Sunday, December 12, 2010

... GO AWAY ...

Black Bart is doing well.
But he has been locked in a bathroom for a few days to fully recover and he does not like it.

(Late breaking news ... BB is now back in the kitchen and much more frisky and happy. He will go home Monday or Tuesday. However, he must spend this night cloistered again in the bathroom because the night before his operation he crossed the dreaded slippery hardwood floor, knocked over the fence, and made him self right at home all over the house! Until he went in where Chico is at about 3AM and the two of them commenced to dig and thump and scratch and wake up BL and waking up BL is like the kiss of death.)
(Finally, good luck all of you who are dealing with old Man Winter. We are flooding - the Pineapple Express has attacked Oregon and Washington with a vengeance and there will be some serious consequences in some places. We are on high ground and well prepared.)


Jade said...

You cannot stop Black Bart, you can only hope to contain him...and sometimes even that's a challenge. :)

We will continue sending him lots of good thoughts for quick healing.

Christina said...

Excellent recovery Black Bart.
Shoot, sorry about the flooding. Bad weather all over the country.

Deb Cushman said...

Black Bart sounds like a creative bunny with a mind of his own. Hmmm, actually sounds like all the Bunns!

We had lots and lots of rain, but we didn't flood ourselves -- so far.

The Fab Furs said...

Black Bart makes friends easily and shouldn't be punished for his superior social skills. Earplugs may be required by non-buns. Good luck with the weather, we're supposed to get rain later this week: haven't heard how much though.

SixBunnies said...

I'm glad you're safe from the flooding! Soggy rabbits are never a good thing!

bunnits said...

So BB is feeling much better. Great.

Waking up BL. Not great. I, too, do not tolerate well those who choose to wake me up.

Glad you survived the flooding. We've had cold and snow flurries here.

dguzman said...

Sorry to hear about the flooding. The weather is sure getting crazier each year. We're in a deep freeze here, but luckily not much snow yet.

Go, BB, GO!