Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A big thanks to Glenna at Eye of the Needle for the Clowns song. Look at The Boyz. Taking their bows to the camera for their own clown act! What? You missed it? Come back for the afternoon show then.

Speaking of The Boyz, Black Bart went home today with the promise that he can come back for sleep-over when ever we can arrange it. Whoopee-ding. It takes 3 hours to go get him and take him home and another 3 hours to get set up and then get cleaned up after. Today, earlier, he was outside in the pen next to The Boyz. Un-beknownst to us he hopped the fence and began to attempt to "dominate" them, one by one. Lucky kept running away but Winnie nipped him pretty good. Fortunately I arrived early on the scene and so we did not have to let it go to its conclusion.

And speaking of songs and lyrics, some of you out there have a real knack for it and we all appreciate your efforts a whole lot! Thank you and keep it up.


LOS said...

It does NOT take 3 hours. Plus Black Bart is the sweetest rabbit ever, and really should be part of our family. We can only hope ... and perhaps whisper to the goddess.

By the way, the smart person who knew so much about boy bunny balls was balls on about Bart! His little capers turned into plums after his altercation with The Boys.

Bart is home; kitchen is clean and seems empty; Houseful of Rabbits is back to normal ... whatever that is.

I agree about the lyrics; they're great!

Hef's Mom said...

Well that answered my wonderings about if Hef could get a buddy since he can't get a doe. Oh well, Hef is a mama's bun anyhow.
Very glad no one was hurt too badly. Maybe BB needs to get fixed?

nneeki said...

Glad to be of service!

Hope the Boys are not too ruffled up about it...BB's urge to establish himself as top bun does partly come from his capers. I see he wasn't shy about popping them out to dazzle the Boys.

Lisa said...

Oh no. I'm so glad everybunny's ok!

Last post was so cute. They kind of do match!

(BL - Kitchen empty?! What about Savannah and the Princess?!?!)

LOS said...

BB was in the main part of the kitchen, and stayed where I had put big rugs down over the wood floors. When I'd come in, he'd come over to greet me. So sweet.

I know we're not going to take in any more buns; we have so many. He was just so special. And if he were neutered. Ohmy!

I guess I'm just a soft touch for guys named Black Bart who are big but love to cuddle.

I'll just be BL the Godmother when he goes to live with The Princess in February.