Friday, February 29, 2008

MI CASA SU CASA ...........


Mi nombre Chico y mi es un conejo! And that is it for Le Espanol! Bunny Lady tried to learn but did not make it. There are lots of people who come in here who can speak Espanol, and do, but it does not rub off on the owners!!! They use a little book.

I'm Chico because the guy who found me in a backyard spoke some Spanish and it was during the "trying to learn" days of Bunny Lady!

My place is a bit messy; I am a rabbit and that is how I like it. But, it is clean, cozy, and tons of fun. I have two floors, plenty of room. I am soooo happy to live here.

Off to the right is a logo about No Bunnies For Easter and Rabbits' Guy volunteered to promote it. He is terrible with HTML, so it is maybe not all there, but if you click on what is there, you will go to a site where you too can pick off that logo and add it to your blog! Every little bit might help.

Bummer .. Gus and Betsy did NOT get stuff from Nordstroms .. the 2-footers did and just left the bag there to be snooty. Maybe Betsy will chew through it.

It is getting more spring-like here now! Too bad so many bunnys are still stuck in some pretty fierce winter. Stay warm guys. It'll pass soon. (Thump Thump) .............

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am Benji and I like my boxes real plain. Savannah can have the fancy; white still tastes the best and has no toxins or residues! But, I like my girl bunnies fancy! That is why I am bonded up with Goldalina! She is beyond fancy ... gorgeous most of the time. Unfortunately she is sort of a red-head and has some bad hair days (which you have seen in the past) and so her moods do have some swing to them! But I myself am quite easy going and a major friend with Bunny Lady - I like to sit in her lap and teeth purr like all get out. She feeds me perfectly too, and right on time, morning and night. So all is quite well with your beloved Benji! (Well, it worked for Racer, maybe it will for me!)

Say, did you all see Gus with that Nordstroms bag? Not just anybunny gets stuff from Nordstroms - we asked him what was in there but have not heard yet. Everybunny here is atwitter with suspense. Our stuff mostly comes from Target. The Bunny Lady tells us it is from TahZhay .. but it still looks like Target stuff to us. You think Gus and Betsy get Starbucks too?

Rabbits' Guy went off to help save Puget Sound last night and missed a post ... we vote he spend his time saving Eastern Washington, where the hay grows!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You can see some of the results of a lot of chewing me and Benji have done over many months. The Princess lives next door there, and it would be fun to break in, but I don't think we'll make it. Rabbits'Guy keeps bringing his big driller and sawer and new wood and takes the art we made and replaces it with fresh pieces to start on . I bet he has that stuff listed on Craig's List! Maybe that is how he keeps us in hay.

By the way, my coat is coming in so nicely and Rabbits' Guy gave me a nice brushing this afternoon. There is just a bit of old ratty stuff along the bottom to still clip off. I am going to be a Spring Dandy!

Big news ... we all like boxes to hide in and chew on, and Savannah only will use a very rare Chivas Regal box put inside a Carolans Irish Creme box (or maybe the other way around!) We heard that she is now "registered" with the local liquor store! They save the boxes and call on the phone when they have a matched pair for her! Woof! Home delivery next????

Tidbit tagged us for that "Three Things To Do If You Won't Get Caught Or Suffer Any Consequences" meme! We did it a long time ago, but will give it another go.

1. This is a repeat. Order in from Safeway, fresh every day!

2. Learn to drive a car!!!!

3. Sit on Bill Gates' lap .. we hear he is a bunny guy and might just adopt us all, lock, stock and barrel!

Golleee Gomer but a lot of bloggers are sick these days. Get well everyone ... "Who's Gonna Feed Them Bunnys?" (Thank you Tom T. Hall.)

There is quite a nice song/video for Elvira the bunn you can see/hear over on FrecklesAndDeb. (Thank you Freckles.)

Baxter stands corrected ... The Princess is half Dutch and half Holland Lop! (Thank you Bunny Lady.)

