Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here is Zoey, the Bunny of Christmas Present =:<)
(See Shell's pretty jingle-tree?)

... and here is some festive ...
meatballs - a holiday tradition

(Listen - considering I got two cards, a candle, the jingle-tree, a sock, a bow, and Zoey all in one reasonable picture, I'm calling it good! You should see the ones on the cutting room floor.)


The Fab Furs said...

Very nice. It is beginning to look a lot like Xmas. I see you have a sleigh there. You have 8 tiny reinbunnies. You have Zoey for Mrs. Claus.KB could be the big guy himself. There are humans for the elf positions. I'm just saying--future photo op possibilities. A montage of the ones on the cutting room floor would also be interesting.

gingersnap said...

Very nice!
Merry Christmas to you, your family, the buns and kitty!
and may you all have a great year ahead.
Btw, I have a question for you and the bunny carers who visit your blog.
Does an indoor bunny need deworming?
The vet that we go to is recommending that my 3 year old bun be dewormed as a precaution using topical revolution.
Is that safe?
Have you also had to vaccinate your bunns?
Thanks in advance for the reply.

Erin said...

Great pics! Merry Christmas to you & BL & all the bunns!

SixBunnies said...

Gingersnap, I would suggest you do not do anything without another opinion. I don't think revolution is good at all for bunnies. I've had at least six house bunnies at all times for several years and none of mine have needed anything like that. No shots or worming. Once in a while, one will need meds to help his or her digestive system or an antibiotic for one reason or another, but healthy otherwise. There are many much more experienced and knowledgeable bunny parents reading this blog and also Bunnies_R_Us and House Rabbit Society. Please consult with them before doing anything. The HRS website has a great bunch of info. I'm sure you'll find answers on there. Very smart bunny parents read this one also and I'm sure you'll get an answer soon!

LOS said...

I agree with SixBunnies. I would check out the House Rabbit Society website -- and stop!!!! using that vet for any rabbit you ever have.

Bunnies don't get worms like cats. And a vet that doesn't know that won't know other things as well.

The other day Amoxicillin came up on another website. Buns cannot take that! They can take penicillin by injection.

So my fear is if your vet doesn't know about something simple like worms ... he/she won't know squat about anything else.

There's a lot of collective bunny experience and knowledge that visits here. If you have any questions, we will all be happy to help you.

And ... if you need on-site help, I can send RG :)

Jade said...

Miz Zoey is the loveliest Christmas present ever. :)

Gingersnap, an indoor bunny should not need deworming unless it has been with cats or dogs who have or may have worms (and they do not need to be vaccinated). When I got my rabbit from the humane society, he had been dewormed as a precaution because he was coming into contact with areas where cats were being kept who may have had worms, but otherwise there is no need whatsoever.

I would get a second opinion (preferably from a vet with lots of experience with rabbits) before I did anything like that. The House Rabbit Society can give you a list of rabbit-savvy vets in your area. If you are a member of Bunspace, you can also find info on rabbit-savvy vets there. Good luck!

bunnits said...

Zoey is the cutest Christmas decoration ever.

BTW, I'm liking the look of those meatballs.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Dear Santa,
I have been very, very good this year. All I want for Chritmas is Zoey. Please go bunnap her from WA and bring her to NC. She will fit perfectly in my stocking that I finally made after 9 years of living in this house. Geez!
I realize bunnapping is naughty, but hey, with that much cute, fuzzy, kiss dem cheekies, sitting there, I don't want to be nice.
Thank you for understanding,

gingersnap said...

Thank you all for the advice!
I have read a lot from houserabbit.org and other blogs and haven't really encountered deworming for house bunnies.
I know I've read something about revolution and frontline that's it's not good for bunnies.
I won't let him be dewormed or vaccinated.
My bunny, hiro-san is currently having the early stages of sore hocks.
I suspect it was because of his long nails, it took me awhile to clipped his nails when I had to go through a major surgery and before that I usually clipped his nails every other month.
He is a free roam bunny with a litter box, and we have wood flooring so I don't think it might be the cause of that.
His area is regularly cleaned.
I really hope the medicine prescribed to us will work and cure him or at the very least his condition will not worsen.