Sunday, December 30, 2007


Benji is that cute Holland Lop bonded with Goldie the brassy redheaded American Fuzzy Lop, who is currently having real bad hair days! Lucky Benji to have shorter fur! He is a classic carefree bunny, always happy, even though he seems to frown! We love our Benji Boy.

If you are a western bunny you must be heading for Archi Ann's party, while eastern types are heading to Nips-N-Cuddles' place for New Years with Sammy. I do hope the "owners" are ready for the arrivals. Something tells me that the bunnies did not all clear their invites and plans first!!! (If you did not get invited ... oh dear. Maybe next year .. or .. just crash, I'm sure you'll be welcome.)

I see the Blog Of Pratt is back on the air now, a day early even! Check it out.

Some wondered if Zoey is all fluff .. yes she is quite a puffy headed girl with a great hair-doo, but her body fur is quite short. She's our Zoey, Zoey!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Zoey is quite the flamboyant party girl type. She is a nice Lion Head and does look a bit fierce here! But really she's a cupcake and loves her fun and social whirls! My Zoey, Zoey!

It never did snow here in our lowlands, although the NW Cascade Mountains are swamped, with another foot or two scheduled for tonight and tomorrow! The skiers are ecstatic, but the back country people do not dare go, incredible avalanche danger.

Today was Christmas Bird Count day and I saw some folks doing the official toting up. It was a good day for it, not real bright, easy to spot the birds, and they were all busy flying, hopping, eating or preening!

Two more visits yet, of folks to help celebrate the Holidays and then we can call it good! We sure had our share of company and visits! And some tasty treats too! I better wait a bit to make another one of Captain Rupert's carrot cakes!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Aahhhhh ..... Bunny Lady, Rabbits' Guy and the eleven bunns still here at The House Of Rabbits are winding down after a fun filled, busy Christmas. Tonight it is very quiet and peaceful for us all. We'll see what the morrow brings.

I see that daffodil sprouts are sticking up here and there in the garden .. can this be so? It has been cooler than normal around here the past two months, and as wet as usual, and gray and gloomy too! But show they do, so we will watch for maybe some bloom in a few weeks .. odd. Mr. Weather says we may see some snow on our ground in the morning, but it will not last long. Stay tuned for more on that.

Chico is such a cute Lionhead .. he much enjoys being tucked right up under Bunny Lady's chin. And, here he is!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A BIG Merry Christmas from The House of Rabbits! Some good little girls came for the big event, and they brought a Barker .... Boomer the Chihuahua. All the bunns pretty much covered their heads and ears for the 20 hours good old Chi(ef) Hua Hua was here, so no good pix of them celebrating. Maybe for New Years .. oh no .. we are square in the middle of the big firework displays from 4 towns and a casino and a motor speedway, so it will not be quiet then either! We better think up something sooner.

And to all a Good Night ....

Monday, December 24, 2007


A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Queen of the "House Of Rabbits" checks out the gifts, possibly looking for hers. Although she showed more interest in an old pair of shoes and the bottom of a wooden rocker! Everybunny has a Christmas sock hung on their door and they all are anxiously awaiting the company coming Monday for the Big Day. It will be a surprise to see who gets to be the Christmas Eve Blog Bunny!

Savannah demolished one of the Pier One willow balls! Left just a pile of little sticks! Bunny Lady cleaned it up before I got the camera, but I'll sneak in another one after Christmas and try for some photos of the enjoyment.

Keep shopping and preparing and traveling and doing things festive everybody - I have been surprised at how many bunnies travel for the holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Trumpeter Swans from Alaska come here for the winter. There is lots of water and forage. These are in a nearby potato field recently harvested and plowed and apparently mighty attractive to the big birds. There were more than 400 in this group ... they are not all in the picture. Quite a sight and boy can they trumpet! In the background are foothills of the North Cascade mountains - and snow!

Missed a Blog post yesterday - busy! Duhhhhh. I think most of the rest of the known bunny bloggers are too.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Winter salads are not quite as colorful or varied as the summer ones. But Bunny Lady still does a fine job every evening round about 9:00PM. My goodness how all the bunns can tell when she is working on the salads and they stand nose to the wire, on high alert, waiting to hear her come with the bowls. Once they see her they all have fabulous dinner dances they do until the bowls are right in front of them. This is Lucky, happily nibbling.

