Friday, December 18, 2009


Or ... is she just the Center of Attention???
About that birthday cake ....

No, the many, many candles did not melt all over it. THAT was an exquisite glaze of many tantalizing flavors and textures! The cake began in a bundt pan with lots of ingredients including quite a few white-chocolate chips. When it got dumped out of the pan, quite a bit stayed in, stuck in .. thus the attractive and decorative uneven look. Since I was the designated pan-washer, I ate the stuff still stuck in the pan and enjoyed the white-chocolate chips mixed in .. the whole bit was quite gooey and yummy.

When BL finally served the cake, it was not very gooey and nobody commented on the neato white-chocolate chips in there - in fact BL commented that there did not seem to be ANY. I guess they all had settled to the original bottom of the cake - which got stuck in the pan and thus enjoyed totally by me - as it should have been!!!! W00T!

You guys on the East coast of the US of A where the blizzard rages. Keep Calm and Carry On.


Glenna said...

LOL about your justly deserved white chocolate chips!

As for the keeping calm part, does it mean I should not be running out onto my deck every hour or so in my bare feet to snap a photo?

Do they have Hostess Sno-Balls out there? Tell BL they're a gourmet treat (although not as good as her mysteriously chipless cake, I'm sure). Take two commercial cake balls, filled with fluffy cream filling, cover with a layer of stretchy marshmallow stuff dipped in lurid pink, green or white coconut. Good eatin'.

What I'm going to try tomorrow, assuming we don't lose the power is homemade marshmallows, as featured on the cover of either bon appetit or Gourmet this month. Excellent in good hot chocolate.

Hef's Mom said...

I made chocolate chip pancakes one time. Didn't think to stir the batter, sure enough the last few pancakes had all the chips in them. Oh well.

LauraHinNJ said...

It's still snowing to beat the band here!

Bunnies help tho!