Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Good Ol' Baxter and his Lady Zoey .... enjoying some cozy time outside in their deck area. They are resting just inside the lower one of the two big cages I made to replace the BBQ awhile back. Those big "apartments" were a great idea until Bunny Lady decided no bunn should be left outside at night. Now they are sort of day-lodges.

"Furminated" ... I thought that was just a bunny term for combed good ... but I see it's a real combing tool. A lot of bunnies get it! We use the Slicker Brush which seems to get plenty off as well.

I also was very happy to see that others often don't get too serious about collecting up the fur until it is quite obvious. When it waltzes out from under the bench in the entry, then I know it is time!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


That's a phone book with the fur brushed from Goldie today, in about 5 minutes. And there is easily that much more loose and ready. I suspect she will grow it and lose it all summer now. Hopefully we will stay on top of it. We expect to give her a close trim when it warms up more.

Great responses about bunny keeping tips and methods and supplies. I feel fortunate we live in hay country and can readily buy it by the bale from local feed stores. Learned some new ideas as well. And many that made us laugh ... been there, done that!

Anyway, the fur picture is because Bunnygirl mentioned how you can almost make another bunny from grooming one (or cleaning under a desk!)

Zoey and I keep up a dialogue with Sir Cedric on DandyBunns Journal. Cedric says his pal Millie wants to remind every one about BunnyTunes and to encourage them to get some. Consider yourselves reminded!!! Very cute songs .. some anyway. But then, you know my taste in songs ...

Monday, April 28, 2008


Bag of hay, bag of litter (Crown Animal Bedding for these bunns), containers of pellets (mostly OxBow Bunny Basics/T but a dab of Purina Show Formula - for treats), oats, bucket and scoop for dirty litter, and a big ol' shop-vac lurking in the background. Add a box of moist wipes for condo floors and fresh water and we are equipped for cleaning and refreshing. It's a dang wonder we don't have a cute little wagon to haul it around in!

What have I missed? What else do you use? Any different good ideas out there?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hoo boy .... Bunny Lady got home, although not without a bit of drama involving a car with "issues". It has been busy, but everything is pretty well as it should be again, with no serious misfortunes. Racer here sort of models the general opinion of all the bunns! Happy!

Boy, we got a bit of Spanish, and maybe some Italian, there in the comments ... I knew rubbish, and hat, and had trouble with a few words ... our Spanish is "limited" ... I make up most of it.

Spring and warmer weather is here now, although not as much as should be and the Tulip Festival has been extended into May, since the fields .. some 400 acres .. are just really blooming good. The traffic Saturday was AWFUL here in our little sleepy county!

We are planning on a good week :<)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, it's come to this. The Bunns have nominated me, Chico, to get on this site and BLOG! Country was not a big hit ... actually not for us either ... and Rabbits' Guy was gone all day Friday .. sunup to sundown in Seattle helping several hundreds of other 2-foots save Puget Sound. (Seems like they ought better to just save rabbits - Thump.) Anyway, he is not worth much yet this morning and Bunny Lady won't be back until this afternoon.

So here we are! Good to see you all. We are getting pretty good care. The meals have been on time and correct, and the house cleaning is satisfactory. The bad part is when stuff gets put back in the wrong place, but we take care of that right now.

Today is a beautiful day, at last, and we are all about to head out to our outside playgrounds whilst RG does a REALLY good condo cleaning so Bunny Lady will be impressed.

Have a good day and we'll be a seein' ya!

Senor Chico y los conejos de La Casa de Conejoes

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Boy oh boy the Juke Box is cranked up and the Bunns are enjoying Classic Country at the ol' Barn of Rabbits today! Zoey here sort of sets the stage. (Bunny Lady is going to kill me when she gets back.) If rabbits could whoop and holler they would be doing that now.

The basics of life are cared for all around and we are doing OK on our own. But certainly not well enough to not look forward to the return of the One Who Does It Best on Saturday.

How about a Classic Country contest? Name a favorite Country Singer (must have been recording BEFORE 1990) - we are going with Waylon Jennings. Next name a Country song you like (again, pre 1990) and the line(s) in it that catch your fancy! We are going with Night Rider's Lament ... "They've never seen the Northern Lights, They've never seen a hawk on the wing. They've never seen Spring at the great Divide, and they've never heard Camp Cookie sing!"

(Yup, she's going to kill me ....)

Tomorrow, if things work out, Chico has a little something for you all ....

Happy Trails ... tra la la ...

(reminds me of the joke: Roy Rogers had a little kitty that ate his new slippers and Dale says Pardon me Roy is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?) .. (definitely dead meat) ....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bunny Lady is gone and all she left was this "Note For Daddy!!!"