The picture of me, Goldie, aka Goldalina, is number 3000 taken with a Canon Powershot S2 IS. It was new 18 months ago. (Thank you Mr. Trivia.) Anybody have a guess how many it might have left in it????

Probably there will be no Wednesday evening post. A late meeting and thus we bunns are going to be enjoying having the place to ourselves! We will have bigger fish to fry, so to speak, and maybe there will be some news on that matter Thursday. See Ya!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I am Baxter, the beloved of Zoey. Everything she said back there a day or so ago is true except that she suggests I might imbibe a bit, which is not true. If I was a 2-footer it is true I would be the sippin' whiskey and good cigar type - but as a rabbit, I limit myself to water and proper bunny nutrition and just look the part of a country gentleman!

I am overwhelmed with Zoey, she is such a classy dame for a guy like me, I pinch myself with luck every single day! She is a great snuggle on a chilly night! And, she really keeps the joint a hummin' during the day, what with all the gossip and hob-nobing she does! All the other guys are quite taken with her, but she and me, well, we are real special!

I have a couple of pieces of information to clear up some recent/not so recent questions. First, for the person looking for house rabbit folks near Woodinville, WA. I suggest googling "Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, and Ferret House" and that will get you plenty of good info. about that area and rabbits. Of course as a rabbit I have not a clue what it means to google, but I just report them. Also to Archi's Mum, The Princess is half Dutch and half some plain old uppy-eared large rabbit. But she is definitely regal, and she was here first and taught the owners pretty good!

Thanks for listening and understanding. A misunderstood rabbit is not a nice thing.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Taking a break from the bunnys posting here to celebrate the SIXTH anniversary of The Princess coming to live with us. She was our very first bunny and was only 8 weeks old. We knew just about nada about having a house bunny; Bunny Lady scoured the I-net, her friends, and especially the House Rabbit Society. We made many mistakes, learned a great deal, and The Princess survived, taught us well, and is now Queen of this House of Rabbits.

Although The Princess was originally for Bunny Lady, she has become pretty much my rabbit now, and we spend lots of time together. The Princess likes to sit quietly in my lap and she is a source of much peaceful mindfulness for me and for her, sometimes twice a day. Because I know rabbits do not often live a long time, she has taught me to enjoy those moments, and not waste the time worrying much about tomorrow or fussing over yesterday. We get along well!

Why she is pretty much my rabbit now is a whole other story .. maybe you will read it sometime!

Some comments about those pictures of the "bunns with the kids" made me realize how fortunate we are to have rabbits that actually do like to be held some. I guess lots of pet rabbits don't, especially ones who were not treated that way at an early age. Instinctively they prefer to run and hide. Everyone of our guys gets one or two good snuggles just about every day .. it is great!

Spell Check is back to working ... thanks to whoever alerted me to that!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Lucky gets some pettin'
Goldie and a friend ....

Benji snuggles in ...

Got to make a short note of it. We have a buncha company and everybody is pretty busy having fun, playing games, and giving us lots of snuggles. We'll get back to some serious posting tomorrow. Have a nice Sunday everybody.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Hi everybody ....sheeese .... I tell you. The things we have to put up with around this place sometimes. Here our sweet little Racer goes all that way to unclog the computing mess in the House and then Rabbits' Guy goes off to a fancy dinner meeting last night and did not take me NOR did he let on that we could go ahead and blog again. Bunny Lady had different plans, so he could have used the company, and I am certainly acceptable in fancy situations ... Fancy is practically my middle name. Yessiree-Bob .... Zoey "Fancy" BunnBunn. Il'd a made him proud.

My man, Baxter, now don't get me wrong, I love Baxter to death, I mean, truly, he is my Mr. Everything ... but ... Bax really prefers home with his La-Z-Box and a bit of whiskey and a cigar, and this going out, especially to fancy, is not his cup of Jim Beam, so to speak. So I could have finally gotten a bit of that finer wine and he would have been OK, but Nooooooooo. Old FancyPants goes alone. Harummpphhhhh.............

