Saturday, January 26, 2008


Jordan here has a happy ending! She is a big spayed Mini Rex with a gorgeous coat. We got her from the local Humane Society shelter, her previous owner moved and could not take her. She came along with a medium-sized cage. Bunny Lady was volunteering there and when Jordan came, well, Jordan left! The shelter was not equipped at all for rabbits and rarely takes them. Jordan did not like to be picked up or held, but loved to be stroked in her cage or on the floor. She would be a tough pet. We tried.

Because Jordan was so big, and rather firm about no picking up, she was quite difficult, especially amongst a bunch of other bunnies. Yours truly got most of the duty of moving her from a big condo to the outside and back again, almost every day, with regular attempts to sit and hold her and gentle her. It did not work. After many months, we heard that The Farm, a day camp for kids that our kids run near Seattle, needed a big tough bunny and Jordan was selected to go. She did, lives well there, and is quite happy. I see her a few times a year - she does not seem to remember me! I think she plans to stay put now!

Happy Jordan and happy us!

I went to the Bald Eagle Festival, way up the Skagit River in tiny Concrete, Wa. today. At the peak, 300 or more eagles are up there eating salmon. The festival is at the tail end of the run, so not too many birds today. But hundreds of people! I attended a demonstration and talk by the Sardis Raptor Center - they rehabilitate injured raptors. 250 people in the school multi-purpose room with first, two owls on tethers and handlers with gloves, and then, a bald eagle and a golden eagle, also tethered with gloved handlers. The bald eagle handler came in to the front from the side, with the big eagle held very low. Then she raised her arm and the eagle just rose up so high and the whole crowd was as quiet as a bunch of mice! Truly awesome! There were also 22 display booths from various conservation minded groups working to preserve the Skagit watershed for salmon and the orca whales in Puget Sound. A huge job. It must succeed.

Concrete is where Tobias Wolff lived as a kid. He wrote the book "This Boy's Life".


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Jordan is gorgeous! I love those Rex coats!

Deb Cushman said...

Jordan is a beautiful rabbit. I'm glad she found the forever home that was right for her!

That Bald Eagle Festival must have been something. What a thrill to watch that eagle fly!

YowlYY said...

I love stories with happy endings, especially when bunnies are the protagonists :) It is a lovely idea to dedicate some posts to the departed bunnies...I might just steal your idea and do it, one of these days. There will be a few tears for sure, but the memories of their antics will chase them away and bring back the smiles.
Thanks for sharing the bunnies' stories.

Anonymous said...

Lola is the same way. No picking up! Period! Glad this has a happy ending, and I love being introduced to all your buns!
-Jen (lola's keeper)