Saturday, May 31, 2008


DKM had some pretty flower photos and Somewhereinnj had a peony picture and it reminded me that we made a pretty table bouquet today. Cut some of our fluffy red peonys, a single calla lily flower, and a bunch of bell-shaped pinkish columbines. Things are really beginning to bloom!We are still hoping for some more examples of "How fast my rabbit can ..." so keep them coming.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Some comments told how fast a rabbit could do things, like trash a zipper! So this is a contest! Tell us how fast your rabbit can ....
Put it in a comment here or in your own blog post - we'll find it!
Benji here can finish filigreeing my shirt in - oh - three more sittings!
Racer got tagged by Sophia for the "Name" meme on May 24. He is usually called "Racer Boy". Fully he is "Racer Nose-blob the Brave". He sits and stares at the world when thinking of that secret name only he knows!
The Princess got tagged by Lando, also on May 24, for the "6 word memoir" meme. "Life is Good, very very Good."
Just about everyone we know has had a tag on these memes, so if you are out there and untagged - go for it!!! Thanks ....
Finally, there was an earlier meme where you could suggest an inspiring book and we kind of wimped out on that ... but after some thought, you might like "Minding The Body - Mending the Mind" by Joan Borysenko. Maybe 15 years old now, but many good ideas for dealing healthily with the endless river of life that washes down on us.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Little Blackie here is one of several outside "barn" cats that live at The House of Rabbits. Several years a go a feral cat had a litter near us. Eventually she brought them near our house and we managed to trap all of them and take them to be spayed and neutered - even the mother! Now the mother and two of the kids, Blackie and a gray one, still live around most of the time. They do roam quite a bit, there being several places nearby known for good handouts! The father, Uncle Buck, also comes around some, but we have never been able to catch him. Blackie will almost, but not quite, let me pet him/her!

Surprise ... Princess did neither of Chew or Poo! (She went into her pen and ate fresh oats!) And she thanks you all for the votes, suggestions and interest. I can't say I felt any of you had me particularly in your thoughts!

Tomorrow will most certainly have more time and we will do our best to get all caught up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


That slipper looks pretty tasty all right. But, if I wait until he takes it off I could just poo in it - that always gets him to remember I am around. Oh the decision .... maybe I'll just hop off and take a rest and deal with that later .....

Oh dear, thank you Princess. Tonight did not get the memes done either, nor will Thursday probably. Late night class to attend. But then we will burn the oil and get all caught up .. he says, hopefully.

PS - Goldie is ECSTATIC! Lando called her "A Vision!"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Oh boy those people of ours have been busy and doing stuff and mowing the lawn ... They do keep their priorities straight though ... we come first! We all got our toe nails trimmed and a special treat for sitting still (except I think Winston nipped ... ) and our condos are clean too. The eats have been fine.

But .... some of us have been tagged for names and stuff and that just will wait until probably tomorrow when we can get some more of their time. No sense wearing them out, we just about have them trained.

So I shall just sit here peacefully and look pretty! I'm a rabbit and have no place else to go.

Yours truly, Goldalina

Thank you bunns. Tomorrow will be less busy and we can hop right to your next assignments. I hope everyone had a good weekend and is gearing up for summer!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Dag nab it ... I know I left a carrot hidden right about here yesterday. It's gone! Has that rascal Winston been here too? Anybody see who did it? 1-800-bunnysnitch is still active ... guaranteed anonymity.

Got to try to do the meme I was tagged for from Boggins or Buggins or who ever that is (Sammy's person) ... my mind is weak but my will is strong so here goes ...

Here are the rules, so easy:
Answer at least three of the questions. Yes, I know a few look time-consuming and there are several of them. That's why I only ask for three. See? I'm nice!
(Buggins' words, not mine ..)
Post them and the rules on your blog, and please link back to me here. Pretty please *^_^* ?
Comment here telling me and the rest of our little party where you're at and link to yourself.
That's all!
Oh yeah, don't forget to tag others!
So here we go!

What's the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you'd recommend it to most anyone? I would have to go look up some stuff ... I generally do not find many books that inspiring ... I know too many people who keep reminding me that it is all 85% crap ... besides, I have never been a rememberer.

What food totally grosses you out, you'd never be able to touch it? Ew. Gag. *hurl* Mayonnaise - long story from my childhood ..(aren't they all?)

Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you're lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you're scared to get up. It doesn't have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it? The Thing (original version) ... had to "sleep" downstairs, at my Grandparents' house, all alone, afterwards. Probably ruined me for life.

Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap you feet and sing along to it in public? My feet are not connected to my brain ... NO. Well ... maybe The Hoky Poky.

Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! NO, they are after my time, besides my Mother would a killed me. Do you think they're gross? TELL US! Some are ...

When's the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it? Be serious, I'm German ...

Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don't be shy! I'm technically unable to comply ...

Go through a stack or box of your old music. Stuff that you may not have heard in years. Pick one and tell us about it. Is it as good (or as bad) as you remember? Donovan's Sunshine Superman ... good as ever!

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won't laugh! This is one of those questions you are damned if you do and damned if you don't no matter how you answer ... I plead the 5th.

Tagging Gus and Betsy's Dad, Erin at the Zoo, and the Worm Farmer from Detroit!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Somebody was sitting in my pot and it smells like Winston. Anybody able to verify that? Just call 1-800-bunnysnitch! And, for you nosey two-foots who wonder what is under the straw, it's none of your business. Do I go ask you what is under your bed? ... uh, well, uh ... I would go under to see I expect ... anyway, butt out.

Thank you Savannah .. we got it. This is quite a large photo so you can click it up a notch to appreciate what queenly outside facilities she has! (Yes, that IS a jump-rope used to tie the umbrella in .. well, the dang rabbit wasn't using it.)

OK .. Racer and the Princess got tagged, and so did I. It has been a long day and tomorrow is a day-trip to Seattle to visit, so we will get to those assignments a bit later ... they look like fun and we are anxious to see what the other memers have to say! We are ready for some fun and frivolity and thanks for those who cooked these up and thought of us.

Here is the latest in Bunny inside quarters ... I would not recommend letting any bunny see this. (I can feel my skill-saw trigger finger getting itchy!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey! Maybe they won't see me down here and I can stay out all night!

Savannah has been brought in for the night, and Winston scooted in her pen while the gate was open. Actually, that makes it easier for Bunny Lady to catch Winnie then ... he loves to play keep-away, and his usual pen has too many hidey places!

Savannah sits in those pots and admires yet another big bush of lilacs. They are really doing well this year. The pots once were full of beautiful flowers every summer .... now just beautiful rabbits grow there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm little Racer and I have no idea how I got the nose ... but I'm keeping it! You other guys can just wish!

By the way, old smarty-pants Rabbits' Guy screwed up - again. That rabbit on the chair in the Lilac picture a few posts back ... that is Lucky, and not Benji. Benji is grey and white, while Lucky has some orange spots too!

Watch yourself there Racer Guy ... you get too big for your blogging britches and we'll just tell a few Racer tales .... Heee Heee ... maybe about the time that ...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Vazoom ... there she goes, into the pen for the evening oats! Princess had a long living room romp today .. it was rainy and chilly out, so the inside and carpet felt pretty good. But, when I said the "magic" words ... (over and over, several times) ... well, she just hopped right back home for the goods.

Looks like we had summer. Next few days are mighty cool and bleak looking - but boy the stuff outside is really growing and blooming and the NW Slugs are having a field day! I'm into the 2nd box of bait.

What a thoughtful and caring group of bunny bloggers out there ... that is really something to see. Keeps giving you a lump in your chest all over again!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm Baxter and here at the House of Rabbits we are being pretty quiet and thoughtful after hearing about the sad loss of our special blogging pal, Archi Ann.

We will miss her, as do so many others! We are also thankful for the care and help we get from our people. Can you imagine what it would be like for bunnies like us without them?

Rest in Peace Archi, be well Archi's Mum, and all you bunnies out there give your people an extra snuggle .. come on .. if I can, you can!

Tomorrow is a new day ....

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We all will miss Archie Ann so much ...........

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It made 88 degrees today ... that is just too hot for bunns who are used to 68, max. Our people put out fans, and we all got through it, but it was nip and tuck.
Here are me, Lucky, and buddy Winston. Barely surviving.
Fortunately the breeze has begun to come in off the ocean now, and it is cooling down nicely. Sunday will not be near as hot.
Take care everyone - no one has any energy to say more ...

Friday, May 16, 2008


Hello, I'm Benji and I disapprove of this picture.

Chill out Benji ... I'm still learning ... next time YOU'LL be the big part.

When we first moved to The House of Rabbits several years ago, there was pretty much no landscaping - just a big lot covered with pasture grass. Bunny Lady asked to be sure to have lilacs outside the bedroom window, and to be able to smell them inside.

Right away we got three small bushes of different sorts, and planted them just outside that window. Finally, this year, they are big enough to have lots of beautiful and fragrant blooms.

Score one for RG!

Not as hot as we thought today, more tomorrow. But for our pals Belle and Ferdinand in Mill Valley ... ughhh ... 90 +. Hang in guys, it can't last too long.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


From the upper 40's to the upper 80's in two days???? Are they nuts? Who is in charge here anyway? I hope the beans got the fans ready and some big bottles of water in the freezer. It's going to be a two day cooker here.