Keep Clam - keep Clam ... Don't go all Emmy Lou Harris on me ... it's not THAT kind of a note for Daddy. It's instructions about your care and feeding precious ones! Bunny Lady has gone over the mountains to Wenatchee for some well earned rest and left ME, Rabbits' Guy in charge.

You will already notice that you all got a nice outside play time today .. oh .. except for Savannah who would not come out of her hidey box ... and now you are comfortably back in nice clean condos with the right amount of foods and water and hay ... everything in it's expected place. I can read and follow directions, especially if I have a good check list and don't let my mind wander. Later you each will get the distinctive salad you are used to - I have those recipes as well. All the salad bowls are labeled so no mix-ups.

Get used to it because she won't be back until Saturday afternoon - 3 1/2 days with ME! Hey, and I can play a lot of classic country!!!! I know, you like the blind Italian and the divos but you also can use a little variety.

I hope those of you readers who were worried about the oats for The Princess click the instructions so you will see how very little of those they actually get in a day! There is not an entry for The Princess because I always take care of her ... I'm no neophyte at this.

Wish me luck! Stay tuned .... this could be as exciting as Deb and Freckles!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


After a nice day outside, and then a run through the house to see if anything changed since yesterday (it better not have), what a girl likes best is a fresh crock of pellets and oats. That Rabbits' Guy surely has my number. I think I'll keep him.

Gee thanks Princess. I was pretty worried there. What EVER would I do without you???

Monday, April 21, 2008


Lucky and Winston, out on the deck in their area, would stand like this forever .. wondering what those big shoes are doing so close to them. But - reach down a bit to pick one up and ... wooosh ... away they go.

Under a table, off in a corner, anywhere just out of a long arm reach! I guess it is their protective instinct but it sure gets to be a bit frustrating at times!

Frequently Bunny Lady goes out and first gets Savannah, who is pretty mellow, and can then run one or both of the boyz into her area, where there are fewer places to hide! That's only about a 50 - 50 deal and so we keep pretty limber stooping, leaning, stretching, and lunging on the "off" days!

Bunnies keep one young.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


You can't tell from here just why these bunns are so happy. This is them at about 3:00PM on Sunday April 20. Very nice out, the deck is dry, little breeze ... perfect rabbit weather. But that is not why they are happy. No ....

The reason these bunns are happy is because this morning when we all got up there was an inch of snow and it was coming down by the bucketful! They figured they were inside for another day .. no deck hopping. So did we. But ... it cleared up, the temperature rose to about 45, the deck floor dried and out they went. wOOt!

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I BEG YOUR PARDON ... (tra la la)

I know, I know, I did promise you a Tulip Garden picture once the tulips got going good ... but they just still aren't. And the festival is already 2/3 over! This is the picture I took out in the fields this morning .... no - it is NOT Photoshopped, and that ain't cotton.
However, on the way back in the afternoon, this was looking good ... a huge field of daffodils, which should all be gone by now! Aren't they something?

This I took last year on April 12. It usually DOES happen!
(All of these pictures are much larger .. click on them to see the glory!)
OK .. enough .. tomorrow back to rabbits :<)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Zoey is just in for the evening after spending much of the day outside. We like this time .. she stays pretty still and purrs her teeth, while I give her a good esteem-building talking to. I think she is looking at Baxter who is sitting in Bunny Lady's lap. Zoey knows the next stop is the top floor of the condo where there is a fresh crock of some pellets and oats! She'll fuss around in there, finally eat most of it, and then flop out for a long rest, feeling full and safe. Ditto for Bax on the lower floor.

Much of that high-priced Alaska salmon is sockeye, which we do not care for so much - dry when BBQ'd. You can get a big wild King - many of you have seen pictures of the guys at the Pike Place Market in Seattle when they fling those big Kings! But they are mucho pricey.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


.... Yes folks. Once in awhile Bunny Lady and Rabbits' Guy combine on a nice pretty, tasteful meal for themselves! Here is some yummy grilled salmon with saffron rice and a rice-vinegar asparagus. Even a side garden salad too ... for me for once. Ahhhhh ...

Unfortunately that is farm-raised, color-added, Atlantic salmon ... I know, my bad ... but you can't get a good piece of wild salmon anymore hardly ever, especially the big King we like. Maybe someday the wild salmon will recover here, but it is an uphill battle. If they do, it'll be the first time anywhere, ever.

Meanwhile the bunns are fine, well fed, and happy. This weekend it might snow. Happy April.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Chico is in his condo behind his box! He is pretty much Bunny Lady's and I should not be trying to photo him in there .. he does not want me messing with him. Normally he is really mellow and enjoys getting held and picked up as much as anyone - by her. Good for Chico.

He is our newest bunny, found by friends wandering their neighborhood. But that has been several months now ... we also learned NO ... for the time being. Thump Thump ...

