Tuesday, November 6, 2012


... KB was way out in the neighbor's pasture when I opened the door and said "Kitty Boy".  I think he expects food!  That boy can move."  -  RG the Cat Whisperer.

"I suspect that this is the last of the nasturtiums from outside.  Our days are pretty short now up here at 48.5 degrees N. Latitude!   They hung on for a loooong time!"  -  RG the Forager.

"And I picked the last apple tree today - Melrose - great for pie - which I made!  Thank you Dough Boy for the crusts!  (If you are keeping score it was Peach, Blue Berry, and Black Berry before this one!)"  -  Chef RG-Ardee.


almtsbb said...

I hope you at least gave KB a treat for running all that way just because you called. Also, what about the hop plant? We haven't hear about it in a while.

Unknown said...

That picture of KB running across the pasture needs to be a watercolor painting! You do take good pictures, RG, and I do not doubt you make a fantastic pie/cobbler.

Little Miss Titch said...

see all this stuff about pies make's me hungry,Kitty boy looks like he's having a great time exploring,this week I shall make my Christmas cake and the smeel when I do that is awesome!xx Speedy's mum

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Sir Speedy, I would be so grateful if you would leave some magic doors open so we can all smell that Christmas cake. I wish this could have been thought of sooner when RG was making all those other pies. You know, if he hasn't eaten it all, it wouldn't be too late to get a whiff of the apple pie. I think all of RG's photos were remarkable, each featuring a very worthy subject. Speedy, RG said he was all for all of us learning new things, but before I ask him can you tell me if it is okay for people and bunns to eat the greens leaves of nasturtiums. I know it is okay to eat the flowers. Thanks, Little Buddy. By the way, does RG know you were chasing Kitty Boy?