My beloved Baxter is free and back in good graces. We hope Tidbit is home too. Got to go rest and prepare for this trauma .... Zoey.

Yes .. hot coming, I think we are prepared. We will take it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Oh Baxter, "You're in the Jailhouse now ... I told you once or twice, about playin' cards, and shootin' dice ..."

No .. just another very rainy day here in the Pac. NW, so condo cleaning means somebody has to be caged. I don't think the Bunny Lady will go for the "put them in the bathroom" idea. They'll be in behind something or chewing a cord or worse. Splish-splash!

Early post tonight - it's off to another episode in the "Save Puget Sound" saga. Twelve different counties border the Sound, each with their own unique issues and problems. What a hassle to get everybody on the same page. The cost: monetary, life-style, and disruption will be enormous. How much is it worth?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm almost out and I'm gonna poo in your shoe!!!!

On a rainy day the bunns can't go outside. To clean the condos that hold pairs ... such as Winston, here, and Lucky, we each hold one for awhile. Then, one gets put into this little cage while I keep holding the other and Bunny Lady does the condo. Winnie knows the drill for escaping ... somebody unlatched the hook!

Actually I think they like the variety and new surroundings for a bit. It is not a long jail sentence and there is always the tantalizing scent of the bunn who just left. They sure do love you when you take them out!

Monday, May 12, 2008


The Bunns are using the relay system to keep an eye on me. I think they want to be sure the daily posting goes as they desire. Not to worry bunns .... I've learned my lesson.

And ... I got a nice hint about how to some times show some other stuff and still keep them happy. Later I will try that out.

We've had one day where it got to 60 degrees this month. Mr. Weather says we will hit 80 + for a couple of days soon! What happened to 60's and 70's? Get out the fans.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I, Stanley, have been nominated to post our official complaint about not being in the picture yesterday. 'Maters, 'Taters ... Carrots or lettuce we might tolerate, but 'Maters? NO. We officially disapprove.
The smudge on nose and paw? Hee Hee ... Rabbits' Guy fixed up all the flower pots so Bunny Lady can do her pot planting next week. He put nice fresh moist dirt in two of the big pots and then set them right in my outside pen! While I was in there! I HAD to investigate! Almost got to China before I was "discovered"... doing what I was born to do! The rumor is they are for Basil! Yummmmmm ........
The orchestra/big-band of you yesterday commenters just needs some BIG strings and some BIG horns! Otherwise we have some good music. Not too late to "chime" in, so to speak!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The big annual Master Gardner's plant sale today ... hundreds of people go - I went pretty early and got my usual Sweet 100 cherry tomato and two Early Girl regular ones. I will plant them inside tall wire cages and wrap plastic sheeting around the cages to keep them warm and out of the wind. When they peek out the top, I'll unwrap them. If we have a half decent summer we'll be picking in mid-August. I'll try to post some pix as they progress.

Bunny Lady made peach cobbler from some of the frozen peaches from last year. Our tree is small but produces just enough for a year!!! Oh -yumm.

She was playing some Vibes music today and it made me think of Lionel Hampton and the Marimba. In school band I chose to "play" the drum so I did not need to know the various notes .. all notes are on the same line! But one guy played the marimba and it was soooo cool. That is what I aspired to. Never even got close! But I sure do like their music! Your instrument was ?

Rabbits? Oh yeah .. I guess there are some of those around here. Back to them manana.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Today I just bit the bullet and wore a short sleeve shirt! First time in probably 7 months. Good thing: Mr. Weather says rain on Saturday. Once it is regularly short sleeves I have to remember to leave a long sleeved one laying around for gathering up bunnies. Neither they, nor I, like doing it with bare arms.

The Princesses is having her afternoon house romp while Lucky looks in. Shortly after, Lucky and Winston both came and pressed their noses to the door but The Princess had hopped on by then. Still no firm word on her project in the box.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


The Princess is in there with important work to do. Do not disturb!

What I think she is working on is a thing called Bunny Google. You use it to find out about neat terms that bunnies and bunny-people use .. like "The Loaf". Maybe it would be a cross between Google and Wikipedia and would first be seeded with DKM's Glossary of Bunny Terms. Then everybody could add to it on-line and our collective wisdom and terminology about bunnies would be safely available, searchable, expandable and in the public domain for free! The world will be SO much better!

Anyway, she is in there doing something. From time to time I hear a sigh, and sometimes a bit of a chewing sound. Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates, Gary Larson, Jack Kerouac and Harvey all worked the same way. According to Bunny Lady, so did Frank Lloyd Wright.

