Friday, February 12, 2010


"What is it Zoey my pet?"
"Uh, Bax? You would never run off to sail the seven seas - would you?"
"I've given it a thought or two, now and again, but - no Zoey - my place is here with you."

Smart man, Bax!!!!

The BMW-Oracle America's Cup racer - up one-zero in the best-of-three series off of Spain. The boat was built here in Anacortes, under extreme secrecy, and is HUGE. It was an awesome sight in its sea trials. In the upper left - that is the helmsman!!

But that boat is to sailing what Bugs Bunny is to a House Rabbit!

THIS is SAILING! Youngest daughter and her beloved 22 foot Aeolus.


Crafty Green Poet said...

How could anybun ever think of leaving Zoey

Gaina said...

Zoey nearly made my head 'splode with her cuteness. :P

I agree with you, your daughter's boat is real sailing :).

Lisa said...

Awwwww... bunny love is amazing.

Zoey and Baxter are the cutest couple.

Glenna said...

Seems like your daughter's boat is more than most of us could handle. And the catamaran? (Or is it a trimaran?) Nooooooooo. Pretty scary stuff. (Spoken by someone who has capsized many a Sailfish.)

Glenna said...

Zowy + Baxter = best Valentine couple.

Glenna said...

Oh, for heaven's sake, I can't type tonight. That's Zoey and not Zowy!