Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We made it - those things went until 9:00 am. Besides that, there were many glowing smudge pots out there too ... it looked like a druid festival in the night-time. Sounded like a war. I am having a bit of computer trouble and I have done this post from a rogue machine with none of my Bunny Pix on it! SO ... I grabbed this .. it is the very first picture I ever posted on the blog well more than 2 years ago. Savannah is as pretty and special as she was then. Probably a bit more - ah - rotund - too!


Crafty Green Poet said...

glad everything was okay, that must have been an irritating noise while it was going on.

Lovely photo of Savannah

Carmen S. said...

I never realized you could grow bunnies in a pot, LOL! Glad the annoying noise is gone and everybunn can have some peace & quiet:)

Charlotte said...

I guess the only 'good' thing about a noisy night is that it makes us appreciate the normal peace and quiet.

Love the pic.. she is probably just a bit more 'well upholstered' nowadays!

Glad you are feeling a bit better

Hef's Mom said...

OOO RG! You better hope Savannah doesn't see you calling her more "rotund", your gunna get it!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm glad you got your quiet back!

RG said...

Well - we much appreciate the farmers, enjoy living in their land, and LOVE their berries so dealing with their necessary processes is a small price to pay!

Yes - the pot HAS been nourishing for Savannah.

Fez and the Gang said...

Uhh... ROTUND???

On the contrary. She has simply gotten slightly larger so that there is more of her to love. She did this, for you, in fact. You see? You love her so much, and clearly enjoy loving her (who wouldn't) so she gained some weight to oblige you and make sure you can love her even more. Thus, making you happier.

Think about it!