Thursday, January 31, 2008

TEENY ......

Orange colored Teeny was the runt, and we did not really expect him to make it .. he was very frail and small. Plus these guys were no more than 6 or 7 days old and that is so young to go off of mother's milk. Fortunately there are rescuers here who are prepared for that, and they fixed us up and we did the rest!
This is the little syringe we started with to feed them - I think it was .3 ccs of formula per feeding. You had to push the plunger ever so easy - else too much shot out! I think it was symethacone(?) that we greased the plunger with to keep it moving easily. We got really good at this and maybe tomorrow I will show you what we were able to eventually move up to!
Go to OURFUZZYFAMILY for an amazing set of posts showing a bunch of baby bunnies from day 1, right up to now, which is about day 20 or so. They change and grow so fast!

Our Stanley has some congenital problems and is not doing very well, although he is comfortable. Sadness again in the House of Rabbits. He has always been such a snuggly and happy guy.
I hear there MAY be some open refrigerator pictures coming, once cleaning and restocking happens!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last summer we got a phone call - "Hurry out to the Fed-Ex office at the airport and get five baby bunnies. Anna will be there with formula. If you don't they will die." No! - Full House! - Can't! - Erk! - Get the cage, I'll drive! Why on earth would Fed-Ex be delivering near-death baby bunnies?
Turns out they were found in a nest in a field there by the Fed-Ex guys! The field had just been mowed and the mom - a domestic free-ranger - had split. Their eyes were just opening.

We had them in first a box and then a pen right square in our dining room all summer. Endless stream of visitors and an endless effort of hand feeding, at first three times a day. They all survived and so did we, but we are not sure how. Now they all have fine homes, you have seen two of them here before, Calypso and Jaxzen.

Been there - done that!

Everybody must be cleaning their fridges and restocking them for a good photo ... since I did not see any today! or - maybe bunny bloggers just don't have a sense of humor or - maybe I'm gone around the bend .. yes, that is it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here's Ours ......

Back on the 27th, over at DivaKitty, was posted a picture of the glorious new refrigerator! Pretty amazing, and so bold to show it wide open! Gosh, aren't the internals of refrigerators like, private? You know, "Shut the door, Mayonnaise is dressing!"
Anyway, to maybe start a short but goofy trend, here is ours, open. Let us see if any other of you fearless bloggers dare show us yours!!! If I see it, I'll report it!
I sure saw a lot of pictures of good looking bunnies all over bunny blog land today!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Get your tissues, Scooter's story is a tear-jerker.
Before we knew much about bunnies, Scooter was got from a hutch at the feed store as a pet for a granddaughter. He was a sweety and a huge hit, although he lived with us - an absentee pet! After a few months we noticed he seemed to sway as he sat. One day he just fell over. He was so confused. We were aghast and got him to the good Dr. Deeb who diagnosed Scoots with e. cuniculi, and not much to be done. He got worse, got severe head-tilt, and within a year he could only drag himself around in circles, and that was a very sad sight for us. At the end he lived in a little baby crib, but not too happy. We decided to end his life rather than try to keep him going in that condition since he seemed pretty miserable. And so were we. Scooter probably got the parasites as a little baby from his mother. Fortunately he did not pass them to any other of our guys.
If you have the 2005 Lop-Eared Rabbits calendar, the July bunny is a spitting image of Scooter. It stays there on our wall.
More snow today ... car stuck on hill to house. Come on rain!
The Princess has a little bunny door so she does go out in the snow. She left some tracks but sits under a cover where it is dry! The tracks got melty-blurry before I could get a pic. The other bunns take turns out under a covered area when it is snowy or real wet. Kind of like a big pre-school!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


After several false alarms, we finally got our winter snow here, hard by the Salish Sea. Actually we will probably get a couple more too, before summer. However, it then got above freezing and pretty much melted everything before I could get any of the 4-footers to go out and make some tracks! I guess we are all getting soft here.

I feel like this is a good counterpoint to all the attractive and hopeful spring-like pix I have seen around bunny blogland lately! We don't start hoping until after Valentine's Day.

