Saturday, January 5, 2008


Here is a bit of what Savannah gets with the Bunny Lady during part of the day. I suspect Savannah would stay there for pettin' for a good long time! She does like that, always has. So does Bunny Lady.

Savannah was a "bred doe" when we got her ... she was headed for the kids' SummerCamp Farm so there could be babies for the campers to see and learn about. But after she had the babies and spent the fun summer at camp she told the Bunny Lady she wanted to come back here and so she did and stayed! Bunny Lady pays attention to that stuff. I can't hear it.

Gosh a lot of comments about bunnies living well more that seven years and so Princess and I are very happy about that! She is well cared for, eats a good diet with few treats, and has plenty of exercise. And she is a spayed female, so wOOt for a good long and happy life yet to go, I hope!

24 people have taken a look at the recipe for Captain Rupert's carrot cake. Any reports of making and eating it??? ... which reminds me. I have not seen a post on Captain Rupert's blog for over two weeks. I hope all is well there. The art work is always so special.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love Savannah's rex fur!

Andrewbun's Mum

Keithius said...

Read your post this morning and decided enough was enough - I was going to make Captain Rupert's carrot cake. So, I did! And I can now report that it is very, very good!

Anonymous said...

I luv bunny gram...says Savannah