Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am, for a few days, going to post some pictures of bunnies who have lived at The House of Rabbits in the past. It's good for us to remember them. This girl is Lovey, a French Lop perfectly named for the heart around her eye! Lovey bonded with Baxter several years ago when a door got accidentally left open. It was love at first sight, with absolutely no muss or fuss! Such a treat!

Lovey was, like Baxter, another rescued bunny, and she had unknown, but severe, internal maladies. She died before being here very long, and we and Baxter had quite a hard time getting past that.

But we have. Baxter is re bonded with Zoey, The House is pretty full again, and we continue to get great enjoyment from the happy tenants!

Did ya see that old Rowan and Martin "Laugh-In" clip on the Blog of Pratt???? It's still pretty funny to those of us who saw it when!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet little angel

d. moll, said...

Her ears look long enough to be angel wings.

Joanna said...

She is so sweet, its nice to remember bunnies who have lived with us, its so sad when they have gone, glad baxter found a new friend. Thanks for letting me know the carrot cake is still going strong. I have told captain rupert bannanas are much better with out the cake he seems happy enough agreeding bunnies should not really have any cake and I'm sure your bannana cake recipie is great, naybe you could share it for any bannana liking bunny.

(Captain rupert only ever has the smallist crumb, I don't want people to think I feed him cake)

Anonymous said...

they're all soo soo cute!
i'm up to 7!!! just took in another, but it's only for a week while my friend is outta town... but i keep thinking i'm catching up to you guys!