This photo is out our front window, toward the north-east. Those are designer blackberries out there, the wiggly things are their summer covers all tucked away and wrapped in black plastic. A huge pasture beyond. That pasture gets rotated in and out of strawberries and potatoes every few years. Always interesting.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Jordan here has a happy ending! She is a big spayed Mini Rex with a gorgeous coat. We got her from the local Humane Society shelter, her previous owner moved and could not take her. She came along with a medium-sized cage. Bunny Lady was volunteering there and when Jordan came, well, Jordan left! The shelter was not equipped at all for rabbits and rarely takes them. Jordan did not like to be picked up or held, but loved to be stroked in her cage or on the floor. She would be a tough pet. We tried.

Because Jordan was so big, and rather firm about no picking up, she was quite difficult, especially amongst a bunch of other bunnies. Yours truly got most of the duty of moving her from a big condo to the outside and back again, almost every day, with regular attempts to sit and hold her and gentle her. It did not work. After many months, we heard that The Farm, a day camp for kids that our kids run near Seattle, needed a big tough bunny and Jordan was selected to go. She did, lives well there, and is quite happy. I see her a few times a year - she does not seem to remember me! I think she plans to stay put now!

Happy Jordan and happy us!

I went to the Bald Eagle Festival, way up the Skagit River in tiny Concrete, Wa. today. At the peak, 300 or more eagles are up there eating salmon. The festival is at the tail end of the run, so not too many birds today. But hundreds of people! I attended a demonstration and talk by the Sardis Raptor Center - they rehabilitate injured raptors. 250 people in the school multi-purpose room with first, two owls on tethers and handlers with gloves, and then, a bald eagle and a golden eagle, also tethered with gloved handlers. The bald eagle handler came in to the front from the side, with the big eagle held very low. Then she raised her arm and the eagle just rose up so high and the whole crowd was as quiet as a bunch of mice! Truly awesome! There were also 22 display booths from various conservation minded groups working to preserve the Skagit watershed for salmon and the orca whales in Puget Sound. A huge job. It must succeed.

Concrete is where Tobias Wolff lived as a kid. He wrote the book "This Boy's Life".

Friday, January 25, 2008


Little Blue and Goldie both came as just-old-enough-to-leave-mama babies almost 4 years ago. American Fuzzy Lops ... the Bunny Lady did not know about the "hair issues" to come! Nor did she, or anyone then, know about a horrible abscess that Bluey had around his intestines. At his first vet checkup, a lump in his belly was felt, which slowly grew. When he later went to be neutered by Dr. Barbara Deeb, the best bunny vet ever, she took out some fluid and said he needed surgery to get at that, so he got the whole 9 yards. Poor Bluey, and us. Dr. Deeb was not able to remove the abscess - too risky - and did not expect Bluey to live much longer. We had him stitched up, took him home, and gave him a shot of bunny penicillin and a bit of pain med. every day for more than a year! He was quite frisky and a true gift. He outlived Dr. Deeb who died suddenly from a cancer.

But then he failed quite rapidly and died one night. Goldie and we grieved and hurt, but eventually Goldie took up with Benji, and Bluey became just a bright spot of courage for us to remember. He too was so very special and we miss him still, our Little Blue.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This hunk of pretty bunny is a Flemish Giant, Marnie. We adopted her, fully grown, from a rescue center a few years ago and she was pretty special, something else. A big armful of all soft cuddle, and she loved that. But Marnie had suffered such bad treatment in her early years as a brood doe in a small cage - her back was injured and eventually she could not get around any more at all and had no more hope. We had her for quite awhile, just not enough, and enjoyed the whole time. So did Marnie, she wore her expressions clearly. A BIG bunny is so much MORE than a regular one!

Some day we might get another Flemish Giant, but not quite yet. Marnie memories are still too big, and losing her was pretty hard.

Maybe that is why many people prefer trees - they tend to outlive us.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am, for a few days, going to post some pictures of bunnies who have lived at The House of Rabbits in the past. It's good for us to remember them. This girl is Lovey, a French Lop perfectly named for the heart around her eye! Lovey bonded with Baxter several years ago when a door got accidentally left open. It was love at first sight, with absolutely no muss or fuss! Such a treat!

Lovey was, like Baxter, another rescued bunny, and she had unknown, but severe, internal maladies. She died before being here very long, and we and Baxter had quite a hard time getting past that.

But we have. Baxter is re bonded with Zoey, The House is pretty full again, and we continue to get great enjoyment from the happy tenants!