I think most bloggers are shopping! Ours is done! I hope all the bloggers' bunnies are cozy and fine.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A friend gave us this book as a gift. It's for kids, but so nicely done. Thanks!

So many supportive comments about The Princess and her probable rebonding, in a courtly fashion! Bunny Lady says she believes The Princess was very much more her old self today .. bunnies pick up on that stuff!

Savannah took a couple nibbles on her willow ball, but that is it. I have not tried the "stuff it with oats" trick yet. Maybe they are loaded with that Pier One Holiday odor stuff???? I did not hear from Dr. Phil!

Kate on ABYOOTIFULLIFE did a meme on How to be a better Blogger and Sharing our blogging knowledge and experiences. I thought I would give it a try. Consider yourself tagged if you so choose!

1. The most important blogging things I have learned in the past year: Folks like to see pix of bunns! Also, that none of us are dogs on the I-net ... which translated means that I really don't know who anyone else is or how truthful they are, and vice-versa! I could be a 10 year old kid in Wenatchee with a Chihuahua.

2. What would I like to achieve over the next year: Get the Bunny Lady more involved here - she has been busy with her own project lately. Share lots about our life with our bunnies.

3. What I wish to learn more about: Mostly how to post words and show pix that are concise but convey much.

4. How could I be more productive: Stockpile some pictures - spend a couple of days and set up a variety of photoshoots.

5. Blogging tips I've found most useful: Use pictures (hopefully of bunnys!). Blog often. Recognize others.

A thought about the Petsmart plan to stop selling bunnies. One big quandry we have had here at "The House Of ..." is how to get rabbits that will sit on your lap and enjoy being held. The best way is to get them when they are little and hold them lots. Besides, a little bunny is so neat to have and watch grow up. Where to get a little bunny? The Rescue Centers and Humane Society facilities rarely have them. Some of our residents are "reject" babys from showrabbit breeder friends. What's the alternative?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Our Princess seems quite morose and quiet most of the time. She spends a lot of time hiding in her box and with her ears layed back. We think she is pretty lonesome and are beginning to ponder some new bonding options. I miss her perkiness! But she eats well ... here she goes after the evening oats! We all miss Benson :<(

The Lisa Show has a new puppy trying to come to terms with an existing bunny! Maybe some folks with experience here can give her some input. We have seen plenty of pictures of friendly bunns and dogs.

Dr. Dr. Phil: I bought four of those dandy wicker balls at Pier One for $1.50 each. Not a single bunn is interested! Can it be me?

MyHouseRabbit has a nice article about "Lessons Learned From Owning Pet Bunnies" It is a few posts back.

Monday, December 17, 2007


We have made quite a few "condos" for our gang here at "The House Of ...", and also a few for friends. This is a king sized triple-decker (with doors not yet attached) that we made when our friend took Biggy Bun and Angelina to live with her. She renamed them Calypso and Jakzen, you met them earlier. Anyway, back to my point, "shipping" is why I am not in the condo business in a big way!

Lots of comments on the hardwood floor situation ... I declare that most bunns like rugs, carpets and sea grass mats! A good way, it seems, to generally keep the little hoppers on a planned trail.

But then I see on BountifulBunnies where Buttons seems to love the smooth floor! Great pix of bunny in the DEEP snow too. There must be lots of bunnies in the DEEP snow about now. Not here ... mainly rain and even a bit of sun today!!!! wOOt! (...sorry, couldn't resist.)

Sunday, December 16, 2007


This was Lucky when he was only about 10 weeks old. One ear up and one ear down! Classic baby Holland Lop! Now he is a big boy ... teenager I suppose.

Lots of people told us to get hardwood floors. Then the loose fur just balls up and floats under the chairs! But wait ... we do have that faux hardwood in the kitchen and entry and those bunnies prissy foot over that stuff on their tippy toes like it's new ice! How do they get up a good gallup on hardwood?

The I-net seems real slow tonight ... everybody home and blogging instead of out on the towns maybe. Be careful everyone ... it sounds horrid in many places.

I see The Blog of Pratt is due back Jan 1. I guess it is much awaited ... it has been off the air the past several weeks. wOOt for Pratt!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hoo Boy is Goldie's fur getting long and full. We groomed out a lot of dead stuff today, that part is almost white. There is more to go, and then some trimming! She will need a good short buzz for the summer. She is a snazzy girl, she just has that "grumpy" look.

