Sunday, May 13, 2012


"Here are four at the corner post - hard to tell what the banter is about."  -  RG the Concerned, but not too much.


Jade said...

Goldie: "Did you guys get BL a Mother's Day gift?"

Princess: "No, did you two?"

Benji: "Pshhh, no--that's RG's job. Besides, being around us is a gift 24/7, isn't it?"

Racer: "True, but still...after all, she does a pretty good job of caring for us buns and keeping RG and KB in line."

Princess: "True...hmmmmm...ok, which one of you wants to snag RG's credit card this time? I'll distract him with some well-placed thumps, that'll give you plenty of time. We'll have some flowers delivered, that'll do the trick."

Racer: "Make sure they're edible ones!"

Scout and Sage said...

Since Jade thought along my original lines.. :)

"Guys, is it just me or have the salads been rather lacking lately?"

Crafty Green Poet said...

'hey everyone, let's look as though we're chatting, it will give the bloggers something to talk about!'

Pepper said...

I'd be concerned - four buns plotting - there's only one person that will be the worse of that convesation!

Keithius said...

That looks like the start of a bunny conspiracy... it has all the... "earmarks" of one!

(Sorry about that terrible, terrible pun, but I just had to.)

SixBunnies said...

Jade, you are so gifted at translating bunn language! :)

Judging by the bunny butt of snubb there going on ... maybe some teasing about the yellow litter box?

Unknown said...

6Buns, I think that "yellow" box was more of a "baby-poopy-mustard". I know, I know, I am good at colors. I should have a job naming nail polish and cosmetics, bunny themed of course:
Cecal Brown
Dutch Color Block
Carrotini orange
Hey Hey HAY Tim green
Havana Banana in Just Ripe Gold

HAH I bet that is what the subject of the conversation!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Ditto Jade!

Little Miss Titch said...

get a bunch of buns together and its world domination!..heehee