And that explains the 24 hour gap in the House of Rabbits tail of fun ... what? oh ... tale of fun. And also it explains the "slight" frown on my otherwise endlessly happy face! Now, to rub some more salt in, I was submitted to DR as well ... and did you see me on DR? Noooooooooo. 2-foot men .... bah. Bah and Harumphhhhhhhh I say. Maybe it's time for a lady to be President .. no offense Mr. Pinkerton.

And that, my friends, is how it REALLY is here in this slighty wacky House of Rabbits!
Oh, by the way, right behind me there, that sort of chewed-hole box? That is in Racer's condo and he is in there too, waving. If you "blow up" the picture you'll see his cute little white nose just off the top of my right ear. "Hi Racer!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'M BAAAAACKKK!!!!!!!!!!


I made it up and back! Boy, all those nice words of encouragement and that bunny energy sent to me certainly was of great help along my merry way. I was succesful in rebooting ... well, rethumping actually, ... the master 'puter. I whacked on RESTART and CTRL-ALT-DELETE and a couple of other things and all the lights lit up and some humming started and pictures and things appeared. At that point I commenced exploring all over that place up there .. oh my, the sights I have seen and the stories I have to tell! For now just let me say, there was plenty of good chewing! I need to think some on the other .. it was a lot for my tender bunny-brain. The stories will have to wait. Especially the one about .... Heee Heeee ..........

I got back for salad and a good rest, I think it was 11 steps up and back and I was woofed. Now the 2-footers seem to think I am some sort of famous bunny and have been taking my picture and opening the condo doors and trying to get me to smile ... I just want some peace and quiet. I don't approve of that behavior at all.

So for now, Good Night and Good Luck ....

Your beloved Racer (Well I am, sort of, aren't I???)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hi everbody. I am Racer, the guy with the white on my nose, although that little bit of white you see is on my back paw, my nose being at the task at hand. Lucky and Winston screwed up the usual computer with their blogging ... we have no idea where their messages went, but they want you to know they were outstanding messages. Sort of the Ferrante and Teicher of the blogging world, they feel. Anyway, I am headed up to where there is a backup. None of us has ever been up there .... I am the chosen explorer. Wish me well. However, when Marnie was alive, she lived up there some, and seemed to do well and did not complain, so I am not too worried. Just that I want to be back by salad time, I am traveling light with no provisions. I guess we will all have to wait to see how I do. Bon Voyage and away I goooooooooooooooooooooo ...............
Your brave little Racer

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hot spit Winnie - the coast is clear. Let's hotfoot it for the 'puter and do some Bloggin'! The Princess and Savannah had their turn, now we get to try for the big time. Let's tell about how the Rabbits' Guy won't let us in, even when we scratch and dig. Hey, yeah Lucky, and I'll blog about what a great time we have pushing our salad dishes down the hole in our condo when they are empty. I love that racket and it sure does bring the Bunny Lady running. But Lucky? Hows come you have that nice mustache and I don't? Do you think maybe those beans spilled some ink all over me when I was little? No, Winnie. You were born that way. Racer is the same except he has a white spot on his nose.

OK Lucky, let's scoot. I see Rabbits' Guy is taking a snooze and now is our chance. I'll tap on the top two rows and you take the bottom two. Don't forget to hit "Publish" when we are done! Get ready world, here come The Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's a fine view ... except you will notice some empty bowls. I'm patient, but ..... hrmphfff. Today was another sunny day and out we all went. The 2-footers made themselves useful by cutting off a bunch of apple tree branches and bringing us some. Oh, tasty. And, that means more apples this coming fall. Oh, tasty. But, it does not fill those empty bowls. Good help is SO hard to find.

