Monday, March 31, 2008

OK, OK .......

I get it Princess, I am pathetic. You would be too if you played 2nd fiddle to a bunch of rabbits.

I promise to try better, but don't hold your breath. I do notice that your coat is shiny, your weight is not too little, and your quarters seem reasonable. Maybe you don't want to push it.

Here is the Hex Sign on the garage. It looks really great, although the one visitor we have had since it was put up did not mention it! But then, he did not mention the decorative rocks I arranged by the walkway either. Invisible I'm used to.

This is the 2nd or 3rd coldest last week of March since they started keeping records in Seattle in 1891. And we live 80 miles North so ............. that is why nothing of note is blooming yet, and several joints ache a lot!

But, Tomorrow is April 1 .. haa hee .. and Spring WILL arrive.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


You see that food dish there? I have had to lick the dust from the bottom of it, I am so hungry. Does the help here pay any attention??? NOOoooo.

They are so busy with nonsense today that they didn't even cruise the bunny blogs and comment on all the great pictures and posts. Now we have to wait a whole nother day to find out how Freckles is.

They DID get all of us bunns outside for awhile when the sun shined today, and they DID hang up the Hex Sign on the garage. They "say" they will post a picture of that later. Ha.

But still ... heck ... they didn't even put up a 'For Rent' sign about the neato bunny apartments we have, as some of you suggested. Think how nice that would be for some poor bunny who is cold and unloved in the world.


Saturday, March 29, 2008


Long ago, BR (before rabbits), this area of our big deck had a nice little overhang, just big enough for the BBQ! We got thick glass from old sliding doors and framed it in along the deck rails to provide a nice wind break. A great table and comfortable chairs too. Perfect all-weather grilling arrangement.

But now there is this big double-decker cage set-up built there. Zoey is in the lower checking it out. Some of our bunns lived in there in the summers. Each cage has a big wooden-framed, slide-out pan under it for easy cleaning. There is a nice fan in the upper and a string of colored chili-pepper lights along the top! Very posh and cozy. I grill outside in the dark yard, wind, and rain.

And these beauties are currently unoccupied, all the bunns having weaseled their way into Bunny Lady's heart and house. So I guess they are still here for backup or emergencies. Baxter and Zoey do spend most nice days outside in this area, so that is why the door is tied open ... they go in there from time to time. Especially Zoey. When it is time to come in the house, she often hops in there, way back in the corner, and then guess who gets down on hands and knees and sticks his head in and reaches back in there ... thank goodness Z-Bob does not bite and actually loves to be gotten and brought in for a nice session of lap-time. She just likes playing "hard-to-get!"

Still no Spring to report on .......... it snowed again some - in fact, it is clunking on the roof right this moment!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


"I'm The Princess, I'm in charge here, and I'm not budging. Just put the food right here by the door. It is cold and windy and snowing out there still, people. Wake me when it is over."

Yes, boss.

Oh dear, another of several very chilly, wet, dribbly-snow days. Things are being about 10 degrees below normal here and Spring is retreating at the rate of about 50 miles a day!!! We have gotten our heavy coats out again. Hate to complain but this is AWFUL and it is planned for another few days too. At least many of you are sharing the misery, except for those S/W and Virginia and N'Awlins bunns.

However - there is a Goldfinch hanging out at the feeder today. I wonder where it came from? That is Distlefink in German, I think???

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm Stanley, I'm cozy, it's actually snowing out there, and I'm not going anywhere. So don't even begin to think otherwise. Just clean up around me here and watch where you point the business end of that shop vac! When you're done, bring my fresh pellets topped with the proper dollop of oats. Oh, and freshen my drink while you are at it. I'll have my salad then at about 9:00pm.

Yup, horrid weather today in the Pacific Northwest. A few of the bunns got out under the big covered area for a bit, just to stretch their legs and allow the cleaning crew ... aka Bunny Lady ... in. But mainly a laid back day. One nice thing - there is usually some pleasant music playing in the house, and the bunns do enjoy that!

How is spring behaving out your way????

