady rescued Zoey from the local animal shelter when she went to apply to volunteer. She rescued another one later and that was the end of the volunteering. We had no more room but she still had plenty of heart.

Zoey is a pretty frosted-pearl LionHead. Probably not the best of the breed, but sweet to us! My ZOEY!

Friday, November 16, 2007


This is a typical bunny condo here at the House Of Rabbits. That is Zoey in there, before she bonded with Baxter. One of these pieces of work is 2 1/2 feet deep, 3 feet high, and 4 feet long. There is a hole right in the middle of the mid-floor, with a step below it. The floors are plywood, covered with a soft vinyl flooring, which they eat! But is easy on their feet and easy to keep clean. Wish we had a better solution! The doors are full size and open wide, making it convenient for getting a bunny in or out, and for tidying up. Takes me about 12 hours of labor to make one, including painting. Two little bunns or one big one fit nicely.

Today it rained most of the day again so everybody stayed in and these condos give them plenty of privacy, space, and room to move quite a bit. They all seem really happy in there!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The House of Rabbits is all a twitter. Thanksgiving is coming and bringing a lot of company to share the house with. There will be much bunny holding and petting and snuggling and probably extra treats. Photos too I suppose. "Ugh" say the bunns, they do not like that part.

Baxter here is double excited because his "special person" is one of the arriving guests and that means almost non-stop lap sitting, which Baxter loves a lot.

He's a mini-lop who was found deserted on a city street, much the worse for wear, but looking like he sort of had enjoyed his probably brief time as a hobo. He was just missing a slouch hat and cigar! Even now, after some years of more civilized living, he still enjoys a little whiskey now and then....(just kidding House Rabbit Society.)

Bax has a mate, Zoey, a real high-society dame, and she'll show up here a bit later! Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Show Bunny

This little silver Jersey Wooley is a show bunny. He has a tattoo in his ear to prove it! But he doesn't go to shows, he's just one of our House Bunnies, we got him to be a partner for The Princess, and he is a dandy one. His name is Benson.
Benson was just our second rabbit and is very small. But he does not know small - he is the Alpha Bunny in our whole marginal group and always thinks BIG! No body messes with Benson or his Princess.
Benson is five and a half, which is getting up there for such a small breed. So he is slowing down some and sometimes has his difficulties. He gets extra care and special handling and plenty of good food and lots of snuggles and is holding his own very well.
As you can see by his picture, Benson is a really nice example of the Jersey Wooley breed. Our buddy Benson.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How They Do Try Me Sometimes ...

It is almost dark, and cold, and wet. I'm out along the fence picking some of the last dandelion greens of the year, can hardly see, and my hands are freezing. My pants are covered with rabbit fur from holding some of the 4-leggeds in my lap while the Bunny Lady cleaned the condos. Rubbing my wet cold hands on my drab furry pants balls up the fur and it sticks all over my hands and the dandelion greens. And I have not even gotten to the nasturtium bed or the chard patch for some of those leaves yet. I've come out every afternoon to pick this stuff for evening salads since it all started to grow again back last February, and it will probably keep growing enough to pick until after Thanksgiving. Being the Pacific Northwest, it will rain until then as well, and be wet and cold every late afternoon. Those Bunns better love me!

They do love the salads they get every evening though, courtesy of the Bunny Lady. She makes them for 12, day in and day out. Works of art and gastronomical delights. Here are just a few of them. Yes ....... they are for rabbits.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Wind Storm

We did have a pretty good storm and it blew all night and much of the day on Monday. One of our trees blew down over the lane that leads up to our house and the other three neighbors. One of them got out early and sawed it up, cleared the lane, and cleaned up the mess. We never heard a thing! Nice guy!

Nobody went out to play today, but Tuesday promises to be nice so that will be play time on the deck for sure. They will be ready.

Does This Rabbit Look Sick?

This fellow is a Holland Lop. Opal, 2 1/2 years old, a neutered male. Just right!

He lives by himself and likes that fine. He is pretty well bonded with the Bunny Lady and they spend good times together every day.

As a little guy, he was originally destined for The Farm, a summer camp for kids, where he would have been loved and adopted to a great home. He was first having a temporary way-stop at our House of Rabbits, housed in a big cage on the living room coffee table. One of our daughters stopped in one day, took a quick look, and said "That Rabbit's Sick!"

That's all it took. Cancel the reservations for camp. Get out the baby-the-bunny stuff. The Bunny Lady hovered over that boy like a distraught mother. By the time it was decided he was not "sick" it was too late. He was ours forever. Another member of our "Marginal Rabbitry." I think those two women had that deal cooked up ahead of time.

Will you please welcome - Stanley!

Oh My Gosh !!!

She did it! Goldie is the Poster Bunny for Nov 12 on the Disapproving Rabbits blog. You can find a link to that blog over to the left. Check her out!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Goldie, Goldie, Goldie ....

Goldie is Benji's bonded mate and is she ever a typical red-head! Smart, sassy, and knows her mind. She disapproves of this apple, she wants them cored, peeled and quartered. Maybe she will get on the famous Disapproving Rabbits blog with this picture. Stay tuned.

But she does like me; sits on my lap and chitters away like crazy. When she was small her ears flapped like a bird and I called her my litle "peep, peep, peep". Saying that even now really lights her up!

Goldie came to us with her brother Bluie. Bluie had a congenital intestinal problem and was quite ill. But he gave us and Goldie many special and happy months.

It was with Bluie that we met Dr. Barbara Deeb, now deceased, who must have been the best rabbit vet in the whole world. She helped with the House Rabbit Society and taught at the University of Washington, and also operated her own practice. We miss Dr. Deeb a lot, a good bunny vet is hard to find. A lot of people miss her.

A big wind storm is bearing down on the Pacific Northwest today. We live close to some big water near the San Juan Islands, and the wind is already howling. The bunns stayed in today and liked that fine. Bunnies do not like wind!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Benji Lives Here Too ...

This friendly Holland Lop is Benji and he shares his condo with Goldie, a reddish-blond American Fuzzy Lop! They are a good couple and buckets of fun.
The little guy will sit on your lap and purr his teeth a mile a minute. A contented bunny.

Benji was originally going to be sent off to a Kids Camp to be adopted, but he was just too darn cute for the Bunny Lady to part with.

Mr. Weather had it raining today, but it did not! Clear and quite warm instead and so all the 4-leggeds got plenty of deck time again!

Some new hay from a friend showed up this afternoon and the bunns have really taken to it. Oh the "looks" we'll get if we try to slip them some of the old now.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Say hello to Savannah

Here she is, for all of you wanting to see Savannah.

All the bunns got back outside again today during a spell of clearing, and Savannah joined them.

She is a broken castor mini rex, soft as velvet and cute as a button.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Day Outside ...

All the bunnies except for Savannah got to go outside on the deck today. It was cloudy and threatening, but the rain held off. A lot of rainy days are coming, so this was a treat for sure.

Savannah stayed inside because the MS. was gone and Savannah does not like me messing with her! She spent the day hiding out inside her Baileys Irish Creme box.