Thursday, October 9, 2008


The "BOYZ", Lucky and Winston are quite the buddies. Pals to the end.

Letterboxing is where you hide a little weather-proof box with (at least) a rubber stamp and notebook in it. You put the clue for finding it somewhere. Searchers ("Questors") have their own rubber stamp and notebook. When ever they find a letterbox, they record the box stamp in their notebook and their stamp (and a comment) in the box notebook.

Some letterboxes are hidden in special places and have information about that place in them. Serious Letterbox Questors design and carve their own stamps, which can be real works of art! is a good site to find letterbox clues. Enter your local zip code and you'll find clues for all the letterboxes near you (that have been posted on Atlasquest .. and lots have.)

If you enter zip 98232, you'll find several boxes on the 2008 Skagit Watershed Letterbox Trail ... those are the ones we are after this weekend!

Let us know if you go Letterboxing and how you do!


Anonymous said...

Interesting! Must find out if anyone goes letterboxing here :) Have fun this weekend!! Do the Bunns get to go letterboxing too??

Deb Cushman said...

Wow! We've never heard of that. Sounds interesting.

d. moll, said...

Have fun! Sounds like an off shoot of sort of competitive organized scavenger hunts I read about awhile back.

dguzman said...

Such sweet bunnies!