Thursday, July 31, 2008


OK ... someone said CHARD! I did not take veggy pix this year, this is from last June ... but it's about the same this year too. From left to right ..some taters, carrots, chard, kale and spinach. Some pumpkin vines starting too. Garlic in the background. Might be some parsley stuffed in there too - I practice "close" planting! So see ... we do think about our bunns fresh greens! OK OK ... but see here ... he has five of those 4 x 10 raised beds. How much do you see planted in bunny greens? Granted, there are some nice rows of lettuce not shown, but still .... gnosh, gnosh ...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When we first moved into this place .. almost 7 years ago .. there was nothing growing but mowed pasture grass all around the house! Slowly we have created gardens and stuff ... many of our gardening friends have contributed this and thats so we have quite an eclectic set-up and a great conversation piece to walk around in!

These pink Roses were a gift ... they are "Super Bunny Lady" and below them are "A Daughter Daisys", which have HUGE blossoms!

Another gift were these "King Rabbits' Guy Lilies" straight from Holland! That lighter green thingy in the back is yellow hops ... every year it grows up a 25' pole at the corner of the old barn. Very cool! The green feathery thing toward the left is Bald Cyprus trees! The Arbor Day Foundation sent them in the mail one year - along with another tree, neither of which are for this climate. Three of the Bald Cyprus live on - they lose all their needles every fall and look horrid - dead actually - but then come back so pretty in the spring!
SHOW ME THE GREENS ........................

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Somebody new left a nice comment yesterday. It was a dog blog. But I'll take it! I see that dog blogs and cat blogs get about 3 or 4 times as much traffic as bunny blogs. You know what they say about herds .....

I have no clue what Winston is trying to do here. I think he might be training for the Bunny Gymnastic Olympics or something. This evening he had to be in the little cage for a few minutes during condo cleaning because it rained today (I think like the 5th time in the past 70 years it has rained here on July 29.) Anyway he kept pushing his head against the top to try to push it open ... he almost had to be on tippy hind toes to do it. Twice he fell right over backward ... a backward somersault! Amazing. He just picked himself up, dusted off his pants, and went right back at it! Our Winnie!!!!

Hey ... now that I look at that picture more it seems like he is practicing on one of those rock-climbing walls!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


... THE BOYZ WILL PLAY!!! Savannah is the first bunn to go back inside in the evening. The Boyz are right next door and sometimes scoot into her pen when she leaves. Bunny Lady likes to shut them in there then, because they are easier to get when their turn comes.

Being bunnies, they don't let on that they are being trapped, instead they romp and play and love to snuggle up in her nice pot!!! Then we can just go out and scoop them right up! Win Win Win ... oh, except for Savannah. I don't think she likes that sharing!

Did you see the cute heading on Google today? Peter Rabbit!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Savannah taught Racer everything he knows about this style of living!!!!

What a life .....

Saturday, July 26, 2008


OK, so it is not exactly sunshine, but it is mighty fine for Bunny Lady and Racer!

Kind of looks like Racer is saying "It's Mine, All Mine .. Keep away, Far away."

Friday, July 25, 2008


Here are a couple of young camp bunnies after a day with the gang! Nice spot!

Great time, all fingers intact. Turns out there are only 7 verses to Roll On Columbia!

OK so Fred Meyer is a store like a WalMart but maybe more upscale and regional.

Kid walks by and the MC says Where did you get those shoes, and the kid says Fred Meyer. Next kid walks by and the MC says where did you get that nice shirt, and the kid says Fred Meyer. This goes on through about 5 kids. Then a kid comes running by in his underwear. I'm Fred Meyer he yells!

That is sort of what camp is like!!!!! Did I mention TP-ing the tents?

Looking forward to a nice weekend in the back yard and with Bunny Lady and the bunns!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Goldie is one that surely likes her snuggle time! And a mutual feeling for sure. ("Goldie, Goldie, Goldie, Peep, Peep, Peep, Peep.")

Our table and chairs sit right square in the way when you walk in, and with a great view out the windows over the fields, hills, and a bit of Mt. Baker. So all the projects, work in progress, books, visits, bunny time, fur, food, and other good stuff pretty much happens right there! People come in, sit down, and don't seem to want to leave. Some times we even just have to go ahead and go to bed so they do!

Anyway, that is why you see so many bunnies in those chairs ..............

No Post Thursday ... off to another camp-out and being the camp-fire ringleader!!! "Kumbaya" anybody??? How about all 12 verses of "Roll On Columbia?" Remind me to tell you the Fred Meyer joke sometime. Probably only Freckles and Deb will get it since I don't think anybody else has a Fred Meyer store.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ZO-ZO ...

Ahh the Zoey .. what a cuddle bum and mate for Baxter. Sort of our little Miss Ta Ta Ta ...