So great things can be expected. You are forewarned.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

UUMMMMMM .......

Savannah appears to spend a certain amount of time in Bunny-Bliss. She will sit like this for long times. If I go a bit near and say "Savannah, Savannah" she will wink and wiggle her nose and then go catatonic again. Maybe it is just an act. Maybe she is one of those people who pretend to be mannequins in store windows.

But speaking of bliss ... I am trying to read the Eckhart Tolle book about Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. I also tried to read The Power of Now. I have studied this kind of stuff quite a bit ... I am a fan of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Joan Borysenko (at least the original Joan Borysenko). I find it very meaningful and personally valuable.

But I just cannot get into Eckhart. I find his logic - well - not always logical, his main premise that the world is insane - well - insane, and some of his pronouncements - "..huge corporations are egoic entities that compete with each other for more. Their only blind aim is profit. They pursue that aim with absolute ruthlessness. Nature, animals, people, even their own employees, are no more that digits on a balance sheet, lifeless objects to be used, then discarded." - well - untrue. Soooo, at about page 50 my eyes glaze over and he's lost me - never to realize what wisdom he must have to impart.

Possibly it is me ... I've got a big mental block about awakening to my life's purpose. It is all about rabbits! How can I actually admit that????


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We are not coming out, none of us, no way. It is now 1/2 way into spring. There have been only three nice days where the temperature got to at least normal. We are rusting and cold.

In here the food is good, it is warm, and a fellow can get a solid snooze without interruption. We are saving up our energy for when it gets nice out again and then we shall binky big!

Somebody ding the bell when that happens.

Thanks. Chico .....

Monday, May 5, 2008


It is just barely still Monday at the House of Rabbits .. and since it is so late, here are two for the price of one! Benji and Goldie. I'm getting the "look" from both ends. Real keepers though.

It is nice to see that bunnies don't much bother with stuff like economics and cash. Gourmet hay and fruits and veggies are high on their lists, and decent, clean facilities sort of round out their wishes.

We had spaghetti on Cinco de Mayo .. poor planning!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I, Baxter, have been authorized to report to all bunnies in the US of A that there is coming something called a STIMULUS. It means the 2-foots will have plenty of extra pellet tokens for a little while and we must be prepared to take advantage.
Please forward me your best ideas for capitalizing on this delightful development, courtesy of a wonderful, (at least to us bunnies) 2-foot named BUSH.

Saturday, May 3, 2008



There are several gates in the penning arrangements here on the deck at "The House of Rabbits." My preferred latching method is the top-mounted "Fall-down Hasp" because with an armload of bunny, gravity can help get it closed well. We need to keep them latched so the neighboring bunnies do not intrude and possibly (probably) initiate a gruesome dust-up with fur flying.

Unfortunately I forget that our weather here is 9 months of "everything is always damp" and 3 months of "bone dry." Wood swells and shrinks, swells and shrinks. There is not a lot of slop in the slot for the tab! So most of my gates have the back-up "fall-down, bar-latching" mechanism as an optional, deluxe feature.

I do not do gates too good. Does anybody ????

PS .. I got not a single bit of advice (or sympathy) about The Princess and her aloofness. "Get used to it, get over it" was about as close as it came. She still is a bit "cool" toward me.

Friday, May 2, 2008


She is hiding under there. I've upset her. I'm not sure how. Later she came in the house fine and came out into the dining room for her evening "romp". But, she just sat there looking pretty upset ... ears cocked way up. Then she went under the table and just sat. No snooping or running or pestering the guys still outside, through the big sliding door.

Finally we both sort of "herded" her back into her "pen" but instead of falling on her fresh dab of oats, like usual, she just ducked into her box, hunkered down, and stared balefully out at me. I feel awful - what did I do?

Eventually I gave her a bit of whole wheat bread, which she snatched and ate, and sometime after that she came out and ate the oats. But I still can just sense the indignation for some slight I really can't fathom. All I can do is apologize and hope to get back into her good graces...

Sound familiar?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Stanley is like a turtle here ... he enjoys just barely sticking out. Other times he sits with just his head going in. Baxter and Zoey, from yesterday's post, are in his line of vision!

Things are kind of looking up, diet-wise for the Bunns. Lots of good dandelion greens and some of the chard and parsley over wintered and is going good. Much variety in the evening salads. Next will come those big wild clover flowers they love, and later yet, nasturtiums!

The local potato farmers are probably going to plant this weekend - about 2 weeks late. Guess we will plant all our seeds and spuds as well. I hope the ground is warm enough. Our April averaged 5 degrees below normal. It was more like March!