Tuesday, November 19, 2013


... I'm prepared!" - Wise Benji
"I'm not yet.  I need another big box of Hot Chocolate and some tiny candy canes to stir it with!" - RG Getting Festive


Unknown said...

Awww, a Benji Close Up. It should be RG DeMille!
Try some raspberry flavor in your hot cocoa, Mr. DeMille. It is OUT OF THIS WORLD. You can get it in the coffee/tea aisle of your super mercado.
Or...add a pinch of chili powder.
Presidente' Mexican Brandy in coffee or cocoa is a treat on a blustery cold day. Yes, it HAS to be Presidente'. Why? Cuz Brandi says so, that's why.

Also, try some Ibarra Mexican style chocolate!!!!! It comes in bricks and you can either let it heat slowly in a crock pot or do it on the stovetop, but you have to keep stirring.


We are ready in Oklahoma, Benji! I just finished covering all the vents under the house, and today I am closing up all the storm windows. We are supposed to get wind chills in the single digits! I have some nice pumpkin to warm for your homies here at the warren, and oodles of nice soft orchard grass hay (got a 50 lb box of Oxbow brand a while back and I am still working on it!) and I will brewing up a bit of chamomile tea (unsweetened of course) for them, too, nice warm.
Wish you were here, buddy. This fat girl can cuddle!

Anonymous said...

Hope you keep warm,X NevilleX

Crafty Green Poet said...

wrap up warm all you bunnies and humans! The German Christmas market is about to open in Edinburgh and I'm looking forward to alcoholic hot chocolate with appel strudel with red cherries and chocolate sauce

Unknown said...

CGP, I have been dreaming of a trip to Scotland. Now here you are talking about hot chocolate with booze and strudel.
Can I come stay with you for a bit. Then I can hop a train to Devon and mooch off of Rachel and Speedy for a spell. Mooch? Did I say mooch? I meant freeload. Crap, I mean just a quick visit...
I read a book a long time ago about why the Appalachian Mountains were so appealing to Scot settlers. The mountain range and the Highlands were part of the same range and formed together before the continental drift. So when the Scots showed up, they knew they were still home somehow. Of course the author romanticized it and waxed poetic, but it made sense. I have always loved the pictures of the Highlands. THey look so lonely and silent, ancient and secretive.