Say .. a BIG THANKS for the folks who honored us with the Brillante award and we have posted it already. Looks right snappy there. The award made the rounds so fast that we sort of lost track of who got it, so I don't think we will pass it on. But it is not that we don't care ... :<)

The east coast blue crab vs. the west coast dungeness. Votes????

Monday, July 21, 2008


Rabbits' Guy is currently a day late and a dollar short ... hopefully he will be caught up and able to make the blog rounds and catch up on all the good bunny doings tomorrow :<)

I, Baxter, get the microphone for the news of the day! So here it is .....

Bunny Lady brought the usual good breakfasts around at about 8:00AM. We all got a snuggle and kiss and stuff like that. About 9:30 she cleaned up all the outside pens and freshened the hay and water. Then she picked us each up and held us for awhile .. most of us like that, I would stay there all day I think! Then out to the pens we go. I go with Zoey, and we are next to Chico.

We sleep, eat, poop, sit and look, drink water, chew on sticks, groom, eat, poop etc..... along about 3:30 those 2-foots mowed the lawn and that was a noisy mess. Yuck - they cut down the yummy dandelions and clovers, although Bunny Lady rescued a huge bunch first.

About 5:00 Bunny Lady cleaned up all the inside condos and gave us all fresh pellets and oats and water and hay in there. Then she brought us all in .. and again we sat on the lap and had a good snuggle. Rabbits' Guy does Lucky, Goldie and Zoey .... BL does the rest except for The Princess who has her own private door to come in. RG takes care of that detail!

At about 8:00pm RG went out to collect lots of good garden greens and BL made us our evening salads ... oh my they are yummy. I pretty much gobble mine up ... some of the guys, like Racer, save it for later. But they are all all gone by morning.

Now I am ready for the dark time .... a fun day in bunnyland aka The House of Rabbits.

Oh -- RG says use Google Images and do "Bunny Yawn" and the Bunny Scream picture (and others) will come up!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Proceed with caution ..............
OK .. bear with me here .. This is the course. The guys in front are on the last 100 yards, coming into the finish line. It is a sloppy mess of heavy muck. Along the back are the guys still on the cross-over 50 yards, having already run out from shore 100 yards. 250 yards total. The farther back you are in the pack, the harder it is because it is soooo churned up. It feels like trying to run up stairs with weights on your feet! We started at exactly extreme low tide, 12:23pm PDT!
Here I am finishing. I stuck up my arms to wave to all my fans and let them know I was still alive! My strategy was two fold .. (there were almost 200 runners) .. first to go along the outer edge of the course, where others had not run, thus firmer footing, even though farther to go that way. Second, to start slow and ease off. My plan worked well, I passed many "stuck runners" along the back stretch 50 yards. But, the final few yards narrowed down into the finish chute and that was a horrid mass of churned up muck from the 100 or so ahead of me. It was a struggle to the shoreline.Here I am with a couple of fellow sloggers. As you can see, I did not get nearly as ratty as they, and others, did. Behind us are people lined up for the wash down hoses. We all have our shoes duct-taped on - even so, many lost theirs! I am actually wearing white sox! Unfortunately, we have not yet really cleared the line where the timers are, so our "official" times are horrid .. but finishing was the key.
Only the top three women and men finishers got medals, but all finishers got these dandy gold-painted oyster shells! The fastest runner was just under a minute. I took about 2 minutes, seemed like a long time! There were nearly 2,000 people at the Bivalve Bash .. it was an all day party and the weather was perfect.
Some previous commenter asked for a Bivalve! Here is granddaughter Lani with a Geoduck she bought. It's alive, weighs three pounds, and is destined for clam strips. 2,000 people there and guess how many Geoducks they sold ... right ... 1. Now where would she get the genes for doing such eccentric things??? I'm not explaining Geoducks - Google it ....

Friday, July 18, 2008


Yes, Winnie ... do not look. Saturday July 19 at precisely 12:23pm PDT, Rabbits' Guy runs the Bivalve Bash Mud Run. It is not going to be pretty. There will be pictures. But not for a day or so. AND, no blog-post Saturday night ... too much recovering to do :<)

Wish me luck ....

Great Scott did you see Disapproving Rabbits today. Unbelievable.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here are six nice, just cooked Dungeness Crab. Each is more than 6" across the back of the shell. One person can eat one or two at a sitting usually! (At least we can!) We live very close to some waters that just opened (until end of September) for crabbing. Bunny Lady got these with a friend. They come out of about 30 - 40 feet of water in a big trap! Limit is 5 (males) per person per day. Alright now, here is the refrigerator door. Somebody tagged Racer - I think it was DKM - awhile back. It tends to be a collection of keepsakes, favorite kid pictures, notes about stuff, and recent offerings we can't seem to part with. It gets "organized" about every three months or so!
Ah yes - a bunny! The Princess about to demolish a box, shoes and all! "No Princess, No! Hop back in your pen! Go get your Oats!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Oh the shame, the humiliation .... I am a fastidious bunn. I demand DNA testing.

