Wednesday, June 15, 2011


"What bus are we waiting for Savannah?" "I think #17, Chico. Why?" "It just went by." "Well, then I guess it is #18." Good thing these fellows have not got far to go!

All Bunnies here are fine - thanks for asking. Yesterday was just a day to especially give them extra snuggles, what with losing Cinnamon and all.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh just imagine if bunnies caught the bus, that would be so cute (and so chaotic!)

SixBunnies said...

"Bunnies on a Plane"

The Fab Furs said...

The buns on the bus go hop hop hop,
hop hop hop,
hop hop hop.
The buns on the bus go hop hop hop,
all through the town.

Chico and Savannah's itinerary:
1. Farmer's market for vegetables
2. Organic flower farm
3. Bun spa
4. Hip hop club

Don't wait up.

SixBunnies said...

FabFurs: that made my entire life! I love that! Thank you, so much, for posting that! I see in my head now bunnies sitting up with their paws on the backs of bus seats bopping up and down with the bumps singing ... (in many environments this type of thing is cause for mental evaluation ... ) I will be happy all day now!

Anonymous said...

Can I come?

Jade said...

Mr. Mick says he does not do public transit; when he travels, he expects limo service (with freshly-made and chilled carrot juice on board).

Christina said...

Safe off the bus bunzez. Too many shennagins on a bus. Take a taxi instead.

I am relieved to hear all is well. Yes, when someone in bunland loses a bun we all kiss and love on ours a little more.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I pass a Mini Cooper I picture my Kirby driving it. He was a Lionhead like Zoey and Chico. So now every time you pass a Mini you can picture one of them driving. You won't be able to not smile at that image.

SixBunnies said...

Hahaha, Karen! That's why my Bunny Cooper is named Cooper ... well, several reasons, but his head is shaped like a minicooper!!! Hahaha! Love it! Now I will smile too!