Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, the bunns are all gone on the 7-BUNNY-7 adventure (wink, wink) so here is a garden picture.

Altissimo Rose on the left (red) and Sally Holmes on the right. We started with the Altissimo and later built a short (12 feet long) "fence" to hold it and the Sally. They are not quite fully grown together, but they do look nice; for quite a long time too.

Yes, there sure is a plane load of bunnies off on the 7-BUNNY-7 !!!!


Christine said...

Woah! You have a beautiful garden to go with your beautiful bunns! It must be nice to have them "out of the way"... I just hope they don't cause too much trouble on the pah-tay line! *wink, wink*

And sorry, I honestly couldn't tell you about the M's... That's J's forte - I just watch the games! *wink again*

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Very nice roses yo got there, RG. Hope I don't get any calls from Oxbow about misbehaving Spots.