Gads, if bunns could talk! But sometimes they don't need to - the look says it all, and then some!
Benji is a sweetie and we love him dearly anyway!!!!!

I am behind on checking out the blog posts round and about. Tomorrow!!! (Today was the first day of Dungeness Crabbing season ... proprities!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There she is! Savannah gets exactly the right amount of sun. I think she can warm up or cool down just by moving around a bit. That Savannah, she is a smart bunny.

Some one asked awhile ago which bunns are snugly and which are not. Mainly Savannah and Winston are not real fond of too much holding and cuddles, although they get their share. All the rest, The Princess, Racer, Zoey, Baxter, Benji, Goldie, Lucky and Chico would sit in a lap and chitter away for a good long time. We feel really fortunate.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Can't make Blogger upload any images tonight .... guess I'll just let it go ... it has sort of been one of those days! But summer is really here in fine style and most enjoyable with just enough "marine air" to keep it bearable. Toodle doo .............

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just keep slipping those pellets, oats, greens, and treats through the holes and I'm a happy prisoner. I like a daily freshening of the water too.

It was too dang hot out for bunns and Lucky was happy to flake out on his upper level. Winston is in there somewhere too, doing the same thing.

Say ... where is a place you have been that you really liked but almost no-one else seems to have been there? Mine is "The Corner" in Winslow, Arizona. That girl in the flat-bed Ford is right there!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


The nice little dollop of oats on the fresh pellets was not enough I guess. Here is Her Majesty, The Princess, giving me the "TREATS" look! Like .... Well, and now ...????

PS ... about Big Bad Boy ... no, he is neither big nor especially bad! In fact as a youngster he was Thelma (or Louise)! It is just that he was hard to keep caged at The Farm and ran loose quite a bit before he was "tutored"!

Friday, July 11, 2008


The RG is back at the House of Rabbits, and so are the bunns after the virtual 7-bunny-7 trip. Camp was good - no accidents and plenty of fun skits, songs, stunts and stories! All well at the House Of .... Bunny Lady did good!

This is one of the many camp rabbits - Big Bad Boy - Father of The Princess! Not sure why he is blurry .. camera decided to focus on something else I guess.

Interesting "contest" over on BeginningToBird .... about vocalists. And, Racer is tagged to show what is on the front of our Refrigerator ... but I better wait a post or two .. the readers are getting a bit "testy" .. See previous comments!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


About three times a year, R. G. goes to the kid's summer camp and manages the campfire events when a group sleeps over. Here are a bunch of them, 8 - 11 years old, sitting around a fire back in there, singing a song. Wish R. G. luck .... back Friday evening. will get you to the site where you can look at a buncha camp pictures if you've a mind.

Next post - bunnies - PROMISE!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

YAWN ........

What with the Bunns gone for one more day, here is a picture of more of the giant marshmallows and strawberry pickers. Out our front windows, about 1 1/2 miles away. These berries will probably be processed for jams and pies or frozen. There are other fields that are picked for the fresh sales, and then there are several U-pick fields too. The berries are about 2-weeks behind the normal schedule!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Make mine Cilantro, Mango salsa, and Chipotle ................ bring a Margarita too!
The Poupon Mustard Greens was a great idea for the other post, as was the one about the Queen Mum!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Goldie and The Princess with the double wired separation fence ...

What are your ideas for a title? (Where is NBB when we need him?)

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Bunny Girl's Tidbit has died. Just when we are getting over our loss of sweet Stanley. Kind of sad again here at the House of Rabbits.

What can be said? They capture our hearts, they lead short lives, it hurts when they leave.

So we remember we helped them have good lives and they repayed with being them! A tough job but worth it. Sometimes it just doesn't seem like it.

Good luck again with the next one ... :<)

Friday, July 4, 2008


RG ran in the local 4th of July 5.17 Mile foot race today. (5.17? ... don't ask!) Finished right behind a young lady who came to a dead stop in the finishing chute right after crossing the line. I just about took us both out of competition for a looooong time!

Fortunately I am still ambulatory (as is she) and quite in prime for the big Mud Run on July 19 ... the link is still over there and the date approacheth! wOOt .............

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Benji disapproves of me even if he can't see me!!!! How DO he do it???

Hope you are enjoying the trip Benji ....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NYA, NYA, NYA, ......

Go off on a trip .. you need it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, the bunns are all gone on the 7-BUNNY-7 adventure (wink, wink) so here is a garden picture.

Altissimo Rose on the left (red) and Sally Holmes on the right. We started with the Altissimo and later built a short (12 feet long) "fence" to hold it and the Sally. They are not quite fully grown together, but they do look nice; for quite a long time too.

Yes, there sure is a plane load of bunnies off on the 7-BUNNY-7 !!!!