Friday, November 12, 2010


Winston is - well let's face it - a stinker. He is not affectionate and nips some and is a bugger to catch in his outside pen to bring him in. On the other hand, he purrs sometimes and is definitely a happy little guy who will forever be in Racer's photographic shadow. He and Lucky are very close. BL is happy to let me deal with him.
So anyway, me and Winnie sometimes feel not so appreciated and a bit forlorn. Can you help???? - RG


Christina said...

Winston your are a fabulous bunny. So handsome and smart. When I think of the ultimate bunny, you automatically come to mind. You are stupendous, terrific, and awesome! Outstanding example of bunnydome. I only wish all 5 of my bunnies were exactly like you.

Christina said...

OH Yeah, RG we are sure you are a nice man.

RG said...

Great try Christina. But it just seems to be lacking in something ... So come on folks - you CAN do better than this.

d. moll, said...

Winston, dahling, what you need is a really good PR person. It's painfully obvious that you under and often misrepresented. If you were one of the knights of the Round Table you would certainly be Lancelot, well before the whole thing collapsed that is.

Lorna said...

*Nose bonks to Winston!*

You's is a berry handsome bwack lop. Don't wet dose silly two feets get you down. You knows dey're not so bright anyways.

Dough I'm sure RG has good tweats. I hears he likes booberries.

-Sage Bunny.

Christina said...

Lacking? Lacking? I used big words and EVERYTHING! I doubt Winston would agree.

bunnits said...

This Is Just to Say

who is hard to catch
and sometimes nips
is a fine bun
so handsome and
sometimes purrs

And RG who
to BL's delight
tends to
Winston's needs
is a fine man
so handsome and
sometimes purrs

These two sometimes
feel not so
appreciated and
a bit forlorn

Forgive us
for our oversight
and neglect
You are both
much appreciated

so dear
and so fine

SixBunnies said...

WHAAAAT??? Winston, you're my favorite!!! Some people just don't appreciate the Bad Boys! They don't understand you! (Mr. Cooper, who must be your long lost brother because he acts and looks just like you, says, "Hey, Winnie, Stay Cool, Man!"

The Fab Furs said...

Winston makes a note of RG's statement and adds it to his book of fate. Things do not look good for RG, although to this point he has exhibited sufficient redeeming characteristics for BL and The Bunns to retain his services. (Not quite sunk to the level of Les Mis' "Master of the House".)

Winston is a rabbit, not a dog, therefore he interacts differently with humans than do some other species. His own species, as attested to by Lucky, enjoys the pleasures of his company.

Your perceptions of Racer and Winston color how you portray them. Racer gets the accountant's window dressing for his photo op and Winston gets a frayed blue rug that wouldn't even be shabby chic. This is patently unfair, yet do you hear Winston complain? No. Would a more extroverted and human-centric rabbit complain? Yes.

Winston is his own little fur person and is a delight in his own right. If some are too short-sighted to realize that, then it is their loss.

We love Winston, yes we do!!! We love Winston, how 'bout you?!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh Winston, you are a wonderful bunny, and RG is a wonderful man!

RG said...

NOW you are beginning to get the idea - let's see you kick it up a notch or two!

LOS said...

To: Crafty Green Poet. What have you got to trade for a wonderful package deal: Winston and RG?

Jade said...

Oh, that sad bunny face just makes me want to snuggle him until he's purring like a fine-tuned engine. Winston, you are just too adorable to be so forlorn.
Hugs to RG as well--of the non-BL-offending kind --you are too grumpily sweet to be forlorn, either. Besides, we all know how much BL and the Bunns love you; they're just keeping you humble is all. :)

Friend of the Animals said...

I think Racer is more of a stinker than Winston. Besides Savannah is my favorite.

Glenna said...

Those of us who are a bit different are sometimes misunderstood, Winston and RG!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Oh, Winston, you may put on the Bad Bun act, but you're a charmer in my book!

SixBunnies said...

Oh, just lift him up and look at those "droopy pants" and your heart will melt!

Crafty Green Poet said...

BL - no no I'm not trading, Crafty Green Boyfriend is all mine and we don't have a pet to trade even should we want to!

dguzman said...

Niblet says that he is TOTALLY behind you, Winston! He hates being picked up or even petted sometimes, and though he never nips, he can definitely be a stinker.

You, sir, are a quality bunny, and don't you forget it.

Lisa said...

You don't need to be a lap bunny to be a very special bunny. Winnie is like Biffy, he's too cool for school, as they say, and if people don't get that, tough noogies. Plus, Winston is so darn photogenic!!

RG is a very good man, too.