Did ya see that old Rowan and Martin "Laugh-In" clip on the Blog of Pratt???? It's still pretty funny to those of us who saw it when!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ah Chico is the big lover of the group. He can spend more than an hour all snuggled up close and still have a lot left! He is a dandy Lion head who was found running loose in a back yard, and we got him! I just can't get a picture of Chico with his ears up though. They are nice and big and complement his face so well, but with them down he looks a bit anti-social! What's to be done?? Keep trying to sneak up on him I guess. (That's how you get a Unique Rabbit! U neak up on him! Heee Heee ....)

Goldie is definitely shedding. The white fur is all matted and quite loose, and the new comes in so reddish-gold. But if I pull too much of the white, then that is when she gets "bald". Trim, snip, tease, cut, brush easy .....

Monday, January 21, 2008


Goldie's fur on her once-bare back is growing in well. I keep trimming and de-felting and brushing and combing. One day here she will look all top-notch again, but for now she is pretty raggedy! But she is still a lover! The Jan. 2 post shows her "bald"

If you want to check out the Rabbit Music, the link is over to the right under WEBSITES ... Bunny Tunes! (Remember, I don't make them up, I just report them! :<) )

This evening I was holding Zoey and petting her and she was all cozy and purring away. I guess I took my hands off her and was day dreaming ... it was a beautiful day out, so rare here this time of year. All of a sudden I felt this "Whap, Whap" against my hand! Zoey letting me know I was slacking!!!!! She's a good 'un!

Maybe later we will have some more to say about the little twins. For now let's just say they sure are cute!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Benji is very gentle and likes to be held so he is often the one who gets to be our "show-how-to-pet-or-hold-them" bunny. Here he lets one of the little 9-month old twins that visited us try her hand! She got the idea, Benji got a pettin', and all is well. But, as you probably know, kids and bunnies don't mix too well until the kids are old enough to take some responsibility and then strong enough to hold a squirly/squirmy one. We have found that's about 7 1/2 - 8 or so. So our guys stayed pretty well contained while we had the visit!

At Dandy's Journal, they have periodic voting for favorite bunny songs. They have just posted the link to those songs, where you can listen to some clips and order CD's. Anybody tried it? What do you think? My opinion is still under consideration!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Minimal post today. These cuteys are here to visit for the weekend. We are pooped!

Even the bunns have stayed out of sight and under cover!

Much fun. More later.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Sometimes Baxter just hops up into this chair and takes a rest. It is in his outside pen area, a remnant from when humans still inhabited the area some. Now it is just his and Zoey's. If I move it, oh gosh - great consternation. PUT THAT BACK! But, when it warms up some, we are allowed to sit in it and hold a bunny! Bax is a mini-lop, and our most laid-back bunn. He was found wandering a few years ago, and we took him in. It was the best win-win!

I see a bit of layout changes on some blogs ... DivaKitty has quite a nice change, I think, although the old one was fine. And, as if the endless saga of Freckles and Deb is not enough to leave us forever hanging, now we hear that Joanna over at Cap't Rupert's has some project up her sleeve and we will find out later!

Further, just for fun, if you can somehow post pix of your best "The Bunny Way" poses for Nips-N-Cuddles, they are going to produce a book to rival DR! (Hey, I used to be a manager, I love giving assignments!)

PS, for those who suggested, I did submit The Princess, but those two Athens Athletes got the nod, and rightly so! Thanks for the support!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Benji gets some lap time here. As soon as we get him picked up and situated, Benji begins to purr a mile-a-minute! He must like that cozy a lot. He will be happy up under your chin, or sitting any which way on your lap. A real personable, happy, and well-loved fellow here in the House!

It has been reasonable nice out, although kind of cool, and the guys have all had some good fresh air and roaming around in their pens. There is one spot where three pens join ... just about like the Four-Corners of those Western States ... and there The Princess, Racer, Goldie, and Benji all congregate and share the latest in bunny gossip and news. Then, Goldie and Benji scoot over to hob nob with Savannah while The Princess and Racer hop down their respective pens to the end where Chico hangs out. Chico gathers up and takes the news to Stanley and he relays it on to Baxter and Zoey! Everybody on the same Bunny Page!