Somewhere I saw a blog where they are starting to show pictures of their medicine chests. Not my plan .... I am enjoying the book blog bit though.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AM I SUMPIN ??????

Oh Yeah! My fur coat has grown in soooo well. I am just the grandest. It will be good while it lasts, the stuff will begin to fall out or mat up in a few weeks I suppose. But for now ... enjoy it!

Goldie is so modest. And, she would not smile for anything, not even her beloved Benji. A real study in contrasts. Goldie does like to be held in a lap and petted .. she can purr up a good tune.

Hey .. get some extra keys on your key ring and be ready to stand in line all day for tickets. Neil Diamond is going on tour again! Coming to Seattle. We probably won't go, but that guy can sure put on a show and has great songs, new and old. Now, if Jimmy Buffet would just come ...

Monday, April 14, 2008


Those poor closed up tulips from the other day have bloomed! Time to celebrate .. Spring is really here. Have a nice evening and Tuesday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

BUZZ OFF .....

"And, take that silver, one-eyed, clicky thing with you ...."

Savannah does like to be snuggled up on Bunny Lady's shoulder this way .. no distractions please! I suspect she would stay there all day except for necessary bodily functions such as eating. But, there are others waiting their turns, and of course, we humans are certainly not going to spend ALL of our time with bunnies ... are we???

One of the great things of living way up in Northwest Washington is that for the next 4 months the days are very long .. still light at 8:00 pm now. We are as far north as very northern Maine! Lots of fun outdoors. Now if it was a bit warmer ....

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Baxter is never one to miss a good chance to loaf! Here he makes do in a favorite spot. I'm actually surprised that his eye is open! Bax is a Mini-lop and an absolute dandy. When I'm out in the yard I sometimes poke a dandelion leaf up through the slots between the deck boards for Bax. He does like that.

Today it made 70 .. blew through 50 and 60 like they were not there .. which they have not been for a looooong time. I feel a bit warm around the edges. But marine air is on the schedule for tomorrow, so it was good while it lasted.

Did NOT plant trees today, we whacked wild blackberries away from ones we planted last year! One of the world's really great jobs.

Certainly enjoying the 3 sentences after the fifth one on page 123 caper! Still a few yet to report in. Hoping for some more volunteers too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

HI BOYZ ..........

The days grow longer and it is not so cold. The bunns stay out longer too. The Boyz (Winston and Lucky) peek in often toward the end ... their little pellet timers have not quite adjusted to the longer wait!

Tried to do the meme from Archi's. First I got the new book by Eckart Tolle(?) but the appropriate sentences were soooo long and I lost the thread. So I picked up the next one I saw and the sentences were even longer! Then I saw The Prince by Machiavelli - this will be great for a bunny blog I thought. Wrong. He could not even finish the 2nd sentence before the end of pg 123. I quit! I'll enjoy reading the results of others.

Have a nice weekend! I'm going to plant some trees. It's Earth month.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Princess, once again, has learned that you get way more bears with honey than you do with bees. I think she is totally chagrined to see that even old Mr. BristleBunn got a lot more responses and comments than she did to her recent "tirade." Even her fellow bunns and other critters deserted her.
Although disapproval is high on the list of any bunny, the proper display and good timing are important. Yesterday was not those!!!
I think she will be just fine ... already she seems to be a bit miffed that the afternoon oats are a bit late!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hey! You see these dwelling facilities? Look like a resort to you??? Those sticks? That look like a bunny buffet? I had to chew all the bark off the bottom ones last night and then beg for more today. A few pellets, some water in a crock, wisps of hay .... at least I have two litter boxes. One for business and one for pleasure! I AM The Princess....

Nooo .. that carrot and parsley dispensing doo-dad is "downstairs" where bunnies never get to go. Lucky got tooken down just for a photo shoot, and then brought right back up. Only Benson (RIP, our dear departed Benson) ever went there - he watched Oprah and Anderson Cooper with Bunny Lady and then came up and reported all the news. Now she goes alone - there is no replacement for Benson.

Whew, I feel better getting that off my bunny chest. Thanks Rabbits' Guy for the help.

Thump ..............

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Three Carrots! I got Three Carrots!!! Right in a row! WOOT. Now, where the heck do the little cut up ones come pouring out from????? They don't call me Lucky for naught!

Yes we must confess. We have a nickle slot machine .. a real one from Nevada, we just had to promise not to try to make a living off it! I tell you what ... it was already set for its payoff when we got it, and every kid who has ever come and given it a try has gotten cured of gambling-fever very fast! No matter how many nickles we give them to start, they lose them all, including their winnings, before too long! But it is fun while they last.

This is one of the old electro-mechanical, one-armed bandits, and it is quite a fright to open it up and look inside! It has failed a couple of times and I have to call the guy in Nevada to walk me through the fix. First he told me we weren't using it enough! ... and then he said to be sure to end on a win before we unplug it!