I'm Savannah. The spotted one. A Rex, which means royal, like The Princess, except she is not a Rex. To tell you the truth, she is quite the plain jane, but she has sure flummoxed the Rabbits' Guy. By the way, he quit the blog for awhile because Bunny Lady had a difference of some sort with him about some posts. He said so she should do it and she said no. So we got to do it!!! woot.

Sort of over my left shoulder is that wall where The Princess lives. I am on my box, a dandy house and hideout. Right in front of me is a gate that lets me out into the kitchen when I need some romping time. I have a good time with Bunny Lady there. There is a great deck view too. The Princess and Racer have their outside pens out that window. My outside area is way over right at the corner where I see everyone who comes and goes. I learn lots of gossip to spread through the bunny-vine here at The House of Rabbits.

I could grow to like this blogging. I might write a book called "Disapproved-of Beans". Send me your entries!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

RABBITS RULE ...............

This would be me, The Princess. I am Numero Uno here in the House of Rabbits. I was here first, that is why. Plus, I am royal. You see me here in my inside throne room and this is my "Where's Dinner" pose! Works wonders, most of the time. Right behind me is the little door that lets me outside where I can keep a regal lookout over my domain and the other 4-foots here with me. My food and water crocks are right in front of me, by that little stack of bricks. Off to my right is the wall between me and Savannah ... we have been lobbying for a see-through, but the help here is miserably slow and unresponsive. We barely tolerate them.

We bunns have taken over the place for the next few days and so you will be hearing from us! The 2-foots get a break, they are about nuts from too much cloudy, dribbly weather. Today, our first day on the job, it was warmish and sunny and delightful! Gotta go see if they are fixing the salalds tonight yet. They better be! Heeee Heeee ................

PS: ShimonCarrots is back online, and somebody did our meme about rabbit habits at EyeOfTheNeedle. Check it out.

Friday, February 15, 2008


The picture is not real clear, but this is where the outside pen for The Princess and the pen for Racer and the pen for Goldie and Benji all have a common corner. It is not unusual for all four to gather there when they are out. At first there is great poking at the fencing and running back and forth and general gossiping. But soon they all are sort of like this .. some of them could care less anymore! That is Racer in the background, up on a box.

I think I have posted comments and pictures, recently, of all the bunnies we have had here in the past, at least ones that stayed long enough to get a name and a warm spot in our hearts. Quite a few just spent a night or three .. passing along the Bunderground, usually on their way to The Farm for summer camp and adoption into nice homes. Those I did not show ... maybe another time .. we don't have pictures of all of them.

Anyway, I think I'll start back with the current residents, maybe with some "interesting" poses and stories. (Oh boy, what am I signing up for now?)

Oh yes... Mrs. Sniffles is back online after a long absence ... another excuse from the "bean".

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Awhile back, Bunny Lady got volunteered by a friend to do a demonstration on House Rabbits! The county just north of us, Whatcom County, has a nice kids Animal Fair in April to coincide with the school spring breaks. Whatcom County is a big agricultural center, so there are lots of animals and kids animal groups. They all come and participate, demonstrate and celebrate - a big and fun turnout. She got all her materials together, we loaded up the big van, and headed on up there for a day. It was a lot of fun and there was a goodly number at her entertaining and educational talk and demonstration. We also saw much of the other attractions, including the souped-up riding lawnmower weight-pulling contest! (Come on, remember, I don't make 'em up, I just report them.)

We had a good Valentines Day and enjoyed the displays and antics around the bunny-blog world as well. The bunns here hadn't a clue.
Hoping for some sun here ... the Mr. Weather promises so far have been only that. I do have my sun glasses found and ready!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This boy looks OK, don't you think? Cute actually!

WRONG! Bailey was a well-bred RagDoll, we got him young, who just did not learn rabbits. To him they were toys and objects to pester endlessly. Drove them nuts. Us too. We had to put up make-shift five foot high fences around every place where rabbits were. Looked like a jail around here. We tried, we really did. We had PJ, another RagDoll, for years and years and PJ was so sweet and easy going. We thought Bailey could be the same and also replace PJ. Didn't work - probably should have seen it in his eyes early on! Finally Bailey found happiness in another home. Live long and well Bailey.