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


There has been precious little sun this March, but Baxter finds a nice spot in the late afternoon.

It snowed a bit and hailed a bit today and down south of us a ways, by where Deb and Freckles live, I heard it was really snowing .. woof .. this is Spring folks, and the huge all-month Tulip Festival starts here on April 1. Let's get some warm. If you have never seen the Skagit Valley tulips, stand by, I will post a picture or two around mid-April when they are in their peak bloom!

Gosh, that was an overwhelming set of comments and helpful ideas for bunny tummy troubles. Thanks everybody. We got some new ideas to keep on hand. I think others did as well. Racer continues to be just fine.

As to the Hex Sign, if you Google that, you can find a couple of outlets who make and sell them, if you want to pursue one, or some cool designs. The "relative" that made ours does not do them as a business I don't think. I hope to hang it up this weekend, and then post a photo.

Finally, I hope Archie Ann, one of our favorite bunnies, is dried out and fluffy again. She was quite a bedraggled sight there on her blog the other day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here is our boy, feeling so good again!

We snuck out early this morning and there was Racer with his evening salad all gone and his nose in the food bin! When we went to bed the night before, he was still forlornly tucked way back in a corner and would not touch any food. So .... it was such a great relief and happy time this morning! He continues to be frisky, eat right, and almost smile!!!! Thanks much for all the kind thoughts and messages. As you know, a bunny not eating is pretty scary.

We keep a bunch of cubes of frozen pineapple juice in the freezer. Not canned, but squished out of a real pineapple .. supposedly there is an enzyme in there that helps a bunny stomach work. At the first sign of this kind of distress, Bunny Lady gives the bunn several syringes of melted juice and a bit of an anti-inflammatory called MetaCam. You need a vet's prescription to get MetaCam, and you give it carefully, depending on animal weight. The pineapple juice is about three times a day, the MetaCam once. Racer had some juice and the medicine about 5:30 last evening and then some more juice about 9:00pm.

The syringe is a little plastic one about 3 inches long that holds 1 cc .. it is marked every .1 cc. The opening is small and the juice/MetaCam comes out easily. You can affix a needle to these syringes if you have to give injections .. ugh. We get a bunch of them from our vet.
Does anybody else have some good methods for treating the scary "doesn't eat or drink" syndrome?

Monday, March 24, 2008


Way down at the far end is that slanted green roof-cover we showed a bit ago .. the one with it over the three pens where Racer was sitting atop his box under it. Anyhooo, this is The Princess's outside pen, with Racer's "bowling alley" to the left. When we only had Princess and Benson, we made the two houses to the right - complete with two floors, hinged roofs, and a sun porch! One for each bunny! They liked them a lot, but tended to cozy up together way in the back of the bottom floor. They would not come out of there in the evening when it was time to come in the house. So, I had to board that part up. Now, The Princess spends almost all her outside time under that step-ladder - I had it out there to do some painting and now dasn't move it or I will incur her mighty wrath and "The Look"! You see her under there now.
Sometimes she hides under these benches toward the front ... they were for flower pots in the summer ... back when we only had two bunnys and got to use the deck some ourselves!!
Racer is under the weather tonight. He has had a good dose of fresh pineapple juice and some meta cam and we will get up in the morning and peek, frightenedly, into his condo and hope for the best!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


THIS got delivered for Easter! Wow! It is a Hex sign which the Pennsylvania Dutch people had on barns for good luck and to look nice. A relative makes them and the kids from The Farm had her make this for us as a surprise! I have just the spot for it and will post that picture when I get it up. It's about three feet across, beautiful!

The heart, the tulips, the birds (Distlefinks), and the rosette all have symbolic meanings. So do the choices of colors. The rabbits? Well, that means there are rabbits about!!!! (Ya think?)

Today we had "grauple", which is Mr. Weather's word for little pellets of ice coming down in a high wind! Brrrr..

