Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hoo boy .... Bunny Lady got home, although not without a bit of drama involving a car with "issues". It has been busy, but everything is pretty well as it should be again, with no serious misfortunes. Racer here sort of models the general opinion of all the bunns! Happy!

Boy, we got a bit of Spanish, and maybe some Italian, there in the comments ... I knew rubbish, and hat, and had trouble with a few words ... our Spanish is "limited" ... I make up most of it.

Spring and warmer weather is here now, although not as much as should be and the Tulip Festival has been extended into May, since the fields .. some 400 acres .. are just really blooming good. The traffic Saturday was AWFUL here in our little sleepy county!

We are planning on a good week :<)


DK & The Fluffies said...

What fabulous whiskers you have Racer!

Zinger said...

You're a cutie Racer! Your movie is coming out soon - speed racer! that's you isn't it?!!! glad your mum is home to bring things back to normal and you're planning for a good week! me too if it stops being so dang hot

YowlYY said...

Racer is a real bunny model...and blue eyes too?!? No wonder the buns are happy when mummy is back and miss Eve spent three days with Mr D, but boy I tell you..he does only the basic bunny food maintenance package, no treats like mum does... *grunt*! Thank goodness mum was back on Saturday evening!
Speak soon,

Fez and the Gang said...

Wow Mom just went all nuts over Racer's pictures. "OH my gosh, look how adorable he is, look at those eyes! What a cutie..." blah blah blah... I have eyes too, you know! Sheesh. Crazy Moms.