Excerpt from an e-mail I got this morning - "I have a five month old Flemish Giant buck that I would like to place in a pet home. He is Walter's son and very sweet, there is no charge." There was a picture of this guy included. Walter is the grand champion show bunny Flemish I am holding in my Profile picture. He lives near Seattle. Any suggestions? Takers?

Finally, people did not believe these wonderful bunnies here in The House of Rabbits have NO bad habits! OK ... some of them do eat the flooring in their condos. There - satisfied?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This bunny, Jaxzen, was Angelina of the Fed-Ex Quintet! Another of those cases of mistaken identity! Angelina had the gray-like ears ... a real soft and cuddly bunny. Now, as Jaxzen, he lives down the road a piece with a bunch of bunnies pretty free in the house! He is well bonded with Calypso (aka BiggieBunn). A great life!

The meme from CraftyGreenPoet:

1. Favorite Songs:
The bunns like most anything. They hear the blind Italian a lot!
I like Browneyed Bunn, Bunnyslave Blues, and Sunshine SuperBunn.

2. Favorite Toys:
Savannah likes a stick table, turned upside down. Most everybody likes a box. Nobody likes a play ball, willow balls get ignored or devoured. An empty salad bowl gets as much action as anything.

3. Favorite Food:
Oh boy, they like it all - especially greens, fruit tidbits (apples, pears, pineapple, raisins, grapes, banana, melon, strawberries, craisins, ...), oats. Hay and OxBow pellets are their staples though.

4. Favorite Activities:
Eating, chewing, dozing, pooping, thumping, disapproving - they are rabbits!

5. Bad Habits:
Huh? Nary a one. They are all absolute cupcakes!

We are not going to pass this meme on - if anyone wants it, grab it! Just let us know you did!

In yesterday's picture that was NOT sun. BUT - there was a little teeny bit today with more due this weekend! Got to find my shades. wOOt.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Here is one of those kitty condo deals we read about awhile back at FrecklesAndDeb. This is the first time Benji and Goldie have been in the covered pen where this thing is. It is usually Baxter and Zoey in this outdoor place but we were "sharing" since there have been so many days of rain. Baxter and Zoey never bother with it, but these guys were all over it like flies on honey! Fun while it lasted.
Still frustrated with Blogger. Might fiddle with wordpress a bit ....
We got tagged for a meme from the CraftyGreenPoet and we'll do that tomorrow!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

TEENY ..... my TEENY!!!!!!!

That new owner of Teeny did send us a picture of him! Taken around Christmas time - puts Teeny at about 7 months old! My, how he has matured! I must ask for more. And ... suggest it get submitted to DR ... I can think of several interesting captions! Looks like Teeny lives well - Yay Teeny!

Rained all day so the bunns took turns outside in the covered pens. Boy what sniffing and exploring and excitement! Everybody is in now, all flaked out and no doubt dreaming some fancy dreams!

Have a nice day everybody!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Yes Princess. Everyone is excited to see that you got picked for the cover of Oprah! You look so natural. No one will ever know that it took all day and hundreds of shots to get the perfect look! Say hello to Nate for us. Ask him why he did not come to give The House of Rabbits a makeover?? Benson wrote such a nice letter.

Hopefully after this nonsense, I can get back to a couple more bunnies that once lived here but not now. Following that I should probably start working back through those that do. Some have been missing from these pages for quite awhile! No doubt some one of our rascals will figure out how to get on the cover of DR and we'll need a break for that post! We draw the line with The New Yorker. Some of their cartoons are not nice to animals.

Everybody send some healing energies off to Lola the Lovely Lop who is feeling down. Get going Lola!!!

Does anybody know why the spellchecker on googleblogger gives me an error with the number 500 and some other words in it? And, then,too, I can't use "add image" until I first publish all my text. Hmpffffff.....