The House Of Rabbits got tagged! By Somewhere In NJ. It is the "7 Random Things" meme.
Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random or weird things about yourself.Tag 7 people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I did not know what a meme (meeeeeeem) actually was until this. Googled it.
2. As an injured runner, I am just getting back in running shape.
3. The Christmas Holidays are not my best times. Kinda hectic.
4. We live in one of the Last Great Places, Skagit County, Washington - midway between Seattle and Vancouver, BC
5. I'm glad I am not in the Midwest or the Northeast right now ... hunker down folks.
6. Our local sports scene is pretty bleak these days ... I'm rooting for the Vermont Frost Heaves!
7. There are over 70 million blogs out there. Most of them are out of date, inactive, or awful.

Friday, December 14, 2007


A friend, after a couple of dinners at The House of Rabbits, got us this refrigerator sign. You know, like how does bunny fur get in a ketchup bottle? It's all over the butter. It even drifts in the air. Much of what gets dumped out of the sweeper, other than wisps of hay, is fur! We love it .....

Don't panic about the new "look". I discovered how easy it is to change the "template" using Google Blogger, so I gave it a try. Gosh ... I could have a special "BundayMunday" theme, a "dressedup" one for Sunday, maybe a casual look for Friday! uuuhhh .. I dunno ... I suspect people like to just see the same ol' same ol'!

I updated the list of Blogs and Web-Sites at the side. I tried to limit the Blogs to ones with some bunny talk, and also fairly frequent postings. Maybe you have some others I might include, lemme know.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


A Dutch ... Big Bad Boy! This mellow fellow is the father of The Princess, her queenliness of The Houseful of Rabbits! Mom was Cocoa, a brown Lop ... The Princess got the best from both. Archi said the Dutch bunnies are the most intelligent and we needed one or some ... The Princess is the best we've got ... for now. Big Bad Boy lives happily elsewhere.

I hear that the Captain's carrot cake has been made several times as a result of the publicity, chickens must lay eggs in overtime to keep up. Someone in The Netherlands looked at the Yankee version of the recipe and made it! w00t! ... the "word" for 2007 meaning, more or less, "Hot Dog!" We ate the last bite this evening .....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Baxter gets some pettin' from a friend who is visiting from Arizona. Baxter is our big mini-lop who was found wandering loose a few years ago. Linda here bunny sat Bax and his buddies for us back then and I'm sure he still remembers. He looks pretty content!

We had more carrot cake for dessert, mighty fine. Just enough for tomorrow now. Yummm .. thank you Capt'n Rupert.

By the way, we looked up where the Captain lives... it is in the very south of England near the channel. Nice looking country.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From the Cutting Room floor .....

This is "Disapproval too severe to allow viewing" ... (did not make the DR page) :<(

The recipe for Captain Rupert's carrot cake, converted from metric measures is HERE.

Check out Nips-n-Cuddles for some fine Origami examples and bunny talk as well!

BunnyBlab is looking for fun Holiday Site suggestions. Check the Dec 10 Post and weigh in.

And oh gosh ... don't miss the delicate hand of Freckles training Deb.

Monday, December 10, 2007

TA DA !!!!!!!

Here it is ... Captain Rupert's favorite carrot cake, as presented by The House Of Rabbits, Racer presiding! Oh my is this ever good, especially if you like cream cheese frosting.

Our cake is lighter in color, we could not get the special musovado sugar, and it is dusted with chocolate powder, as called for in the recipe. It will last two days ... period!

Racer lives right by the kitchen, and watched and smelled the whole enterprise, thus he got the honors. Four paws up, he says.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Chico gets a good long morning snuggle with the Bunny Lady most days. I think Chico likes it! Bunny Lady too. Chico was one of those "lost and found" bunnies that made his magic way to our open arms! I thought we were already full-up ... "critter maxed" as they say. But I don't vote here - just do the heavy work. It is probably good I don't vote because Chico is a real fine guy and I'm glad he is here now.

There was a dusting of snow this morning - but it turned to slop before we got any bunny feet tracks. So no pictures.