Due to the recent late night meeting we are behind on blog reading and commenting ... but expect to catch up soon. Glad to see the Captain Rupert gang is back on line!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Princess hopped inside tonight and headed right into her box. Usually she gets some romp-around-the-house time and then goes for her fresh little dab of late-afternoon oats. But not this time. I know she is not sick, and she wiggles her nose and taunts me, but in she stays! I bet she'll be out about 8:45 when the Bunny Lady begins to assemble the salads! Her spot is such that she can see, smell, and hear that action!

Oh it was sunny and dry today here. First time in quite awhile, with several more days planned too! All the bunns got several hours outside, a very animated time for them all and they are in, fed, and resting happily now!

Probably will miss a post for Wednesday. A late night meeting to learn more about our septic tank system! We live near a river that has some contamination problems and is threatening to shut down a close-by section of Puget Sound to oyster and clam farming. So we all got to do better and make sure our systems are all "GO" so to speak!

Monday, January 14, 2008


It's still Monday here on the West Coast of the US of A, but just barely! Bunny Lady has had me on a different project this evening so this is late and short. I sort of forgot just how hard bunny nail clipping is, we and the bunns have gotten it into a pretty good routine over several years and so many toes! But boy, every single snip is a great act of faith, isn't it! We keep the container of clotting powder and a q-tip handy during the process, but have not ever had an accident yet! Tap Tap .... These are the clippers we use, I don't know where we got them, but they are really good and strong and sharp.
Stanley gives you some Monday Bunday .. on Tuesday for most!!!!

Hooray ... several days of dry weather coming! The bunns get out on the deck! Everybody so excited.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh but it is scary to trim the nails. Some are so hard to see buried in fur. Some are black and the blood-line is not visible. Some bunnies DO NOT LIKE it. But, today was the day. 44 feet got trimmed! I tell you, after about the fourth bunny, I lose track of how many toes I trimmed on the current one! It takes us both, Bunny Lady holds, and I get to be the bad guy. Both of us count as we go. Then, trying to take a picture too ... well ... that is why what you see is not the best! Most of the guys are pretty mellow about it, but some do try to squirm. This was Baxter, and he is cool.

I've been thinking about YouTube. There I sit, staring at a teeny tiny screen, with often a jerky picture and nearly inaudible sound. Seems like that is where it all started 60 years ago!

I sometimes read that a pet got sent a gift in the mail or UPS or such. I don't think any of our bunnies have ever gotten a gift, not even from us. We have lots of dog friends and they send other dogs gifts at the drop of a hat. They spend more money on other people's dogs that they do on themselves, and then they dog-sit to raise the money to buy more gifts! I'm glad we got bunnies.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Bunny Lady is an exceptional cook, and totally Czechloslovakian. She often prepares gourmet meals and invites a table full of eclectic guests who never leave until we ask them to. Lots of good talk and bunny holding! Anyway, for Christmas she got this cookbook from Marshall Field, full of recipes from their famous restaurant in Chicago, I believe. On the cover is their signature, Chicken Pot Pie. I asked her to make it. She did. There it is! Outstanding!

It's a good thing because our last two teams with any hope, the Seahawks and Wazzo Cougars lost today and the sporting light dims again over the Return Address portion of the continental US of A. (Now I'll hear it from Portland Trailblazer folk!) But, I also root for the Vermont Frost Heaves in the ABA and they almost NEVER lose! wOOt!

Thanks Keith (and AA's Mum) for reminding me to just open links by right (or double) clicking and use the "open in new window" option. When you are done, just "X" out and back you come! Would you believe I wrote code for O/S 360 in 1966 for Boeing to use to build the 747??? Helped with the Year 2000 debacle too! We never thought 2000 would come! So, now I tend bunnies, it's a better life. Go figure.

Friday, January 11, 2008


By now you probably know that Freckles, over at FrecklesandDeb, finally went into the nice new kitty condo Deb got. You also probably know we here have been encouraging Freckles to hop up on top instead! Anyway, here is Baxter, showing how that is done. I think Bax got wind of the Bok Choy Freckles found, and is feeling short changed! Those Bunny wavelength messages are amazing.

There is a clever puzzle-overlay on a bunny picture, which you can then disassemble and try to put back together, at HeartlandBunnyBlog. I have never seen that trick before. Not easy to do.