Friday, February 8, 2008


The Fed-Ex bunnies left us when they were 8 weeks old. Two of them, BiggieBunn and Angelina moved not too far from us and became Calypso and Jaxzen. As you know, Biggie was a girl, and it turns out Angelina was a boy! They live in a nice house and have a big condo in there for privacy when they need it. Calypso and Jaxzen are on our Dec 3 post, and their condo is on our Dec 17 post!

The other three went to The Farm in the midst of camp. They were a big hit with the campers and all got adopted to nice homes! Here you see the wonderful traveling kits that Bunny Lady made for each of them to take along. Very thoughtful and also helpful!

I'm still waiting for that lady who got Teeny to send me some current pictures.

Any of you need some winter? Get to the WashingtonDOT and look at the cameras for Snoqualmie and Stevens and White passes. These are the only three roads from the east over the Cascades to western Washington that are usually open in winter ... they are closed, incredible snows! Serious bummer.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


This picture was July 19 and the Fed-Exs are nearly 8 weeks old - almost ready to go. You get a good idea of their size from the salt box in there with them! They could really "line up at the trough" when salad time came.

Around the horn, from lower left, they are: E.B.White, Walter, Angelina, Teeny, and BiggyBunn. By now they are really hard to contain and take a lot of cleaning! But they were so much fun and everyone would sit in our lap and snuggle and be very friendly.

When I was a kid we lived quite near East Lansing, Michigan - the home of the Michigan State Spartans. They had a real good football team then and the coach was Biggie Munn. That is why BiggyBunn is BiggyBunn - plus he was the biggest ... although He is a She, now called Calypso!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


In the 1980's a pretty fun group called Dr. Hook sang that song, "Cover of the Rolling Stone." Now, Stanley has done it! Stanley is just a bit annoyed that the paraparazzi did not get a better setting though. We are just happy Stanley is doing so well.

Did you see those carrot cupcakes at Life&TimesofBunnies today??? Yummy. I wonder were they Cap't Rupert's recipe?

Bunny people are kinda nuts. They see kids holding big chickens and they all think those are rabbits. Folks, rabbits do not have feathers and big pointy hairless feet!!! Most people were just too ashamed to comment.

The lady growing the worms_in_the_condo in Detroit called me the Rabbit Saint. I might just use that.

Dr. Hook also had a song with the line "... you make my pants want to get up and dance, you make my face want to grin. You make my knees want to get down and say please ....." Fun is where you find it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


As someone commented, excessive bunny cuteness! Need a break!
Today I motored south to near Seattle where some of the kids own a little farm in the midst of the big city and they run a day camp, for kids, in the summer. They have dogs, kittys, bunnys, chickens, a goat, sheep, horses, a ferret, rats, guinea pigs, a pot-bellied pig and probably some other stuff I forgot. Lots of real down-to-earth activities, including getting awful dirty!
Today was "sign-up" day and they set up tables in a big hall. Each table was for a particular week of camp (11 in all). I handled week 8. The first Mom was in line at 7:30am, the doors opened at 10:00am. Over 100 people were in line at 10:00. By 11:30, virtually every available camp slot (about 500) was filled, paid in advance! wOOt!
Here are some kids with chickens. A couple of those were raised in our house right along with bunnies, and then went to "The Farm"!
Right in the middle of things a lady walked up and said "Hey, we have Teeny"! She adopted Teeny - little bitty orange Fed-Ex Teeny I fed for so long last summer! Teeny is now big and roams a nice house! She said she will send me pix and I hope so! I will share! Teeny, my Teeny!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Four of the Fed-Ex five try to escape. Looks like they are having some help! Junior there was almost overwhelmed! There were lots of visitors this summer ... the bunns got really used to the attention! We got wore out. From bottom to top, they are: E.B.White, Teeny, Walter, and BiggyBunn. Angelina is MIA.