Saturday, March 22, 2008


A very good Easter to you all from The Bunns at The House of Rabbits! Bless you for the good care you have given to so many of us.
Here is me, The Princess, when I was brand new at The House of Rabbits, just three months old, the only bunny. Now I am more than 6 years old, I have 10 buddies and I have grown into my ears. The 2-footers here, Rabbits' Guy and Bunny Lady, have been good students, if a bit slow sometimes, and they are coming along quite nicely.
And now, for Spring!


Busy, busy, busy ... for once the day is clear and the grass is dry, so got to make some hay, so to speak .... we'll catch up later Sat eve. Have a good day!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Chico has been appointed official spokesman for the House of Rabbits for Easter and Chico says "Make ours Veggy!" A very smart bunny, that Chico. (Kind of classy too, what?)
Help. The March 24 issue of The New Yorker has another cartoon that is not too bunny friendly on page 57. This is the third they have had in less than a year. Each time I go on-line and send a short letter to the editor pointing out that rabbits are pets and pets and those kinds of cartoons are not particularly funny - offensive to most rabbit-pet owners I think. If you see it and are also upset, maybe you could give them a note as well.
What is with all this litter box messing-up I have recently read about? Last night Racer, after being the feature bunny on our blog for gosh sakes, kicked down the litter box from his condo step .. what a complete mess on the lower floor this morning. Shop vac time. He has never done that before. What ever bunny is sending out that idea, please stop!
Some new rabbit blogs popping up .. almost time to update my link list. First I like to watch them awhile and see if they keep up some regular schedule of posts though. New bunns are funns!
Gosh, I just noticed. The design around Chico's eye looks like Kokopelli-Bunn!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


There is Racer on his box outside. He has that little white blob on his nose! You can see how his pen is long and narrow, against the rail. (It goes down well beyond that green post at the top of the picture.) The green roof covers over part of his pen, The Princess's (next to his) and some of the pen of Goldie and Benji .. that red litter box is in their part. If it rains, they all can get under some cover and be fine unless it is really windy. I think lots of gossip takes place in this corner of the world!
Bunny Lady freshens the hay in the morning before the gang goes out, and also the water in small crocks. Now and then we go out and clean up the wet stuff, freshen the litter boxes, and sweep up poop - even though a lot of it goes through the cracks down to the lower level.
Last spring we took everything up and pressure washed the whole works, quite a task, but it is quite nice now and should be OK for awhile. Except because winter is always damp here, the decking is green and slimy and may need a good washing soon anyway.
Oh well, what else would we do? Bowl?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

THE PERFESSER ..........

Benji has enjoyed giving long and involved talks to the world for as long as we have had him. He either stands like this ... always with those paws crossed .. or rests his paw on the "podium" - like that brick for example. And then he starts in ...
He gives the impression of knowing so much and speaking so firm and convincing. He would be a great politician or professor! He loves that audience.
Yes, Goldy wears a huge and perpetual frown, even when she is her happiest. I am waiting and saving up a good idea for another DR appearance down the line a bit. It's got to be good, the competition is getting fierce over there.

Monday, March 17, 2008


We really let the March 17 Irish holiday slip right up on us with no preparations! So we'll pretend Goldie and Benji are enjoying a parade from their tub! That's another place they like outside. They can see in the window, and get a good view of all the other neighbors too!
The bricks keep the top on in the wind, which is often around from Columbus Day to Mother's Day!
I should have known that nail clipping would hit lots of people .. it's quite a job and we feel so fortunate that everyone sits pretty still for it. I can not imagine doing it by myself, but I have seen others do it. Those curly side nails get pretty long on some of the bunns, others seem to keep them well worn down. They are hard to get a hold of and snip.
Have you seen that site about "your day/life in 7 words or less"? Got rabbits. No vacation. What's new?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


My goodness, but everybody must be off being busy this weekend! The Blog-o-sphere is pretty quiet!

But look. See those nails? Zoeys. Now, where do I snip???? Aye Yi Yi...

