Saturday, May 3, 2008



There are several gates in the penning arrangements here on the deck at "The House of Rabbits." My preferred latching method is the top-mounted "Fall-down Hasp" because with an armload of bunny, gravity can help get it closed well. We need to keep them latched so the neighboring bunnies do not intrude and possibly (probably) initiate a gruesome dust-up with fur flying.

Unfortunately I forget that our weather here is 9 months of "everything is always damp" and 3 months of "bone dry." Wood swells and shrinks, swells and shrinks. There is not a lot of slop in the slot for the tab! So most of my gates have the back-up "fall-down, bar-latching" mechanism as an optional, deluxe feature.

I do not do gates too good. Does anybody ????

PS .. I got not a single bit of advice (or sympathy) about The Princess and her aloofness. "Get used to it, get over it" was about as close as it came. She still is a bit "cool" toward me.


d. moll, said...

We don't do gates, just Xpens if need be, you are way more advanced. I think you got some sympathy, some understanding, in the last post. OK, no one said "Poor Rabbit's Guy, he works so hard and look how the Princess rewards her faithful vassal." Tyler and Sydney don't like it when I wear black, they think it makes me look like a hawk shadow. What are you wearing these days? (thanks for popping over to my blog, it is nice to visitors!)

Anonymous said...

gates are a pain, especially wood in your environment. looks like you're doing a great job considering your situation! :-) i couldn't do it any better myself!

i've learned to accept the fact that archi ann will never appreciate me and never like me... she just puts me in my place. at least bdp loves me!