Sunday, December 5, 2010


Black Bart is here again for some visit time. Actually he is going for a little manly vet visit Tuesday and soft-heart BL will be nursing him back to health. Bart and Savannah are quite the pair.

Kitty Boy.
Watch out.
The Darkness is near.


Jade said...

Black Bart = hired hitbun.

KB is getting the retribution due him for invading Racer's lodgings. You do not cross The Bunns and get away with it for long.

I'd be a little concerned, RG. ;)

Lisa Alto said...

he he he! Looks like he's just about to grab KB's tail!

Carmen S. said...

Black Bart...I think the name says it all, LOL!!!! If kitty boy goes into hiding you'll know why;)

The Fab Furs said...

Black Bart is tagging KB to let him know he is taking his place for a while so KB can have a nice, long, well-deserved nap in a quiet, warm, and secluded place in the house (if any such place does exist).

But the Black came back the very next time.
Yes the Black came back.
They thought he was gone,
But the Black came back.
He just wouldn't stay away.

I'm sure Savannah is happy to see him too.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Is he a particularly dark black, cos he looks a much deeper black than either Winston or Racer. I love the photo of Black Bart and KB

Christina said...

Dudley wants to know where Black Bart trained? He thinks they have been schooled in Special Hops together.

Glenna said...

Black Bart, hopping toward KB: "What's that smell?"

bunnits said...

I would love to see if KB jumped sky high if BB stealthily got in a little goose to the backside.