The New Yorker magazine has sometimes had a cartoon or two not very kind to rabbits. But in the Jan 14 issue there are two rabbits and one says "I'm telling you, you need to try interval hopping." Cute. Makes me think of some of those breathtaking workouts that Bunnygirl sometimes describes.
Now I just need to figure that HTML target=new thingy that Archi'sMum explained. So far I've failed! Maybe she'll post that trick .. or heck .. send Archi Ann over to show me! But, for now, use your BACK button to come back!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Quite a bit of yakking about food around the bunny blogs today so I thought we should toss in some too. Winny and Lucky share a condo and when they hear Bunny Lady coming with the evening salads they really get to hopping! When she opens the door they sometimes fall right out.

I think I learned that when you put "hot" links to other blogs in a post, well, folks just link over there and never come back! Where the heck were all the comments about Racer's fascinating eye? That thing is really like that.

You probably want to check out Lola the Lovely Lop (Link off to the right) and get the latest on Feng Shui for the bunns, if you already haven't. And drop off a secret secret at The Lisa Show while you are at it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Our happily recovered Racer has quite an eye! It's not Photoshopped! And a nice white blob on his nose. He is feeling just fine and I think we can call him good.

I hope you checked out the well-done, card-board, custom-made, in-house, fancy-dan, rabbitats over there at Nips-N-Cuddles! That's a talented gal. Can anybody else beat that? Give it a try! It looks like Sammy has to stay outside looking in!

Thanks to ArchiAnn's Mum for showing us how the wire over litter works.

We think 2008 is going to be pretty bizarre. As further proof I read that HopScotch is shutting down for several weeks for a wedding! Just after Pratt gets up and going again.

I finally found what a meezer is. If you don't know, try DivaKittyandtheFluffies' Glossary. But I still can't "make the connection!"

Glad to hear so many other bunns chew, lick, and otherwise do strange things to their cages. Stanley is pretty normal after all. Yay Stanley.
Ells suggested Goldie might have fur mites, and we have seen those before, but not now. Her new hair continues to grow in! Photo later when it looks a bit fuller.

Finally, there is a real late comment on Stanley from Tara referencing Chief Hua Hua. Chief H H is the little Chihuahua Boomer who was here for Christmas and T is in one of the pictures posted back then. Boomer and the Rabbits don't mix too good. T and her sister C do.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Saw a post the other day over on SomewhereInNJ about fierce dogs on chains. It was a mean looking Pit Bull. Had nothing on Stanley here! Boy, looks like if he gets through that cage-wire, the house will fall!

Actually not. Stan is a cupcake and he just likes to sit with his teeth around the wire sometimes.

I also saw a post on BeginningToBird where one of those fancy cardboard castles was being assembled for Niblet. Got me wondering if Sammy's person over at Nips-N-Cuddles can fold a big house like that! She did say she can fold "der Boonayz", I think were her words! Seeing is believing.

Racer is just fine now ... Yay Again, Racer ... and it only snowed enough to see it for about an hour!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Just to show that we are trying to slowly trim all that excess hair from Goldie, rather than pulling it out with a slicker brush. So far it seems to be going well, and the bald spot is actually getting some growth back over it! I'll try to remember to post a photo of it in a week or so.

Actually we sent this photo to DR this morning, but it did not "take". The "winner", Noodles, was surely a dandy, and I suppose there are quite a few to chose from each day. With now eleven regularly disapproving bunns in the place, there will always be another for us to try!

Little Racer stopped eating last evening and laid looking awful sour. Wouldn't touch oats or his evening salad. Bunny Lady gave him our standard treatment for that, which is 3 or 4 CC's of fresh pineapple juice from a syringe and a drop or two (depending on weight) of metacam, a pain med. She did that twice last evening (not the metacam - it's just once a day) and once this morning and by noon Racer was up and at 'em and now seems quite fine. They have such delicate internals. Happy Happy Happy! Yay Racer!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Awhile back someone asked if Zoey was fluffy all over, like her face and head. She is not, as you see. She also does not suffer from the bad-hair that Goldie has! I like it. Zoey used to be quite flighty - difficult to gather up from her outside pen. But lately she just sits tight and lets Bunny Lady scoop her right up and hand her off to me. Then she wiggles around to get comfortable and purrs like a kitty! Meanwhile Bunny Lady scoops up Baxter and they go through the very same experience! Nice pair of rabidos!

