Sunday, October 6, 2013


"Well - OK.  One Amigo three times!  Better even. - Yes?" - Clever RG

 Katsura tree - smells like roasting marshmallows.
 The hops - ready to pick.  Nobody wants them.
But we'll soon be wanting these!  They keep well in boxes in the garage.


Unknown said...

Harvest the hops yourself and store them. Make your own beer, RG.
Chico looks so soft. Isn't it amazing how rabbits' ears are so diverse. My Myra has big banana ears, Minnie's are floppy, my Jersey Woolly has those cute Netherlands Dwarf ears, and my Mean lionhead girl has the prim proper perfectly pointed tidy ears, like Chico and Z.

SixBunnies said...

Yep, Brandi B, bunny ears are like their fingerprints I think. No four exactly alike! :)

Beautiful tree! Trees don't turn around here until sometime in November. I remember Leaf Peeper Weekend in Mass and New Hampshire! We stayed off the highways on those days! :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Chico and the autumnal leaves, beautiful...

Unknown said...

Seriously, RG, post an ad on Craigslist for your hops.

Attention Home Brewers:

I have a whole pole of hops ready to harvest. Free to anyone who wants to do the harvesting.

Or, RG, you can find a forum of homebrewers and get some advice on what to do with it all. Don't let that bounty go to waste.

Little Miss Titch said...

Make your own beer for chrismas RG!
Chico 3 times I so can live with that,xx Rachel

RG said...

3/4 of the hops grown in the US of A are grown around here. Plus ours are more ornamental than beerish. And I gave them away last year and they are still in the guy's freezer! I will compost them and they will return their bounty to mother earth and maybe make some drunken worms happy!

bunnits said...

Bunny ears and lovely trees and plants. Hops and hops, I guess