Friday, May 21, 2010


Garden Beds
Here are our raised garden beds. Most of the green is garlic and potatoes. There is plenty of bunny stuff ... it has been chilly here, so that is going slow. In the background is an arbor with two different grapes. This fall I am going to add another board to all the raised beds so they will be higher out of the chip walkways.


Crafty Green Poet said...

oh lovely sunny bunny

Tamsin said...

It looks lovely! So neat and tidy like a proper veg plot. My veg is all over the place in boxes and tubs and mixed in with flowers and covered in bits of mesh to keep the rabbits from eating it.

Charlotte said...

Wow... your garden beds look SO MUCH MORE DELICIOUS THAN OURS.


Disgruntled Humphrey

haley said...

Oh I love the sight of a nice chubby bunny loaf. A rabbit of that size is so charming. I will have dwarfs for a while, but I do relish at the sight of larger rabbit luxuries like a nice dewlap and a big bunny bread loaf.
Thank you for sharing.