Let's see, it was The Guy at Gus and Betsy's house who told me he did make Cap'n Rupert's carrot cake today and it was good! Anybody else fess up out there? Probably with all the diets and new exercise plans this is the wrong time for cakes!

Mr. Weather has the "S" word on his tongue for us again.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Here is a bit of what Savannah gets with the Bunny Lady during part of the day. I suspect Savannah would stay there for pettin' for a good long time! She does like that, always has. So does Bunny Lady.

Savannah was a "bred doe" when we got her ... she was headed for the kids' SummerCamp Farm so there could be babies for the campers to see and learn about. But after she had the babies and spent the fun summer at camp she told the Bunny Lady she wanted to come back here and so she did and stayed! Bunny Lady pays attention to that stuff. I can't hear it.

Gosh a lot of comments about bunnies living well more that seven years and so Princess and I are very happy about that! She is well cared for, eats a good diet with few treats, and has plenty of exercise. And she is a spayed female, so wOOt for a good long and happy life yet to go, I hope!

24 people have taken a look at the recipe for Captain Rupert's carrot cake. Any reports of making and eating it??? ... which reminds me. I have not seen a post on Captain Rupert's blog for over two weeks. I hope all is well there. The art work is always so special.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, OK, maybe not a smile, but as close as she will get! I caught the big girl all stretched out on a litter box full of hay after her afternoon oats treat. She's a mini-Rex and a pretty one, to us. She does not have Goldie's hair problem, that's for sure!

I don't get much time with Savannah, she is Bunny Lady's girl and those two have a whole routine of fun stuff. Savannah just sort of tolerates me. If I have to bring her in from her outside time, it is an awful sight! Much running and hiding and wiggling and thrashing. Good thing that is a very rare deal, for both of us.

Yesterday The Princess, our Head Bunny, was six years old and we have had her since she was just a baby. I have always thought that seven years was quite old for a bunny, and I have been trying more and more to really pay attention and enjoy the time I get with her. However, I just read that Cinnamon, the big Disapprover, is eight years old, and certainly going strong! So I have high hopes for me and The Princess!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ho Ho ... I opened the doors of Stanley's condo real wide to try for a good photo and he just hot-footed it down to the lower level and was deciding if he should jump out or not! It is only about a foot down, but it is almost salad time and I think he was debating freedom vs. food! I photoed in a hurry.

Stanley spends a lot of time in that box ... I can see he has enlarged the hole by nibbling to his liking. Right behind and above Stan is the step to the upper level.

I know a lot of people looked at Goldie, but not many comments, although there are some good suggestions and thanks for that. She does look bad. I am still clipping a bit each afternoon when she and I get our time together, and I think by Feb she might be pretty good again. We'll see.

Gloom and more gloom, mixed with plenty of rain and mountain snow here in the NW. We're beginning to rust now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Oh boy, here is a back view of our Goldie. In just about 3 weeks her fur grew from a splendid mop of soft fuzzy delight into a tangled, matted, felted mess. It comes out in blobs and leaves her skin bare in the back, as you can see. Despite regular brushing and grooming with a comb and a stiff, short brush, it happens.

Even at her best, when we groom her, great big hunks come out and we get a loose pile as big as she is! In this picture I am about to take scissors and cut off an inch or so all around the edge, where the matting is the worst. I will just keep trimming away, a little every other day or so, until all the tangled and felted fur is gone. We'll gently brush and comb as the new comes in and see what happens.

It does not seem to bother her temperament, Goldie can purr like a steam engine!
Anybody else have a similar problem/got ideas/suggestions??? I mean ... what will the guys think?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AND ON INTO 2008 ......

Oh boy did Benji score for New Years. Here he is again, getting lots of snuggle holding from one of his best pals. He is purring like a kitty-kat, you just can't see it in the picture!

There was quite a flow of relatives and friends through The House of Rabbits for all the holidays, and just about all the little kids (and big ones too) we know got to be here and have fun and love-up a bunny or two. But now we big two-footers and all the furry ones are ready for some quiet times and peaceful hours to help this big New Year get going in the right direction!

Best wishes to all and keep taking good care of, and enjoying, the bunns. They aren't with us long and they give so much!