Speaking of pictures. I get action shots by finding a bunn on the loose and then aiming and shooting, shooting, shooting. A lot of rejects, but that is the great thing about digital! A winner now and then.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


We have been giving The Princess a little more run of the House lately, and she seems pretty perky despite the loss of her long time mate, Benson. She has a pretty good head of steam here, bounding around the chair and table legs!

The Princess was our first bunny, a gift as just a little tyke, almost six years ago. She has taught us much!

Ever see the rabbit pounding rice cakes on the moon? Hop over to MyHouseRabbit and it's a couple of posts back. Hey, I don't make them up, I just report them....

Friday, December 7, 2007

STANLEY ..........

Stanley is a great bunny. He is still single and seems to like it that way. Bunny Lady and Stanley spend a lot of cuddle time together and I suspect he thinks he is already bonded!

The deck pen that Stan uses is right by the kitchen door and so he has a habit of hopping in when we are not looking. He is "testing the water", as you can see.

Stanley is one of the bunnies here who was just supposed to be passing through, having a short layover while riding the Bunderground Railway to better places. Sneaked into Bunny Lady's heart while she was not looking! Lots of room in there.

What's a Rabbits' Guy to do? Say No? .........................

Thursday, December 6, 2007


This picture a friend made for us several months ago to be on the cover of the Bunny Lady's Cookbook that she has produced. I remembered it when I hopped over to Captain Rupert's blog this morning - Oh My Gosh and My Oh My!

Then, I saw that, today, DivaKitty says The Squirrel Nut Zippers and The Charlie Brown Special soundtrack are her favorite holiday CDs .. the very same we liked back in November! Oh my but the bunny wave lengths are busy around the earth.

If you really want to get into bunny holiday music, hit Dandy's Journal ... there is a major "suggestion" and "vote" and "actually order a CD" party going on. We got in late, so are a bit in the dark still, but it is BIG!

Our departed little Benson still weighs heavily in our thoughts. How such a tiny bundle of fur could mean so much.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Winston and Lucky trying to sneak in the house through an open door! Go back outside and play, boys!

Thanks everybody for the kind words about Benson. We are all coping and those help.

I added a link off to the left for Medirabbit .. much ado about rabbit health. It is on that site where I found this link to perhaps the first book written about keeping a House Rabbit. It is A Hare About The House from 1957 written by Cecil Webb, the Supt. of the Dublin Zoo. You'll get a pdf file with the whole book, pictures and all. Quite a story!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

BENSON ... April 2002 - December 4, 2007

Our precious little Bennie died last night. He was not doing very well, but we hoped and hoped ... :<( Benson was a Jersey Wooley, just a real little guy, our second rabbit, and mate to The Princess. He was the Alpha Male of the House of Rabbits, which is a very sad and quiet place today. We will be giving The Princess a lot of extra attention, and you all please be sure to give your pet(s) an extra hug or kiss for you and them and us and Benson. He was not with us long but he gave us so much.

We were too far north to get the horrid weather and feel happy for that. There are "bunny feet in the snow" pix at BountifulBunnies.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Jaxzen and Calypso live now in a great home with a friend of ours. But they started off as part of a quintet of teeny weenys we unexpectedly got in June via Fed-Ex. (Long Story)

The new lady owner likes Jack Sparrow and Jaxzen is also soooo Zen. That explains that name, which is better than his first name which was Angelina! Calypso is just soooo, well ... Calypso, which also might have something to do with Pirates of the Caribbean.

We get to visit now and then. Two sweeties!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Bunny Lady snuggles a "baby" Flemish Giant! It is quite a wonder that we got away from this place without one or two more fuzzy four-footers to add to the mix here at the Houseful!

We have had some discussion about sometime getting another Flemish Giant and expect to try to get a very young one so that we can spend the lap time to be sure she will be a "gentle" giant when she grows up. Our snow event was pretty much of a bust, but it was very wet and windy today ... too much so for the bunns to get out and romp. So I held a lot of them while their quarters were being spiffyed up by the cleaning people (aka Bunny Lady.) It is such a treat for the guys and me when they sit and snuggle and like the petting and talking and attention.

But why do I keep doing it in corduroy pants????

Anybody got any pictures of bunny feet prints in the snow from this big storm?

Saturday, December 1, 2007


This is me and Walter. Walter belongs to someone else, I was just getting to hold him for a bit today. Some time I hope we have another Flemish Giant, first we will need a better set up for one of these big guys. But gosh, what a big buncha bunny love!