It was clipping day today for the whole crew and what an act of faith! Take a deep breath, hold on to the paw tight, push back the hair, look for the blood line (which I can rarely see), position the clippers, and SNIP! Thank the goddess that Bunny Lady holds the bunn nice and firm, and all of them seem to take it in stride with very little fussing. We always keep the q-tip and jar of clotting powder ready, but have not yet had an accident. Although today it looked like 2 drops of fresh blood on my old pants - but I could not find an injured or cut bunn. maybe it was mine!

Anyway, that chore is done for another 6 weeks or so, and happy happy happy!

Long ago I entered a slogan in the Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew contest about what did the rabbit say to the wine bottle. The results were just announced and I did not win, or even get an honorable mention! But then, I enter a lot of the New Yorker cartoon caption contests too, with the same results. Maybe I just march to a different drummer. Don't comment on that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I took the day off and drove to Snoqualmie Pass to watch the skiers! Many of the little ones who visit The House of Rabbits are up here on winter weekends, with a ski school called PowderPigs. Kids and Snow and Skis .. magic as rabbits!
My goodness, they have enough snow up there for another month or more, but ski school is only two more weeks. In this picture the little piggies are all up in the hills, skiing.
There is a comment, on the previous post, about the bunny named Pink. If you go to their blog and read about the episode .. whew! Count your blessings. Pink is a fortunate bunny to have such understanding keepers.
Bunny Lady reminds me that we DO have rabbit wine, it just isn't made of .. oh you get it.
Back to bunnies tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Here is Stanley eyeballing Zoey through two layers of poultry wire separated by 4 inches of air! No temptations to scratch a nose or have a dust-up! Zoey's beau Baxter does not seem to mind, he is way out of the picture. Actually I think the guys like to see each other and know one another is there, but there would probably be a fight for sure if they got together!
This part of the deck has glassed in walls and a "plastic tarp" roof and so these guys can be out even on drippy, breezy days. They all have hidey-hole boxes to get in too, if they want.
That was an interesting bunch of bunny "thingys" reported on and we all await the posting of Archi's Mum's stuffed dog with rabbit ears! There was also a typo .. I said we got some rabbit wine ... I meant rabbit whine ... :<)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This Christmas cactus actually did bloom at Christmas, but lookee here! Quite a nice treat again!

As bunny people we get lots of bunny "stuff" like the cute statuette under the flower. Too many cards and pictures to mention! Even some rabbit wine.

What's the best bunny "thingy" you ever got?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Savannah likes to hop in here when it is raining or windy - otherwise she stays out, usually in a big pot with a beach umbrella over it! A pretty classy girl.

Those greens were outside in the garden. I just left them there last fall and our winter was not hard, so they have commenced to grow again! But, that is where the potatoes will go in April, so I have to harvest them and plant more in a different bed! They will not go to waste, eh??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This planting over-wintered outside! Parsley, chard, and kale. A nice addition to the usual salad fixings. There are fresh dandelions about the yard as well .. naturally! I just now need to remember to go out and pick some before dark. Salad time is at about 8:30 and, even with the time change, it is still already dark by 7:15 or so.
We are about to plant the spring garden greens and should have some more good eats in a month or 6 weeks.
Got some happy bunns!
Is it just me? Those random sequences used for word verification seem more and more like real words! Today I almost saw Payday and Owltowel!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Baxter and Zoey are definitely love birds. It's just that they have quite a big area, with lots of good view and stuff to play with, here in their outside pen. So they spend much of their time at some distance from each other. The deck they are on is about 5 feet off the ground and if I am outside in the yard, I can talk to them and they will look and wiggle their noses even though we are separated by those vertical posts every three inches or so. A hand with a dandelion green stuck up there gets immediate attention!
I am glad to see I can upload a picture again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

DRATS and PHOOEY and NUTS .......

I tried, I tried. I could not get Blogger to upload a picture. Bummer ... I quit until tomorrow! I think Change Control on the Blogger code is pretty wimpy. So is testing!

That little house of Chico's? It photographs better than it looks. It has lots of chewed up places, they just don't show! Maybe we'll see a picture of a similar one somebody makes soon.