Mr. Weather tells us that Saturday is our big day!!!!! We will FINALLY break 60! Hang on Sloopy!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Somewhere in NJ they were talking about Mac 'n Cheese and it got me to thinking about how for the past 28 days it has averaged 4 or 5 degrees below normal here .. it has almost never gotten above 50 degrees, and only a teeny bit above when it has managed that feat. Spring must be just stuck down in Oregon somewhere ... these tulips should be magnificent now, not some poor tucked away buds with only a hint of hope showing there. Only the grass grows lush!

So that is the Whine .. thanks. Any good suggestions of what else to do?

Did you see that Andrew Bunn got a neato addition to the place? I guess chewing up the controls to a Wii is OK if you are a rabbit! Lots of things are OK if you are a rabbit. Right Bunns?

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Yes folks, this is an artifact from the days when 2-foot humans populated these parts. Its reasonably good shape suggests that the migration did not happen long ago. Further analysis of remnants found nearby suggest that the current 4-foot rabbit inhabitants have obliterated all further traces and now consider this to be "Occupied Territory." We suspect that the preservation of this single artifact is meant as a warning to "Not Come This Way Again."

Prince Stanley is the guardian of the day, ever faithful to his lagomorphian duty.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yes indeed, that was the nose of Racer, our little boy who lives right by the main foot traffic route and sees all! He is quite a shy little guy in his condo, but in the morning when Bunny Lady comes out and opens the door he scoots right over and they have some real cozy cheek to cheek time. What a fine start to the day.

This is the month of the great Tulip Festival, but it is yet so cold and gray ... the buds in the fields are still closed so the tourists go shopping! Today was the annual Tulip Run .. a 5-mile and a 2-mile race by one of the local airports. Rabbit's Guy and a younger family member ran the 5-miler, along with about 500 others, and did just fine ... boy did they have good food after - plus - the first water-stop had Starbucks!!!! Never saw that on a race before! It was cold and windy and a real treat!!!! One of us scored a 3rd place age group medal :<{) and the other a bunch of tulips!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

ANOTHER NOSE .........

This is a special nose around the House .. looks a lot like Diva Kittys nose, but you can tell it's a rabbit.

YouTube bugs me .. that teeny weeny screen. But, at DandysJournal today there is one where the "Feeder with no hair" plays a song on a guitar and sings ... to Millie the rabbit! Pretty cute there for sure. That's the site from England where you can get the CDs of bunny tunes. I think they are working up a 4th CD now! Our Zoey asked them if they could do one called "A Whiter Shade of Bunny" and they told her to write it. That is just totally beyond her. Any help out there?

Maxine was here when we moved into this house, a spayed and gentle outside cat. We called her Max until we found out her sex! She is pretty old and showing her age, but a good pal still.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh but it takes a brave soul to cross the threshold and into the House Of Rabbits! You need the password, a treat for Maxine, and to scrub the mud off your feet on BristleBunny there! You may be allowed to enter, and then again, you may not. Who knows - the bunns in there might be napping.

But, by and large, all who approach are ushered in - usually for some bunny cuddling, good eats and varied conversation. Last year was especially busy, partly because of those Fed-Ex baby bunnies, so this year we have "toned it down" for awhile!!! More time for us and the bunns. This is good.

Two days of sun, with record lows at night! Now comes rain. This is Spring????

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here, as promised, is Stanley's nose. Go ahead, beep it. Every since Lola suggested we all show noses, I have seen all kinds of them around the circuit! Good going, Bunny wavelengths!!!!!!!!!!
No, bunnies don't grow up out of pots kiddos. They just seem to really like pots, especially if something green grows up out of them. Those below once had tulips, but nothing has a chance anymore. I dare not move the pots, maybe reuse them, Savannah would have a hissy fit.
Speaking of tulips. The great Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has officially started and it has been sunny for two days, but the flowers are not out in all their glory yet ... been too cold. In the fields around our house the farmers grow berries, and have propane fired windmills that come on to make a breeze in the event of frost. They came on early this morning. Noisy! Actually I don't think the berries are even hardly leafing yet, but must be the windmills are just set to fire up when it gets below 33.
Mr. Weather is not kind to us this spring!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Savannah with some bright weather and a flowering plum in the background. A few green leaflets here and there as well. Spring will make it yet. WOOT...

The deck with Savannah is about 8 feet off the ground, and the tree is down a sloped area and about 50 or 60 feet away. Between it and her is a bit of lawn and then our raised garden beds, looking terrible forlorn yet. It is going to freeze again tonight, so the dang ground is too cold to plant a bunch of veggies and have them sprout soon. I went and spaded them all up once more, and, in a couple more of these sunny days ...... plant big time.