Here is a youtube of bouncing, busy bunnies that seem to appear like magic! I still can not believe I actually look at a little bitty blurry TV on a tiny computer screen to watch bunnies, several of which we have live, in living color, right here!

Yowlyy and Cuddles have posted their refrigerators! (I dunno I spelled that right. Spell check on blogger gives me an error message.) You might have to scroll down a post or two. Something for everyone. Maybe there are some more splendid shots lurking out there! Even if not, five open refers on the I-net is quite something! What a courageous and wacky bunch! And, one is in England!

FINALLY, a post on SimonesParsleyPatch. Back in late December Simone was quite ill and then - boom - nothing for many days :<( Oh worry worry. Turns out the human part forgot the blog password! Simone is doing well!!! So is Stanley!!!! Rock on Rabbits!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Here they are at 5 1/2 weeks. Plenty of action for these guys! That is BiggyBunn on the box with the red fleecy - his ears already drooped! Them ain't raisins on the floor ....

Found a new blog - HomesteadingInACondo - about people in Detroit raising food, worms, and pet rabbits in a condo! I'm planning to follow it a bit ... especially if they give the rabbits good press!

Tagged by ArchiAnn for a meme - the Don'tGetCaught one! We tell you three things the group of wonderbunnies here would do that they have never done if they won't get caught or in trouble or suffer any consequence! It started, according to AAnn, at PetPics.

1. Eliminate all fences and cages and pens and condos here at The House Of Rabbits. Free range for all of us!!!!

2. Have daily home delivery from Safeway, we order!

3. Make Stanley, and all the rest of us, live as long as our 2-foot keepers..

And we tag BetsyAndGus The 5 bunns at Usagigohiki and CalvinAtHappyFeet . Now, you be sure to link back to us and to PetPics, and find three more guys to tag! That is the rules, according to Archi Ann ... and do not mess with Archi Ann!

By the way ... another refridgerator picture ... at BetsyAndGus. We still need more, don't be shy!

Stanley is doing so well ... we hope he keeps up his good doings!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, due mostly to the expert procedures Bunny Lady uses for ailing bunns, Stanley has come back to be quite an energetic fellow today. I think the wonderful thoughts and expressions, all of which travel over waves tuned in to bunny ears and senses, played a big part as well. Thanks to you all. World-wide care! Bunnies know.

Stanley has his full appetite, grooms himself and is quite active, purrs like a kitten when held, and had a grand time outside today. It was the first nice, dry day in quite awhile, so everybody got out in their usual spots for several hours. Stanley had not been out for even longer, snd so he was all over that pen - sniffing and chinning and hopping and running and nibbling fresh hay, hob-nobing with Baxter and Zoey on one side and with Chico and The Princess on the other - until he finally flopped in his favorite spot and thoroughly enjoyed himself and the day. He came in and ate like a soldier and is now pretty well flaked out. Hopefully his vim and vigor will last.

I see Interstate 90 over Snoqualmie pass into Seattle is open again, for now. It has been closed off and on for several days due to tremendous snows and avalanches across the highway. There never has been so much snow up there in so short of a time. The little cabins and ski lodges are about buried!

Friday, February 1, 2008


The Fed-Ex guys grew pretty fast and here is Teeny at about 4 weeks old. They each got about half of that bottle twice a day. Some of them could slurp it down toot-sweet ... turbo-suck it is called! Others gnawed and slobbered and had a heck of a time. A nipple lasted about two days and we bought them by the dozens!
Many of you probably have shirts like Bunny Lady there! I prefer a checked/plaid flannel myself, of which I have a couple, nicely nipped and filagreed!
Thanks everyone for the kind words for Stanley. He is hanging in there and certainly getting lots of holding, petting, and special attention. Most of the time he likes to be very still in his condo, looking at the floor. He does seem to have a decent appetite, but has a hard time breathing.
That FuzzyFamily blog has "comment moderation" on, and so no comments are visible. It would be fun to see what folks have to say about that grand little group of growing bunnies! FIX THAT!