Three people looked at the carrot cake recipe today! A little bird said that Tidbit in Houston might get something similar for a treat!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Outside in Chico's pen is this cute little wooden, covered "house". Chico spends a fair amount of his outdoor time snuggled up in there. It must feel safe. But, when we open the gate and go in, he hops right out and over for petting or picking up. He is a snugly type - and a lion head.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I opened the condo door to try for an action photo of this duo. But all they could do was run over and stare down there - maybe they are planning a great escape! Except they don't even try to leave, just look and look! They are a really happy pair ... Goldie and her Benji.

Boy there is quite a nice picture finished at Capt'n Rupert's today, that lady has some fine talent.

Spring is trying to get here, but this is "teasing" time in the Pacific Northwest, and so one day nice, one day bad! The grass sure grows though.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


It has been apple tree pruning time. We got quite a few branches from ours plus a bunch from a neighbor. The thicker ones get cut into about 8 inch lengths. A few of the bunns really like them. The Princess and Savannah can go through several in a day! I like to hear them crunching on them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

THE END ......

Well, not THAT end, just the end .... of we bunnies doing the blogging. Starting tomorrow we are turning it back to the 2-foots. It has been fun and you have been a great audience but after all, we ARE rabbits and really prefer to chew and poop and such. Anyway, thanks for the memories and we'll be back in a few weeks.

Marvin is a Seattle bunny and he has his own bunspace page or whatever you call it. Marvin looks to be a real nice guy, so he is clearly enjoying Seattle. Rabbits' Guy is too busy to help us have bunspace, and Bunny Lady would just as soon we stayed more incognito.

Thanks again ... Savannah - for all the bunns at the House of Rabbits!!! wOOt .....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Don't you like these flowers? There are a lot of them blooming outside now too. The 2-footers mowed the grass the other day, but they did not bring us any. Maybe they did not think of it. Bunny Lady drives a big red mower and Rabbits' Guy pushes a little one around the edges. They should just let us all out to chew!

I am the last bunny here to post. All eleven of us have had a chance. We are turning the job back to the people for awhile to see if they learned any good lessons.

We heard Rabbie Burns has a secretary, what ever that is. He gets to dictate! Rabbits' Guy's mouse quit working the other day and he thought we chewed the cord! But it turned out to be one of those wireless ones and the battery wore out. Dumb 2-foot. Harumphhhh.

And now I'm outa here ..... Yur pal, Winston.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Hey guys! My name is Lucky and I climbed the stairs and got right up to the spot where all the House of Rabbits bunny news is sent out from! First of all I can't believe how so much good stuff can come from such a messy place - I don't think maid service goes up there. Secondly, there is almost nothing to chew. Oh yes, plenty of cords, but not a lot of new, exciting stuff. Pretty boring actually. I think we'll leave it to Rabbits' Guy ... he does an OK job - sort of.

Did you see that Cooper on DR today??? Cooper is a Seattle rabbit. A lot of strange stuff happens in that town. It is good that there are normal bunns, like us and Freckles and maybe a few others I have forgot who live in Washington. Anybody else know some Seattle rabbits?

And that's it for Munday News. Now for Sports and Weather. Sonics ... pfhtttt. Cold, wet, windy. Good night - yur buddy Lucky.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm Stanley and, for me, this is as good as it gets. Tucked up with Bunny Lady for cozy snuggles several times a day! I've got a nice indoor two-story condo (daily maid service!) and a dandy outside pen (with view) with Chico on one side and Baxter and Zoey on the other. Plenty of fresh hay and water, the right amount of pellets and oats, a dainty breakfast, and a hearty evening salad of greens and fruit tidbits. A nice chewy hidey-hole box.

(it's really hard for me to disapprove)

Saturday, March 1, 2008


In case you have not heard, Zoey is on DisapprovingRabbits today. I guess they could sense her extreme disapproval at what seemed like rejection from them last week. We are very proud of Zoey, she does look her very best, although she is usually quite the happy go lucky gal, with almost no hint of frown at all! Her beau, Baxter, is beside himself with adoration.

Here Zoey and Baxter are taking yet another curtain call and bow to their adoring fans ... us.

Rock on Zoey!