Tuesday, August 31, 2010


... AND IT'S COLD AND WE ARE STAYING IN. BE GONE, RG ..." - Zoey and Baxter.
"No worries guys. I'm hunkered down too." - RG


LOS said...

Buns and RG hunkered down. BL on duty here. KB just puked on my cell phone.

I bought a big vibrating, heated cushion for my black leather computer chair. Says Swedish massage. They must be tough people. My back hurts really bad now. Taking it back tomorrow

Went to Taco Tuesday with my crabbing friend. Food was awful; Margaritas great.

They had an old poster advertising a Testicle Festival, Montana 1999. Waitress thought Rocky Mountain Oysters were seafood. OMG!

We're not going back there anymore.

bunnits said...

RG and Bunns: Rainy days are good days for sleeping in or just lazing about.

BL:" Ugh! Cell phone yuk. Not fun. Been there, cleaned that up. Have a Margarita afterward. Cats!

Driving in Colorado in June a few years ago, we saw billboards advertising a Testicle Festival. Thought "Yuk." Went to a restaurant in Castle Rock with friends and ended up having to try some of those Mountain Oysters. Not all that bad, kinda like chewing calamari. Kinda. The batter was the best part.

The Fab Furs said...

Most massage units are only meant to be used for a short time and they can be uncomfortable to rest against when they're not on. We have a 2 handled general massage unit and then a separate nubby foot massage unit that my husband likes. For heat we just use a heating pad.

Here's a thought: send RG to get his massage therapist certificate, have him trained (if he's not already) in taco and margarita making and sit home on rainy evenings with your personal massage therapist, chef, and mixologist while bunns and cats sit on your lap to provide soothing warmth.

Crafty Green Poet said...

B L you mean you haven't trained the buns to give massages?

Lisa said...

Rain, Rain, go away. Little Zoey wants to play.

They look darn cute all hunkered down in there.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So I was gonna comment about the rain, but can't stop laughing at BL's comment, so won't even try to comment on rain and will instead try to stop laughing about the puke on the cell phone. Ick...giggle...ick...giggle...ick